IKEA store

The IKEA Menu team is an assortment of IKEA food enthusiasts. Ever since our love for the IKEA meatballs we’ve come to enjoy all the food IKEA has to offer. Every time we visit an IKEA store we stop in to grab a bite to eat at the IKEA restaurant or IKEA food court. We hope you enjoy reading up about all the delicious food IKEA has to offer and hope you get to enjoy some by visiting your local IKEA store soon.

Kinds of Food at IKEA

We hope to continue to show everyone around the world how health food can be from Sweden and from IKEA. There are much more than just meatballs at IKEA. If you are looking for amazing jams or sauces you can find them right at your local store. Do you like seafood? IKEA serves tons of fresh seafood, like salmon, Haddock, shrimp and cod-balls. You can swing by the Swedish food market and pick up frozen seafood and cook it right at home.

3 Places to Find IKEA Food in Stores

The amazing part about IKEA is that they don’t have just one location for you to pick up food but three locations! The IKEA restaurant is more of a sit down place where you can grab freshly cooked food at an affordable price. However there are quicker options if you are running out of time or heading out the door. Look out for the IKEA food court, as as IKEA likes to put it, the IKEA Bistro. This is where you can grab a hot dog on the go or a quick ice cream right as you are leaving the store. Don’t have time to eat at the store? No problem, IKEA Swedish food market has you covered. You can bring home most of IKEA’s food home with you and cook it for family and friends.