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For many, a trip to IKEA is not just about shopping for affordable and stylish furniture; it also includes indulging in delicious food at the IKEA Restaurant. With its diverse menu, family-friendly atmosphere, and focus on sustainability, the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas, is no exception. This article explores various aspects of the IKEA experience specifically related to the Frisco store, its restaurant, and the Swedish Food Market. Discover what makes this dining experience unique, from the history of the brand to the thoughtful measures in place to ensure customers’ health and safety.

IKEA Frisco, Texas store information

Located in the bustling city of Frisco, Texas, the IKEA store offers a comprehensive shopping experience for customers in search of stylish, functional, and affordable home furnishings.

Situated at 7171 IKEA Drive, Frisco, TX 75034, the store is easily accessible for visitors coming from different parts of the city and the nearby areas.

This renowned furniture retailer is not only popular for its extensive range of products but also for its on-site restaurant, making it a complete destination for customers who want to shop, dine, and have a great time.

The IKEA Frisco store operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM CST on Monday through Saturday, while on Sundays, the store remains open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST.

A major attraction of IKEA Frisco is its in-store restaurant, which caters to the needs of hungry shoppers after a long day of browsing and shopping.

The IKEA restaurant in Frisco offers a variety of tasty and budget-friendly food, including the iconic Swedish meatballs, vegetable medallions, smoked salmon, desserts, and kids’ meals. The food menu adheres to the company’s Swedish roots while also incorporating some local flavors to please a diverse palette.

For those in need of assistance, the IKEA Frisco store provides multiple channels of communication to answer customer inquiries.

Besides its impressive product range and the restaurant, the IKEA Frisco store also focuses on providing convenience to shoppers by offering various services such as a children’s play area, family restrooms, baby care rooms, and free parking.

The store has also implemented several sustainable practices, including recycling and waste reduction initiatives.

Not only does IKEA Frisco put its customers and the environment first in their operations, but it has also become a popular spot among locals and visitors from surrounding areas to enjoy a delightful shopping and dining experience.

IKEA Frisco Texas

IKEA Restaurant and Bistro menu

Situated in northern Texas, the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro in Frisco offers patrons a diverse range of scrumptious and cost-effective meal options to complement their shopping adventure. The menu includes a mix of traditional Swedish cuisine, like the iconic Swedish meatballs served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry sauce, as well as American favorites, such as chicken tenders and salmon fillet. To round it all off, this IKEA eatery presents customers with an array of complementary sides, snacks, desserts, and drinks, ensuring there is something to tantalize every taste bud.Moreover, the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro in Frisco cater to diverse dietary restrictions and preferences, providing options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free guests. For instance, they offer plant-based meatballs made from a blend of chickpeas, green peas, and kale as a vegetarian alternative to their traditional meatballs. Also, gluten-free guests can enjoy dishes such as the smoked salmon or quinoa-stuffed peppers without worrying about adverse reactions. This ensures that all customers can enjoy their dining experience at IKEA regardless of their dietary needs.When it comes to pricing, the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro maintains its commitment to affordability by providing low-cost options for the entire family. With adult entrees priced under $10 and kids’ meals priced under $3, families can easily enjoy a meal together without breaking the bank. In addition to their main courses, IKEA offers a variety of side dishes, such as soups, salads, and bread, for less than $5. They also have a wide selection of desserts priced around $3, including cinnamon buns and cake slices.Among the popular Swedish dishes available, visitors to the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro in Frisco can feast on items like the Gravad Lax with mustard and dill sauce or the traditional Swedish marinated herring. The restaurant also serves classic desserts such as almond cake, Daim cake, and Princess cake, which is a sponge cake filled with jam, pastry cream, and whipped cream, then topped with marzipan. For those interested in trying Swedish beverages, the location offers imported drinks like lingonberry juice and elderflower soda to accompany their meals.One of the main attractions of the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro in Frisco, Texas is its delightful Swedish cuisine, and yet, they also cater to the diverse tastes of their Texan patrons by offering a variety of local favorites. The in-store Bistro provides popular American options like hot dogs, pizzas, and frozen yogurt for those who are looking for a quick snack while shopping. With an extensive menu offering both Swedish and American choices, the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro in Frisco, Texas becomes an ideal destination for families and individuals seeking an affordable and enjoyable dining experience.

