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IKEA, the iconic Swedish furniture store, has expanded its footprint to encompass more than just stylish and affordable home furnishings. Their restaurants have become a well-known and beloved part of the IKEA shopping experience. Step into the world of IKEA Restaurant Columbus, Ohio, to discover what it has to offer alongside your next furniture shopping trip. From a varied and flavorful menu to their commitment to sustainability, there is so much to learn about this culinary adventure waiting right inside the iconic blue and yellow building.

IKEA Columbus Store Overview

In Columbus, Ohio, the IKEA store is a popular destination not only for furniture shopping but also for its on-site restaurant, providing shoppers with a unique dining experience, Swedish-inspired dishes, and even a place to entertain children. Located at 1900 IKEA Way, Columbus, OH 43240, the store covers 354,000 square feet and features 50 room settings showcasing IKEA’s various furniture designs, as well as three model home interiors for added inspiration.

Along with the vast array of home furnishings, the store also offers a range of services including home delivery, assembly, and kitchen planning.

The IKEA store’s layout is strategically designed to ensure a smooth shopping experience, with organized departments ranging from bedroom furniture to living room essentials and kitchen accessories to lighting fixtures. For families with young children, the store offers a supervised play area called “Smaland” where children can engage in interactive games and activities while parents shop without distraction. Additionally, customers can use the IKEA mobile application to scan product barcodes for easy tracking, pricing information, and supplemental product details.

Once you’ve made your way to the store’s second floor, the IKEA Restaurant can be found near the entrance to the Showroom. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant serves a variety of Swedish-inspired dishes such as meatballs with lingonberry sauce, salmon plates, and delicious desserts like the famous Daim cake and KAFFEREP pastries. A variety of vegetarian and vegan options are also available to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

To further enhance the dining experience, IKEA Restaurant in Columbus understands the importance of convenience for families. The restaurant features a designated children’s area complete with a play corner, smaller dining tables, and kids’ menu options, making it a suitable dining choice for young families. IKEA Family loyalty program members can also enjoy exclusive deals and discounts at the restaurant along with other in-store benefits.

Not only is the IKEA Columbus, Ohio store a great destination for finding affordable and stylish furniture, but it also offers excellent dining options for shoppers and families in the area. The store features a full-scale IKEA Restaurant, as well as a Bistro near the checkout area for those looking to grab a quick bite before leaving. The Bistro serves up hot dogs, cinnamon rolls, soft-serve ice cream, and other easy-to-carry snacks, making it a perfect spot to refuel while finalizing your purchases.

A photo of the interior of the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, showing a modern and spacious dining area with a bright and colorful decor.

IKEA Restaurant Columbus Menu

Exploring the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio

At the IKEA Restaurant, customers can enjoy a diverse menu that combines the brand’s Swedish heritage with a variety of international flavors. This fusion ensures there is something for everyone’s palate, whether you’re seeking traditional Swedish dishes or a taste of something new. Both the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro add to the overall shopping experience, making IKEA Columbus, Ohio a must-visit destination for shopping, dining, and family-friendly fun.

The Iconic Swedish Meatballs

The Swedish meatballs are one of the most famed dishes at the IKEA restaurant, served with a side of mashed potatoes, a creamy sauce, and lingonberry jam. Along with the meatballs, the restaurant menu includes hot and cold sandwiches, salmon fillets, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, wraps and salads.

Kids’ Menu at IKEA restaurant

The restaurant has a dedicated kids’ menu, which includes dishes like mini meatballs, macaroni, and cheese, and chicken tenders that are sure to win the hearts of young diners. The menu also provides children’s portions of popular dishes, allowing kids to enjoy their meals.

Vegetarian and Vegan options

The demand for vegetarian and vegan options has grown substantially, pushing restaurants to accommodate these dietary preferences. IKEA restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to ensure that every customer has a delightful dining experience. Guests can enjoy dishes such as the VEGETARISK plant-based meatballs, made from plant-based proteins like chickpeas, green peas, and carrots, or the veggie hot dog made from a blend of kale, lentils, quinoa, and more.

Beverages and Dessert Options

True to its Swedish roots, the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio offers customers a variety of dessert options, featuring favorites such as almond cake, cinnamon buns, and princess cake. For those who enjoy a hot beverage, there’s a selection of regular and specialty coffees to choose from, while those who prefer a cold drink can opt for assorted juices, sodas, and sparkling water.

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Nutritional Information

The IKEA Restaurant provides a diverse range of food options that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences, from popular Swedish meatballs to salads and sandwiches. When dining at the IKEA Restaurant, it’s essential to keep the nutritional information of these dishes in mind as it may affect one’s overall diet and health.

