Master Transforming IKEA Murphy Beds

Imagine having the ability to create an inviting, multipurpose living space without sacrificing style or comfort. This is where the transformative power of IKEA Murphy beds comes into play. Offering both functionality and design versatility, these hidden beds provide an excellent solution for those looking to maximize their living space. In this informative guide, we will delve into the assembly processes, modification tips, and room integration ideas, that you can use to create the perfect living area outfitted with a stylish and functional IKEA Murphy bed.

IKEA Murphy Beds Assembly


Transforming IKEA Murphy Beds can be a great space-saving solution for small living spaces, guest rooms, or home offices. IKEA, as a well-known brand, offers products that can be both practical and stylish, and their Murphy beds are no exception. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of assembling and installing an IKEA Murphy bed, help you understand the instructions, and provide you with information about the necessary tools and safety precautions to take. Let’s dive in!

  1. Choose an IKEA Murphy bed model: Before you begin, decide on the IKEA Murphy bed model that best suits your needs and room space. IKEA offers a few different models, such as the “Moddi,” “Billy,” and “PAX.” Make sure to take measurements of your room space and compare them with the dimensions of the selected Murphy bed model.
  2. Gather necessary tools: Once you have chosen your preferred model, go through the product description and user manual to understand what tools you will need to assemble and install your Murphy bed. Common tools required include a power drill, level, tape measure, pencil, and screwdrivers.
  3. Clear the working area: Move any furniture or other belongings out of the area where you plan to install your Murphy bed. This will give you ample space to work and prevent any unnecessary accidents.
  4. Read instructions carefully: Before starting, take the time to thoroughly read through the assembly instructions provided in the user manual. The instructions typically come with illustrations or diagrams that can help you visualize each step. Pay particular attention to any warnings or safety precautions mentioned.
  1. Assemble the bed frame: Follow the IKEA instructions to put together the main bed frame. This typically includes constructing the side vertical supports, horizontal supports, and attaching any necessary hardware.
  2. Assemble the slatted bed base: IKEA Murphy beds typically come with a slatted bed base that needs to be attached to the bed frame. Assemble the slats according to the instructions and secure them to the bed frame using the provided hardware.
  3. Mount the bed frame to the wall: Murphy beds need to be securely attached to the wall to ensure safety and stability. After determining the desired height and location, use a stud finder to locate the wall studs and mark them with a pencil. Use a level to ensure the bed frame is perfectly horizontal. Drill pilot holes into the wall studs and attach the bed frame using the appropriate screws and brackets provided with your IKEA Murphy bed.
  4. Install additional cabinetry or shelves (optional): Depending on your chosen IKEA Murphy bed model, there may be additional cabinets, shelves, or storage units included. Assemble these according to the instructions and attach them to the bed frame and wall, if necessary.
  5. Attach the front panel: The IKEA Murphy bed will have a front panel that doubles as a door when the bed is not in use. Attach the front panel to the bed frame using the provided hardware in the instructions.
  6. Secure all connections: Double-check all the screws, bolts, and other fasteners to ensure they are securely tightened. This is essential for the proper functioning of your Murphy bed and safety.
Safety Precautions
  1. Use proper lifting techniques: Murphy beds can be heavy, and it is crucial to use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. Bend your knees and use your legs, not your back, when lifting heavy pieces.
  2. Work with a partner: Assembling and installing a Murphy bed can be a challenging task to complete alone. Enlist the help of a friend or family member to make the process easier and safer.
  3. Securely attach the bed to the wall: An improperly installed Murphy bed can pose a risk of injury or damage. Ensure the bed is securely attached to the wall by using the appropriate hardware and following the assembly instructions carefully.
  4. Regularly inspect your Murphy bed: Check all screws, bolts, and other fasteners regularly to ensure they remain secure. This is particularly important if your bed is used frequently.

With patience and attention to detail, assembling and installing an IKEA Murphy bed can be a rewarding project that results in a stylish and space-saving addition to your living space. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, gather the necessary tools, and adhere to all safety precautions to ensure a safe and successful installation process. Enjoy your new IKEA Murphy bed!

An assembled IKEA Murphy bed in a small living space with a bookshelf adjacent to it

Bed Modification Tips


IKEA Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or fold-down beds, can be great space-savers in small living spaces. They often come with relatively simple designs, but with some creativity and ideas, you can transform an IKEA Murphy bed into a more functional and visually appealing piece of furniture. Below are some tips, tricks, and hacks to customize, upgrade, or repurpose your IKEA Murphy bed to maximize space and functionality.