IKEA Frisco Meatballs

IKEA FAMILY program and restaurant deals

The IKEA FAMILY member program offers a plethora of benefits and discounts, particularly at their restaurants. By being an IKEA FAMILY member, you can access exclusive deals and promotions when dining at the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas. These members-only food offers add another appealing reason to join the program and relish the taste of IKEA while shopping for home essentials.Besides discounts on their popular food items, the IKEA FAMILY membership also offers free coffee or hot tea for members during each visit to the restaurant. With no purchase necessary, this perk ensures that members can always enjoy a refreshing hot beverage while taking a break from shopping. Moreover, IKEA FAMILY members can also receive discounts on their in-store purchases, further enhancing the overall shopping experience at the Frisco, Texas location.To make your IKEA restaurant experience even more enjoyable, the IKEA FAMILY program occasionally runs special promotions and events for members. For example, during certain times of the year, family members can enjoy “Eat for Free” promotions, in which the cost of their meal is deducted from the total of any home furnishing purchase they make during that visit. This innovative promotion not only encourages shoppers to dine in-store but also promotes the notion of a fun, family-oriented shopping trip.Another aspect of the IKEA FAMILY program is the opportunity to participate in product workshops and seminars exclusive to IKEA FAMILY members. These events typically center on home and design topics, providing members with valuable knowledge and inspiration for their own homes. By pairing such an enriching educational experience with discounted food offerings at the restaurant, IKEA FAMILY members are sure to get the best bang for their buck in their Frisco, Texas location.Lastly, the IKEA FAMILY membership at the Frisco, Texas location offers the added convenience of a personalized online shopping tool called ‘My Shopping List.’ This feature allows members to easily create and manage customized lists that integrate items from both the restaurant and the broader retail section, resulting in a seamless dining and shopping experience.

IKEA Frisco

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Health and safety protocols in the restaurant

The IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas places great importance on the health and safety of both customers and employees. In order to achieve this, they have implemented a variety of safety protocols in accordance with guidelines from local health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

One key measure is maintaining proper social distancing within the restaurant. Seating arrangements have been modified to ensure adequate spacing between customers, and the maximum capacity has been reduced to minimize crowding.

In addition to social distancing, rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices have been implemented at IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas. High-touch surfaces, such as table tops, door handles, and countertops, are frequently wiped down with approved disinfectants. Hand sanitizer stations can be found throughout the restaurant, allowing customers and employees to maintain good hand hygiene. Furthermore, the restaurant utilizes an updated air filtration system to circulate clean air and reduce the risk of airborne transmission.

Employees at the IKEA restaurant are required to undergo a screening process before each shift, which may include a temperature check and answering questions related to COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. Staff members are also required to wear face masks and adhere to proper handwashing guidelines. This precaution not only helps to protect the employees, but also ensures that customers have a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Customers visiting the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas are also expected to follow specific health and safety guidelines. Face masks are required to be worn when entering and moving about the restaurant, although they may be removed while seated to eat or drink. Patrons are encouraged to maintain social distance from others outside of their own party and follow posted signage related to traffic flow and seating arrangements.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas has implemented comprehensive health and safety measures to protect the well-being of its customers and employees. By understanding and adhering to these protocols, everyone can continue to enjoy a satisfying meal while minimizing potential risks associated with coronavirus transmission.

The IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas, with customers seated at socially distanced tables and staff wearing face masks for protection against COVID-19.

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IKEA Restaurant ambiance and seating

Not only does the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas prioritize safety, but it also offers a unique and relaxing ambiance. As an integral part of the overall IKEA shopping experience, the restaurant is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where customers can unwind and savor delicious Swedish-inspired dishes. In keeping with Texas’ warm and friendly nature, the restaurant features warm and subtly illuminated lighting, sleek modern furniture, and Scandinavian-inspired decor that come together to create a cozy and casual dining experience.

