IKEA Food Menu Calories Review

The first step to losing weight is learning how many calories you consume dailyincluding IKEA food menu calories, too! But how can you find out the calories in the IKEA food menu? We’ll tell you.

IKEA  food menu calories general outlook

If you’ve ever eaten at IKEA, you know the Swedish furniture chain serves some delicious food, from meatballs and waffles to cakes and cinnamon buns. But if you want to enjoy your IKEA food menu calories while also sticking to your diet plan, how many calories are you eating? We’ve analyzed IKEA’s food menu calories of entrees, side dishes, desserts, and drinks so that you can better manage what you eat at the popular dining destination. You may be surprised by how much (or how little) the calories add up!

Some of the most caloric IKEA dishes

On the IKEA food menu calories, the most caloric dish in the restaurant is one of its appetizers, Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberries, which has about 600 calories and is considered relatively low in health. The Skagen Skrimpet (or grilled shrimp) is the next highest at 520 calories.

Finally, the IKEA store has two main dishes high in calorie count. One is the meatball sundae, with 540 calories and 15 grams of saturated fat. And the other is the apple pie,187 grams,  which comes in at 510 calories but has more fiber than average for an entree dish. So keep these facts in mind when deciding what to eat during your next trip to IKEA.

IKEA food menu calories for vegetable menu

The least calorific IKEA food menu items are vegetable dishes typically offered in a meatless form. These include salad, desserts, and other vegetable dishes.

  • IKEA salad and dessert dishes

While IKEA salads may be low in calories, they’re also low in protein, leaving you unsatisfied and wanting to eat more. An Egg salad sandwich, which includes two pieces of boiled eggs, contains 170 calories. Egg salad sandwiches with mayonnaise and 14-grain bread have 200 calories, respectively. 

The cocoa muesli with berries used on the breakfast sandwiches contains around 180 calories each, so it would be worth ordering them if you’re looking for something savoury. Marinated salmon wrapped with one piece of flour tortilla has 190 calories compared to  50 grams of marinated salmon, which has 110 calories.

  • Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable dishes contain an average of 267 calories per serving on the IKEA food menu. The IKEA restaurant offers many vegetarian options with low-calorie counts. IKEA has a salad bar where you can create your meal from toppings such as chicken, ham, tuna, lettuce, and tomato.

Even if you load up on all these items, it would only add 150-200 calories to your meal. These light lunch meals are perfect for someone looking for a healthy option when eating out. For example, their veggie sandwich contains just 295 calories in total.

The IKEA food menu calories are excellent because most of their entrees have less than 500 calories, so there is no need to feel guilty after eating!

Meat dishes (meatballs and fish dishes)

The IKEA food menu calories are full of choices of calories for the whole family to enjoy. There are a few things that you should know about their meatballs and fish dishes, though. For example, Swedish meatballs with sauce (1 serving of Swedish meatballs with sauce contains 700 calories),  pork meatballs, 64 grams, are 190 calories, and chicken meatballs, 64 grams, are 90 calories.

The salmon dish has a whopping 340 calories per serving, but it is also high in omega 3s and vitamin B12. If you have been looking for ways to increase your seafood intake, this may be an excellent way to go. If you would rather avoid the carbs altogether, try the shrimp with vegetables with only 60 calories per serving!

It’s always important to remember that every calorie counts, so keep an eye on what you’re eating no matter where you go or how much money you spend on food! These numbers aren’t super large, so they shouldn’t deter anyone from going out to eat- they just want you to be aware of what you’re putting into your body. Remember that any food can still be healthy when consumed in moderation!

IKEA food menu calories for drinks

Sodas and juices at IKEA are surprisingly not too bad in terms of calories. The water is 20 calories, the Apelsinjuice (orange juice) is 150 calories per 60 grams, and the sparkling pear drink is 100 per 250 milliliters. Rhubarb drink concentrate, 45 milliliters,  is 100 calories, Lingonberry drink concentrate,  40 milliliters, is 140 calories, and Elderflower drink concentrate, 40 milliliters, is 120 calories.

One thing to be aware of when going for the IKEA food menu calories is that there may be some higher calorie items for sale, such as ice cream cones which can be 300-340 depending on your choice. And the other downside about eating at the IKEA restaurant is that it might take a little longer than you expected to eat your meal since many people are ordering lunch around the same time, and it might take up to 45 minutes for your food to come out!

Cold snacks

If you’re looking for a satisfying snack on the go, look no further than IKEA’s extensive selection of calorie-dense cold snacks. In general, many items are available in both small and large sizes, which helps avoid overeating if you cannot finish a whole serving at once. But beware that these high-calorie treats can add up quickly! For example, regular strawberry frozen treats with sugar cones are 190 calories, plant-based kids strawberry frozen treats are 115 calories, sundae yogurt mix is 150 calories, and cinnamon buns are 220 calories.


IKEA’s’ food menu calories show that they care about the quality of food they serve, so next time you find yourself wandering through IKEA and feeling hungry, take a break at the restaurant!

IKEA food menu calories – IKEA’s food choices show how much effort they put into providing customers with good, nutritious meals that taste great. They’ve done their homework to figure out what people want but have ensured they do not sacrifice health.

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