Ultimate Guide: IKEA Swedish Food Market

If you love Swedish food as much as we do, you’ll love that not only can you eat yummy Swedish food in IKEA’s restaurant and Bistro, but now you can prepare it at home. Serving up all your favorite Swedish dishes from back home is incredibly easy by checking out IKEA’s Swedish Food Market after purchasing your home decorations!

IKEA Swedish Food Market in Context

It’s easy to fill your belly with amazing Swedish food if you’re in IKEA. All you have to do is swing by their restaurant or food court. But what if you are craving a bit of Swedish food at home. IKEA has made that easier than ever because now you can buy some of their top-selling in-store items. With the typical Swedish dishes on the IKEA full menu, like Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, and chocolate cake, you’ll feel at home at this IKEA food and furniture.

What are you waiting for? Come on over to IKEA’s food market and try some of IKEA’s famous dishes.

IKEA Swedish Food Market Desserts

The IKEA Swedish restaurant menu offers a wide range of pastries, desserts, and cookies for lunch and dinner for family members. You can take home all these fantastic desserts just by stopping by IKEA Swedish Food Market after purchasing your home decorations.

The brownie is one of the most popular desserts in the store with its rich chocolate flavor and soft, fudgy texture. Other popular desserts include Swedish cinnamon buns, Swedish pancakes, Swedish almond cake with chocolate, crunchy caramel, and custard-filled doughnuts.

IKEA roasted almonds topped with Swedish almond cake 

Treat yourself to a sweet and savory almond cake with Swedish spices. You’ll be surprised by the taste, and it’s perfect for any occasion. The moist almond cake is baked on top of a delicious layer of roasted almonds, and IKEA offers homemade whipped cream to top it off for $6.99. You can easily take this home to enjoy later.

KAFFEREP: IKEA’s Raspberry Filled Biscuit

IKEA Swedish Food Market Raspberry Biscuits

It’s no secret that IKEA customers love food, so it is with great excitement that they look forward to their visit to the new IKEA store in Bistro. The Swedish retail giant has an eye-catching design and affordable furniture, but what about its food?

Have you ever wanted a biscuit (cookie for Americans) that just goes so well with a coffee or tea. Well IKEA’s Kafferep, a biscuit with raspberry-flavored filling, hits the spot. For just $1.69, it offered a sweet way to enjoy lunch or an afternoon snack that can be found after checkout at IKEA’s Swedish Food Market.

An update! They also now come with chocolate filling as well. This has everyone with a sweet tooth smiling!

IKEA Oat Biscuits and Ginger Thins

IKEA Swedish Food Market Biscuits

They really know how to make a good biscuit or Kafferep in Swedish. That’s why IKEA has so many different flavors of their biscuits to take home with you the next time you shop. If you like almonds, check out IKEAs ginger thins or regular biscuits with almonds. If you want to go the sugar free route, they have an delicious oat biscuit with sweetener, less calories but still great flavor. They also have regular ginger thins which are great with good cup IKEA’s coffee. The whole range of IKEA’s buscuits are gluten-free and vegan and come with a great price. Great for kid’s school lunches or or late-night munchies!

IKEA Swedish Food Market: Fish and Seafood

The food in the IKEA Swedish food market is a taste of Swedish cuisine sure to delight any palate. The seafood dish features salmon, creamed smoked fish roe, salmon and cod balls, red seaweed pearls, and cured salmon.

These are salmon, halibut, and shrimp seasoned and grilled to perfection. If you’re in the mood for something lighter but flavorful, try the IKEA food in this category.

IKEA Salmon and Cod balls

Local IKEA restaurant menu items are a taste of Sweden. The salmon and cod balls provide a flavorful, healthy option to many typical fried foods. Filled with Omega 3 oils they add much need nutrients and taste great! They are an excellent example of the international cuisine that is offered at IKEA restaurant but also in the Swedish Food Market.

Sill Matjes – IKEA Marinated Herring

This dish is a staple in Swedish food markets. When prepared, the herring fillets are marinated in Matjes or Mustard sauce. The mustard sauce can be made with either sweet or spicy mustard and is one of the essential components to marinating Herring in Sweden. This is a delicious snack that is full of health benefits. Swedish people love their herring, but that doesn’t mean you must be in Sweden to enjoy it too. Grab a jar before you leave IKEA in the IKEA Swedish food market.

SJORAPPORT – IKEA Peeled Cold Water Shrimp

Peeled cold water shrimp is a popular dish in Swedish cuisine and at IKEA you can grab a bag for only $4.99 at the Swedish Food Market. Recreating the dish served in IKEA restaurant is easy at home, just boil the shrimp and served with a simple sauce made from white wine, butter, and salt. The sauce is often thickened with roux or cream. Upholding standards for corporations around the world, IKEA is dedicated the sea life sustainability, so you can buy with confidence at IKEA Swedish Food Market.

Meatballs and Plant Based Balls at IKEA Swedish Food Market

Best vegan options IKEA
Best vegan options IKEA

You can’t end a trip to IKEA is until you grab a Swedish Meatball, or if you’re vegetarian one of their plant based balls, plant ball or vegetarian ball. Now you can also bring back the famous IKEA meatballs back home, all it takes is popping into the Swedish food market and grabbing a bag of your favorite balls.

The Swedish meatballs and leek soup might sound like a lot to tackle, but they’re super simple to make. The meatballs are easy as pie, and the soup takes about 30 minutes total.

IKEA Veggie and Plant Balls

For vegetarians and meat-lovers alike, IKEA’s vegetable balls are a must-try. The Swedish Vegetable balls are consist of parsnips, potatoes, carrots, onions, and eggs and are best with lingonberry jam on top. Cooking the balls are up to you but they are best when crispy on the outside while keeping them moist on the inside. The recipe also includes light spices like nutmeg and thyme for a subtle flavor that is sure to please.

Unlike IKEA’s Veggie balls, the plant balls are entirely vegan and made to replicate the flavor, texture and appearance of meat. Grab either at the Swedish food market and cook up an amazing veggie dinner for the family!

Jams and Sauces at IKEA Food Market

Swedish cuisine has some of the best sauces and jams. IKEA food market makes it possible to enjoy some of the best sauces and jams that Sweden has to offer. From lingonberry jam to add some sweetness to savoy dishes, to sas pepparrot (IKEA’s horseradish sauce) for spicing things up, the flavors are abound. If you are looking for something to spread on toast IKEA offers strawberry and blueberry jam which is some of the best jam you’ll get anywhere and easily found in the food market.


If you’re in the mood for a Swedish treat or looking to cook up a great Swedish feast, IKEA food market is a great place to stop. The restaurant has a range with various options that are not only delicious but also very affordable. With everything from meatballs to jams, this place will quickly become your favorite new grocery. Whether you’re hungry or just thirsty, check out IKEA Swedish food market today.

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