Seating Capacity

In terms of seating capacity, the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas, is spacious and designed to accommodate a large number of diners at any given time. Its seating arrangement is cleverly spaced out to ensure efficient use of the available square footage, while still providing ample room for customers to dine with ease and comfort.

Moreover, the restaurant is designed to cater to a diverse clientele, offering individual dining tables, communal seating options, and even comfortable couches for a more laid-back mealtime experience. This makes it an ideal spot for solo diners, groups of friends, and families alike.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Family-friendliness is a pivotal aspect of the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas. This establishment ensures that families with children feel welcome and well-catered to. They feature a dedicated kids’ menu with healthy and tasty options for even the fussiest eaters, as well as high chairs for the little ones.

In addition, the establishment is well-equipped to handle baby care needs, with changing stations available within the vicinity. Families can enjoy dining in the vibrant and playful children’s seating area, which includes fun-sized tables and chairs, as well as toys and books to keep children entertained while the adults dine.

Table Arrangements

Table arrangements in the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas, are designed to cater to different preferences and group sizes. There are intimate two-seater tables for couples, as well as larger tables to accommodate family gatherings and group outings.

To further enhance the dining experience, several tables offer a stunning view of the store in its entirety, serving as a pleasant reminder of the unique setting within an international retail wonderland. The restaurant’s layout grants customers the flexibility to either linger over their meals or quickly grab a bite before resuming their shopping adventures.


Accessibility is a major selling point of the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas. Conveniently located within the vast IKEA store, it attracts a diverse range of customers, from busy shoppers in need of a break to those seeking an enjoyable dining experience.

This IKEA restaurant places a strong emphasis on providing delicious food, a great ambiance, and a comfortable seating environment, all essential ingredients for an exceptional dining experience in Frisco, Texas. The spacious, family-friendly seating, along with modern Scandinavian design elements and a cozy atmosphere, cater to a variety of dining preferences and needs.

A picture of the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas, with cozy lightning and Scandinavian-inspired decor.

Customer reviews and experiences

The IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas has earned numerous customer reviews and shared experiences, offering valuable insights into the food quality, ambiance, and overall service. Many visitors appreciate the affordability of the meals, with a diverse menu that includes everything from their famous Swedish meatballs to seafood dishes and vegetarian options, ensuring everyone can find something to savor. The reasonable prices and appealing promotions make the IKEA Restaurant an ideal dining spot for both families and individuals.

A significant portion of the positive feedback from customers focuses on the taste and quality of the food. Alongside the well-known Swedish fare, the restaurant also serves a variety of American dishes, ensuring that patrons have plenty of choices. The incorporation of seasonal items and special menus has consistently added an element of variety that keeps customers coming back for more. In addition, the children’s menu has been praised for its healthy options, catering successfully to younger patrons.

However, some customers have shared negative experiences at the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas. These reviews typically address occasional lapses in food quality and service. In these cases, patrons have reported issues like long waiting times, overcooked or cold food, and inconsistent customer service. However, it’s worth noting that these reviews do not appear to represent the majority opinion and could be attributed to isolated incidents.

Another aspect that IKEA Restaurant patrons enjoy is the casual and family-friendly atmosphere. The dining area is spacious and bright, with a relaxed vibe that encourages visitors to feel at ease. As it’s within the IKEA store itself, many customers find it a convenient spot to take a break and refuel while shopping for furniture and home accessories. Moreover, the restaurant offers a variety of amenities, like convenient phone charging stations and free Wi-Fi, ensuring a comfortable dining experience for customers.

The IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas offers a satisfying dining experience for a variety of customers. Although there might be occasional issues with food quality and customer service, most visitors have a positive experience. With its affordable, diverse menu items, and inviting atmosphere, this casual dining spot is an appealing choice for those taking a break during their trip to the IKEA store.

A photo of the interior of an IKEA Restaurant, showing a bright and spacious dining area with tables and chairs.

