IKEA Hot Dog Review: Prices with Nutritional Facts

IKEA hot dogs are the best hot dogs in the world. You could argue that IKEA hot dogs are better than any other hot dogs, including Costco hot dogs, Nathan’s hot dogs, or Hebrew National hot dogs

It’s hard to beat the combination of a soft, warm bun, juicy hot dog, crunchy fried onions, sweet pickle relish, and salty brown mustard. After one bite of an IKEA hot dog, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever eat anything else.

IKEA hot dogs taste delicious and affordable. Plus, there is room to customize how you want. 

Let us explore more and learn about this cheap meal option:

What things make IKEA’s hot dog different?

What makes these hot dogs different? It’s hard to pinpoint any one thing, but it’s probably a combination of how they’re served and what you can put on them. 

For example, as many Swedish people know, IKEA has a range of self-service sauces and toppings—including chili con Carne, curry ketchup, and lingonberry jam—which make for a more exciting dining experience than simply loading up with ketchup and onionsFor many American customers and customers around the world these new toppings offer an exciting new way to enjoy a hot dog.

Hot dogs at IKEA are only $1, so they aren’t exactly a five-star dining experience. But that makes all these cheaper hot dogs taste better. Put another way: The hot dog is pretty good (especially if you have an appetite that needs filling), and everything else makes them great, including the price.

Next time you want something, head to the IKEA food court menu and find something to eat. You won’t regret it.

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal on a budget, you can’t go wrong with one of IKEA’s famous Swedish dogs. IKEA also releases speciality hot dogs, some of the famous ones are the charcoal hot dog and the jumbo dumbo hot dog. The jumbo dumbo hot dog at IKEA is a monster. It is a huge hot dog with nacho cheese and fried onion on top, sure to fill any hungry belly.

And, yes, they are Swedish! Though they contain classic American ingredients like ketchup, mustard, and pickles, they were actually invented by an expat living in Sweden as part of traditional annual celebrations. 

The next time you head to your local outlet or feel like having an adventure while visiting other countries you should check out these surprisingly good dogs! 

IKEA Hot Dog Prices

A hot dog is one of my favorite things to eat, especially when it’s something like a genuine IKEA hot dog. A genuine Swedish hot dog from IKEA has delicious toppings, but does not have too much; it is filled with a mixture of different flavors and tastes amazing. 

Do you know how much it costs? Only $1! However, that depends on what kind of condiments you want to put on it and how big or small you would like your bun to be. 

Some people like their hot dogs plain with just ketchup, and some do not get any condiments (hot sauce, mustard, Mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, and more) because they enjoy them plain.

Unbeatable IKEA Hot Dog Buns

If there’s one food that can compete with the Swedish meatballs and chewy cinnamon rolls, it’s definitely a classic hot dog. So here’s some news that will make you want to grab your family and head to IKEA the store now serves hot dogs in between a soft, warm bun. 

The soft texture and sturdy crust offer a great contrast while complementing everything else on top.

These IKEA hot dogs are perfect for a barbecue or summer cookout. And you can save money buying them at IKEA.

So next time you have a mood for a hot dog, stop at IKEA and get delicious hot dog buns. It is something worth experiencing. 

IKEA Hot Dog Calories

It is important you know the number of calories contained in a hot dog — as you would do to other food items before you indulge. A hot dog only has 140 calories. The value is significantly less than what you will find in other restaurant meals. 

While it may be common knowledge that you can buy hot dogs at IKEA, many don’t know that these hot dogs come with only a few calories

In fact, an IKEA hot dog has a few calories and protein. Someone trying to watch their weight while enjoying flavorful food couldn’t ask for anything better. 

Remember, toppings will quickly add. You must be mindful of your choices when you want to keep the calorie count down.

IKEA Hot Dog Nutrition Facts

IKEA restaurant and Bristo are known for hot dogs. That said, what are the nutritional facts behind the popular hot dogs

If you are curious, check out the sheet below with IKEA’s hot dog’s nutritional value. Don’t be surprised by what you find.

Regular IKEA Hot Dog Nutritional Facts

Large IKEA Hot Dog Nutritional Facts

Food Allergies for IKEA Hot Dogs

If you have food allergies you always have to be careful about what you eat. If you are cautious about eating an IKEA hot dog because of allergy concerns. Just be aware that IKEA hot dogs contain cereals, gluten (wheat), and mustard.

Full Nutritional and Ingredient Facts: IKEA Hot Dog

If you are looking for the full ingredients and nutritional information about IKEA hot dogs please see the pictures below for a full understanding of what you are eating.

ikea hot dog nutrition facts

IKEA Hot Dog Reviews

Do you want an excellent hot dog great taste, flavorful and perfect texture? Look no further. IKEA hot dogs are the best; they are not tough to chew.

Unlike other brands, these hot dogs have a soft casing. You will love them, including your kids. 

FAQ: IKEA Hot Dogs

IKEA hot dogs are a much-loved staple of the popular Swedish furniture store, but what makes them great? From how they taste to how much they cost and even how many calories they have, we’ve gathered some of the tops frequently asked questions about IKEA hot dogs and answered them here in this informative guide!

How much do IKEA hot dogs cost?

IKEA hot dogs cost $1 each and are served with a side of mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, or both. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add meatballs. But be warned: these meatballs are giant! 

Does IKEA offer halal hot dogs?

IKEA offers two types of hot dogs, an original and a halal option. The original hot dog is not halal, but the chicken sausages are not halal. We recommend asking your local store to be sure. 

Are IKEA hot dogs gluten-free?

IKEA hot dogs are not gluten-free. They are made in the same facility as their other dishes and can contain traces of gluten from wheat flour used in some of the other dishes. 

Are IKEA hot dogs vegan? 

IKEA hot dogs are not vegan. The hot dog contains beef and pork ingredients. However, IKEA’s food menu has a vegan option; IKEA veggie dog. 

Where can I buy IKEA hot dogs? 

You can buy hot dogs at IKEA’s Bistro on your way out of the store. They are cooked fresh and provide all kinds of yummy condiments for you to enjoy with your hot dog. If you’d like to cook IKEA’s hot dogs at home you can also buy them in bulk at IKEA’s Swedish food market.


IKEA hot dogs are a tasty and surprisingly affordable meal option. They can be considered one of the best cheap eats in many places, considering that they’re cheaper than most other hot dogs in the city. The only downside is that you have to go to IKEA first to get them. However, if you live near an IKEA or frequently travel through one, it’s worth stopping by for a quick bite at their cafe. If not, your next best option is to find a location with a hot dog cart and buy there instead.

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