Ingredients are a crucial factor in determining the nutritional value of a dish. IKEA is committed to providing sustainable and healthy food options for their customers. They source ingredients that are responsibly produced and adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the company.

For example, the meat used in the iconic Swedish meatballs is sourced from suppliers that follow strict animal welfare and food safety standards. Additionally, IKEA offers a variety of plant-based options, such as veggie balls and a plant-based hot dog. These options cater to vegetarians, vegans, or customers seeking more environmentally friendly food choices.

Allergen-related information is vital for individuals with specific food allergies or intolerances. The IKEA Restaurant provides information on common allergens present in their dishes, such as wheat (gluten), dairy, nuts, and shellfish. Customers can check the allergen information on the menu boards or ask the restaurant staff for further details. It’s important to be aware of this information to avoid potential allergic reactions and ensure a safe dining experience.

IKEA has made a conscious effort to offer healthier food choices and provide nutritional information for their customers. For instance, they have reduced the calorie content and salt levels in their meals, and provide options like steamed vegetables and whole-grain pasta as side choices.

With this focus on health and well-being, customers can make more informed decisions about their meal selection.

In summary, the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, is transparent about the nutritional information of the dishes they serve. By being aware of the ingredients used, their sourcing practices, and allergen-related information, customers can enjoy a meal that aligns with their dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Acquiring this knowledge is essential to make informed choices and maintain a balanced diet while enjoying the dining experience at IKEA.

Columbus IKEA Restaurant

IKEA Restaurant Services

Furthermore, the IKEA Restaurant located in Columbus, Ohio offers a unique dining experience for customers by providing not only affordable and delicious Swedish-inspired dishes, but also a welcoming atmosphere that complements the overall IKEA shopping adventure. The diverse menu caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options. Patrons can savor classics like Swedish meatballs and salmon dishes, as well as indulge in seasonal offerings that showcase the best of Scandinavian cuisine. As a result, the IKEA Restaurant combines the convenience of an in-store dining experience with a varied selection, ensuring customers have an enjoyable and satisfying meal.

In addition to their mouthwatering menu options, IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, also offers catering services, making it a perfect choice for hosting events, business meetings, or social gatherings. The customizable catering menu allows customers to choose from an array of delectable options, all aimed to impress your guests while keeping the budget in check. With IKEA’s impeccable attention to detail and commitment to quality, it’s guaranteed that the catering experience will set a high standard for your event.

A major priority for the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, is creating a family-friendly environment, ensuring that every member of the family has an enjoyable experience. The restaurant is equipped with high chairs, baby-changing stations, and a play area to entertain young children while parents take a well-deserved break. Furthermore, the kid-friendly menu ensures that children have a variety of tasty and nutritious options to choose from. These efforts help make the dining experience enjoyable for all, allowing families to recharge and refuel during their shopping trip.

Special events and promotions at the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, invite guests to experience unique menu items and immerse themselves in Swedish traditions. Throughout the year, the restaurant hosts seasonal events such as crayfish parties, Easter buffets, and Christmas julbords, providing guests with a taste of authentic Swedish celebrations. Additionally, IKEA FAMILY members can enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts, free coffee or tea, and early access to promotional events, which makes the IKEA Restaurant experience even more appealing.

Columbus IKEA Restaurant

IKEA Restaurant Operating Hours

This commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted by the variety of services offered at the Columbus, Ohio IKEA Restaurant, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Beyond being a furniture shopping destination, IKEA is an enjoyable dining experience that allows customers to interact with and appreciate Swedish culture. Located within the expansive IKEA store, the restaurant offers a wide range of Swedish and international dishes, including their famous meatballs. Customers can take a break from shopping to enjoy a meal with friends and family, creating a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere for all who visit.

The operating hours of the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus may vary from the store’s regular hours. Typically, the restaurant opens its doors 30 minutes before the actual store opens, allowing customers to start their day with breakfast items like scrambled eggs, bacon, and the ever-popular Swedish pancakes. On weekdays, the restaurant operates from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM, while on weekends it follows a slightly different schedule, with opening hours from 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM on Saturdays, and from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM on Sundays.

It is essential to note that during holidays and special events, the operating hours of the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus may be subject to change. Visitors should check IKEA’s website in advance or call the store directly to inquire about any adjustments in the restaurant’s hours for specific dates. This ensures that customers are well-informed and can plan their shopping trip accordingly.