IKEA sustainability initiatives and food sourcing

Committed to sustainability, IKEA’s dedication to environmentally-friendly practices is evident in its restaurants as well. The Frisco, Texas restaurant reflects the global company’s mission to reduce its environmental impact by adopting sustainable food sourcing, efficient waste management, and eco-conscious practices. By doing so, IKEA takes a step forward in making a positive impact on the environment and providing an enjoyable experience for customers.

One of the key aspects of IKEA’s sustainability initiatives in its restaurants is its approach to food sourcing. IKEA aims to serve food products that are produced and sourced responsibly, and according to their guidelines, they prioritize sourcing products from suppliers that demonstrate strong environmental and social standards. For instance, IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs served at the Frisco restaurant are made from responsibly sourced meat – either chicken, salmon, or a plant-based alternative. Not only does this diversification help to reduce the restaurant’s carbon footprint, but it also showcases the company’s commitment to offering consumers more sustainable food choices.

Waste management is another significant aspect of IKEA’s commitment to sustainability in its restaurants. The Frisco, Texas location implements a variety of waste reduction practices to minimize food waste, such as portion control, proper storage techniques, and recycling. Moreover, the restaurant strives to reduce single-use plastics by providing customers with reusable cutlery, plates, and cups. IKEA is also committed to reducing food waste across its operations by 50% by 2030, and the Frisco restaurant’s waste reduction efforts contribute to achieving this goal.

In addition to sustainable food sourcing and waste management, IKEA invests in other eco-friendly practices within its restaurants. Energy-efficient appliances and lighting systems are utilized within the Frisco location, as well as other IKEA restaurants around the globe. Furthermore, the company is working towards achieving 100% renewable energy consumption in all its locations, including the Frisco restaurant, by 2030.

At IKEA, sustainability is a top priority, which includes supporting local communities and livelihoods. By partnering with local suppliers and producers for their in-store restaurants, the company not only strengthens local economies but also reduces the environmental impact associated with transporting goods over long distances. For instance, the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas sources many of its ingredients from local suppliers, demonstrating the company’s commitment to both environmental stewardship and community support.

IKEA cinnamon buns
IKEA cinnamon buns

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Exploring IKEA’s Swedish Food Market

Experience Swedish Cuisine and Local Flavors at the IKEA Frisco Restaurant

The IKEA store located in Frisco, Texas offers not just a unique shopping experience for home furnishings but also an extensive Swedish Food Market next to their in-store restaurant. This gives customers the opportunity to explore and enjoy authentic Swedish cuisine that reflects the rich history and traditions of Scandinavian culture, while experiencing the locally sourced ingredients that connect them to the Frisco community.

From iconic Swedish meatballs to delectable salmon dishes, the IKEA Swedish Food Market features a wide variety of options for every palate. Enhance any meal or indulge in a delicious snack while appreciating the delightful blend of Swedish and local flavors at the IKEA Frisco Restaurant.

Swedish Meatballs

One of the most iconic products available at the IKEA Swedish Food Market is the Swedish meatballs, or Köttbullar. Made with a mix of beef and pork, these tasty meatballs are a staple in every Swedish household and are perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying as a family meal. Complement these mouthwatering meatballs with the classic cream sauce, Lingonberry jam, and mashed potatoes, all available from the Swedish Food Market, to complete an authentic Swedish dining experience.

Cured and Smoked Salmon

A visit to the IKEA Swedish Food Market wouldn’t be complete without trying the cured and smoked salmon products, which hold a vital spot in Swedish cuisine. The market offers various options, including Lax Gravad, a dill-cured salmon, and Lax Kallrökt, a cold-smoked salmon. These delicious and healthy products can be paired with the IKEA Hovmästarsås mustard and dill sauce, or enjoyed on the IKEA Crispbread, also available in the market.

Traditional Swedish Desserts and Pastries

For those with a sweet tooth, the IKEA Swedish Food Market presents a variety of traditional Swedish desserts and pastries. One of these delightful treats is the Kafferep, a series of cookies and biscuits that perfectly pair with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Additionally, the IKEA PÅTÅR coffee range, which is organic and UTZ certified, ensures an exceptional coffee experience. Don’t forget to try the iconic DAIM or Marabou chocolate bars as well – they’re so good that they might just become your new favorite snack.

Sustainability at the Swedish Food Market

As part of IKEA’s commitment to improving the world, their Swedish Food Market in Frisco, Texas focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. For instance, the market offers a selection of seafood items such as shrimp and herring that are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified, ensuring responsible sourcing and promoting sustainable marine life.

So, if you find yourself at the IKEA store in Frisco, Texas, don’t forget to explore the unique selection at their Swedish Food Market and indulge in the delightful tastes of Sweden.

An image of a well-stocked Swedish Food Market located inside an IKEA store.

Nutritional information for IKEA Restaurant’s offerings

In addition to its furniture offerings, IKEA is known for providing affordable and tasty meals to visitors. The Frisco, Texas location is no exception with its on-site restaurant where you can enjoy a range of delicious dishes in a comfortable atmosphere.

The IKEA restaurant menu features a variety of Swedish-inspired dishes, snacks, and treats that cater to diverse dietary needs and preferences. Part of their commitment to their customers is providing transparency in the nutritional information of the food they serve, making it easier for customers to make informed choices when dining at the restaurant.

One of the popular dishes at the IKEA restaurant is the classic Swedish meatballs, served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, and cream sauce. The website provides a comprehensive nutritional breakdown, listing 780 calories for the standard 15 meatballs plate. Additionally, allergen information is easily accessible, with the meatballs containing wheat, milk, and egg. Potential customers can find information on every component of the dish, from the meatballs themselves to the accompanying sauces and sides.

Vegetarians and vegans also have options at the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas. One such offering is the vegan vegetable balls, which are a plant-based version of their classic meatballs. These vegetable balls contain 640 calories per serving, providing a healthier alternative for those looking for lighter fare. Allergens in the vegetable balls include milk and wheat, but customers may find detailed ingredient lists on the website to help determine the suitability of specific dishes.

Beyond the main dishes, the IKEA Restaurant also provides a variety of smaller plates and desserts. The nutritional information for these items is similarly readily available on the website for interested diners.

IKEA is not only committed to providing transparency in their ingredient lists and allergen content, but also to responsible sourcing and sustainability with their food offerings. The inclusion of options like the plant-centric vegetable balls and responsibly sourced salmon demonstrates the company’s dedication to offering customers healthier choices while considering environmental impact. In the IKEA restaurant located in Frisco, Texas, customers can feel confident having access to all nutritional information when making informed choices for themselves and their families.

Ikea Frisco

History of IKEA and its restaurant concept

Connecting IKEA’s History with Frisco, Texas

Established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA is a globally renowned Swedish furniture retailer that originally started as a mail-order sales business. The first IKEA store opened in Älmhult, Sweden, in 1958, and introduced a unique shopping experience featuring functional and self-assembly furniture designs. Over time, IKEA rapidly expanded globally. The Frisco, Texas store, which opened in 2005, is part of the company’s growth in the United States. Like other IKEA locations, the Frisco store also offers a wide range of stylish and affordable home furnishings, along with the trademark in-store restaurant.

The Importance of In-Store Restaurants

The concept of including a restaurant within IKEA stores has been an integral part of the brand experience since its inception. The idea behind the in-store restaurant is to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for shoppers to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy Swedish-inspired dishes. This enables shoppers to spend more time in the store, making for a more leisurely and fulfilling shopping experience. The first IKEA restaurant opened in 1959, providing customers with a substantial free meal as a means of attracting more patrons to the store. This proved to be a huge hit and further solidified the concept of dining within the IKEA shopping experience.

What to Expect at the Frisco IKEA Restaurant

The in-store restaurants are now a staple of IKEA stores around the world, with the Frisco, Texas location offering a variety of Swedish specialties, such as the iconic Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce, as well as local American favorites. In addition to the main dining area, IKEA restaurants also feature a small Swedish Food Market, where customers can purchase Swedish delicacies and other imported food products to enjoy at home.