Moreover, the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, occasionally hosts special promotions and events, such as the All-You-Can-Eat Swedish buffet on select days. In such instances, the restaurant’s operating hours may be extended or altered to accommodate these events. Staying updated with the IKEA website or registering for their newsletter not only provides information on upcoming events and promotions but can also fetch customers a discount on their first in-store purchase.

At the IKEA Columbus store in Ohio, shoppers can grab a quick bite at the Bistro near the exit, featuring a variety of grab-and-go options like hot dogs, cinnamon buns, and plant-based choices. With its convenience and range of offerings, the Bistro appeals to customers looking for a fast snack or those with dietary restrictions. Operating during the store’s regular hours, it’s a handy alternative to the full-service IKEA Restaurant for customers who want to satisfy their cravings on the go.

A picture of the inside of the IKEA restaurant in Columbus with a variety of seating options with people eating and shopping in the background.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers have shared positive reviews about their experiences at the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. The convenience of dining within the store after shopping is a feature that many patrons appreciate. Online reviewers on platforms like Yelp and Google have given high marks for the restaurant’s affordable prices and the wide selection of good-quality food available. Overall, visitors appear quite satisfied with their IKEA Restaurant experience and are happy to share it with others.

As for the most popular dishes, customers have expressed their fondness for the Swedish meatballs, which are a staple at IKEA Restaurants globally. These meatballs are often praised for their taste, and the accompanying lingonberry sauce and mashed potatoes make for a satisfying meal. The Salmon plate and Vegetable balls are also well-regarded menu options, catering to a variety of dietary preferences. In addition, the availability of both hot and cold food options adds to the overall appeal of the restaurant.

However, there are a few areas that customers believe could be improved. One commonly mentioned issue is the wait time for food, especially during peak hours or on weekends. Some customers have reported that the restaurant gets quite crowded during these times, which results in long queues and slow service. The self-service aspect, while allowing for lower prices, also contributes to longer wait times, given that customers have to serve themselves and clear their tables.

Another point of criticism is the limited menu available for those with specific dietary restrictions, such as gluten intolerance or veganism. While there are options available for vegetarians, there is room to add more variety and address a broader range of dietary needs. Providing clearer information on the menu regarding ingredients and allergens would help customers make better-informed choices and improve overall satisfaction.

In conclusion, the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio has generally received positive feedback from customers who appreciate the affordable prices, good-quality food, and convenience. The Swedish meatballs, Salmon, and Vegetable balls are particularly popular. However, there is room for improvement in addressing wait times, service during peak hours, and accommodating dietary restrictions. By taking customer feedback into account, IKEA can continue to improve and enhance the overall dining experience at its Columbus location.

Columbus IKEA Restaurant

IKEA’s Sustainability Practices

IKEA’s Sustainable Approach in Dining

Going hand-in-hand with the positive feedback for IKEA’s Columbus restaurant, the company has made strides in ensuring sustainability in its restaurant operations. They have taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability, such as responsibly sourcing ingredients, reducing waste, maintaining energy-efficient operations, and providing plant-based food options to accommodate a wider range of dietary preferences.

Responsible sourcing of ingredients

IKEA prioritizes sourcing its ingredients responsibly to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also offers customers healthy and nutritious food options.

Waste reduction

IKEA has implemented a food waste tracking program that minimizes food waste from the kitchen and leftover food. Additionally, the company has strategies in place to handle unavoidable waste, such as recycling and donating surplus food to charities.

Energy-efficient operations

IKEA uses LED lighting, efficient window designs, and state-of-the-art HVAC systems to lower energy consumption in its restaurants and retail outlets.

Plant-based food options

IKEA offers plant-based options in its restaurants to reduce the environmental impact associated with producing meat products. This step caters to evolving consumer demands while remaining conscious of the environment.

Collaboration with global organizations

IKEA collaborates with global organizations such as WWF, Global Forest Coalition, and UTZ to ensure sustainability in its raw material sourcing.

The image shows a picture of a plate of food on a wooden table, with fresh vegetables, fruit, and bread. There is a glass of water on the side. The plate has the IKEA logo on it and is surrounded by a green and white checkered napkin.

As one ventures through the maze of thoughtfully designed home interiors, one can anticipate a delightful dining experience at the IKEA Restaurant Columbus, Ohio. Equipped with a variety of meal choices, child-friendly facilities, and a palpable dedication to sustainability, IKEA serves as a prime example of balancing shopping and sustenance. So, whether you’re browsing for a new sofa or seeking valuable information about the restaurant’s food, services, and operating hours, let this be your guide to all that the IKEA Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, has to offer.

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