Enhancing the Dining Experience and Sustainability

Over the years, IKEA has continued to enhance its restaurant offerings to cater to changing customer tastes and preferences. For instance, they have introduced healthier food options, such as salmon and vegetarian dishes, in addition to their traditional fare. The company has also focused on sustainability, sourcing their ingredients from providers that adhere to stringent guidelines concerning animal welfare and environmental impact.

The IKEA Restaurant: More Than Just Food

Today, the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas, along with hundreds of others around the world, attracts not only furniture shoppers but also food enthusiasts seeking a taste of Swedish cuisine in a comfortable and modern setting. The restaurant has evolved to become more than just a convenient dining option for IKEA patrons; it is an integral part of the IKEA experience and a testament to the company’s innovation and commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience.

A photo of the IKEA restaurant in Frisco, Texas, showing a modern and bright dining area with Swedish-inspired decor, long wooden tables and chairs, and large windows letting in natural light.

IKEA Restaurant in comparison to other dining options

A Unique Dining Experience at IKEA Restaurant

The IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas, provides a unique dining experience compared to other local dining options. The distinct focus on Swedish cuisine sets it apart from the typical American-style fare found in most establishments. Patrons at IKEA can enjoy classics such as Swedish meatballs, Gravad Lax (cured salmon), and traditional Swedish desserts like the popular Daim cake. This refreshing departure from more familiar options such as burgers, pizza, or Tex-Mex cuisine further enriches the overall IKEA experience for its customers.

Affordability and Quality at IKEA

Pricing at IKEA Restaurant is noticeably affordable in comparison to other dining options in Frisco, making it an attractive choice for families and budget-conscious diners. Main courses typically range from $5 to $10, while desserts and side dishes are usually under $5. This contrasts with many other full-serve or fast-casual establishments in the area that charge higher prices for comparable dishes. The affordability of IKEA’s meals, however, does not compromise quality, as they prioritize using sustainably-sourced and eco-friendly ingredients in their dishes.

The Atmosphere at IKEA Restaurant

The dining experience at IKEA Restaurant also differs from other nearby options. Given its location within the IKEA store, the atmosphere tends to be more casual and busy, with shoppers taking breaks amidst the bustle of their shopping trips. The restaurant has a cafeteria-style layout, which may not be as appealing to those looking for a more intimate or formal setting. Many other dining spots in Frisco may have more traditional table service or a more specialized ambiance, providing an alternative for those seeking a different type of dining atmosphere.

A Family-Friendly Environment

Nevertheless, IKEA Restaurant offers a family-friendly environment, making it an attractive choice for those with younger children. They provide a separate children’s menu and have designated family seating areas, catering to the needs of parents and their little ones. While several other restaurants in Frisco may also be family-friendly, the combined experience of shopping at IKEA with the convenience of an on-site restaurant may hold special appeal to some families.

Seasonal and Limited-Time Menus

Additionally, IKEA Restaurant features unique limited-time and seasonal menus, attracting patrons who enjoy trying new dishes and flavors inspired by Swedish traditions. For example, the restaurant hosts a Crayfish Party during the summer months, allowing diners to indulge in all-you-can-eat crayfish and other Swedish specialties. Although other eateries in the area may have similar specials or events, the combination of Swedish flavors, affordability, and family-oriented atmosphere sets IKEA Restaurant apart from other dining options in Frisco, Texas.

An image of the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas, showing people dining in a brightly lit cafeteria-style area surrounded by IKEA merchandise.

Photo by adamkolmacka on Unsplash

Overall, the IKEA Restaurant in Frisco, Texas, adds a delightful and convenient dining experience to any visit to the popular furniture store. It provides visitors with a unique taste of Sweden while also catering to local favorites and dietary needs. IKEA’s emphasis on sustainability, family-friendly offerings, and affordability creates an enjoyable and seamless way to satisfy hunger and refuel before, during, or after shopping. So next time you find yourself at the Frisco IKEA store, be sure to explore everything their restaurant and Swedish Food Market have to offer and experience a holistic taste of IKEA’s iconic brand.

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