Add Storage Solutions

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your IKEA Murphy bed is to add storage solutions around the bed. IKEA offers various compatible storage units, such as:

  • Wall-mounted shelves: These can be installed above the bed to hold books, decorative items, or a small display.
  • Bedside cabinets: Attach one or two small cabinets to the bed’s frame on either side of the Murphy bed to store essentials and personal items.
  • Storage headboard: Create a custom headboard with built-in storage compartments to keep items close at hand when the bed is in use.
  • Under-bed storage: For Murphy beds with legs that are not used when folded up, consider adding roll-out storage drawers, bins, or shallow shelves that fit underneath.
Create Custom Designs

Another option is to modify the exterior of your IKEA Murphy bed to match the rest of your room’s aesthetic. Some ideas include:

  1. Adding decorative moldings or trim on the bed’s exterior to transform it into an elegant piece.
  2. Painting or applying wallpaper on the exterior panel to match the room’s color scheme.
  3. Attaching a custom headboard that adds height and visual interest.
Combine with Other IKEA Furniture

Integrate your Murphy bed with other IKEA furniture pieces to create an all-in-one unit. Some ideas include:

  1. Attaching a Kallax shelving unit to one side of the bed, providing extra storage and display space when the bed is folded up.
  2. Pairing your IKEA Murphy bed with an IKEA sofa-bed to create an instant guest room when needed.
  3. Creating a “closet-bed” by enclosing the Murphy bed within an IKEA Pax wardrobe system, allowing the bed to be easily hidden when not in use and providing additional storage.
Enhance Functionality

Upgrade your IKEA Murphy bed by adding elements that improve its functionality. Examples include:

  • Installing built-in lighting above the bed, such as LED strip lights or sconces, to provide ambient or task lighting when the bed is in use.
  • Adding a fold-out desk or workspace to the underside of the bed, accessible when the bed is stored away.
  • Installing a mirror on the exterior panel to visually expand the room and serve as a full-length mirror when the bed is not in use.
Customize the Mattress

Make your IKEA Murphy bed more comfortable by customizing the mattress. Ideas include:

  1. Upgrading to a high-quality memory foam or latex mattress.
  2. Adding a mattress topper or pad for extra cushioning and support.
  3. Attaching heavy-duty mattress straps or clips to the frame to keep the mattress securely in place when the bed is folded up.

Customizing, upgrading, or repurposing your IKEA Murphy bed doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple modifications and enhancements, you can create a more functional and visually appealing space-saving bed that fits your needs and aesthetic.

A woman tucking away a folded-up ikea murphy bed. The bed is integrated into a white wooden wall and the surrounding area is a bedroom with light blue walls and white sheets on the bed.

Room Integration


Transforming IKEA Murphy beds is an excellent way to maximize limited space in your home. This hidden gem can be seamlessly integrated into any room, providing both a comfortable sleeping area and a stylish, multifunctional living space. In this guide, we’ll provide detailed instructions on how to effectively combine your transformed IKEA Murphy bed with room design, accessories, and storage solutions.

Planning the Room Design
  • 1. Determine the room’s primary function: Before integrating the IKEA Murphy bed into your living space, identify the primary purpose of the room. Will it serve as a guest room, home office, or kid’s room? This decision will guide the overall design and layout of the room.
  • 2. Measure the space: Take accurate measurements of the room where you plan to integrate the Murphy bed. Keep in mind that you’ll need sufficient clearance in front of the bed to open and close it comfortably, usually a minimum of 7 to 9 feet.
  • 3. Choose the appropriate Murphy bed model: IKEA offers several Murphy bed models with different features and sizes. Select a model that matches the room’s style and fits well within the available space.
  • 4. Select a wall: Carefully select the wall where the Murphy bed will be installed. Ideally, choose a wall without windows, electrical outlets, or vents for the easiest installation process. The wall should also allow for additional storage solutions and accessories installation.
Accessories and Decor
  • 1. Choose a color scheme: To create a cohesive look, select a color scheme for the room that complements the IKEA Murphy bed. Consider using matching or complementary colors for wall paint, bedding, curtains, and other accessories.
  • 2. Incorporate lighting: Add wall-mounted lamps or LED strip lights to the sides of your Murphy bed for practical and aesthetically pleasing lighting. Ensure the lights don’t obstruct the bed’s movement and install a switch close to the bed for convenience.
  • 3. Select versatile furniture: Opt for multifunctional furniture that can serve multiple purposes while saving space. Examples include a desk that converts into a dining table or an ottoman with built-in storage.
  • 4. Decorate with functional art: Enhance the room’s design by using art pieces that also provide a functional benefit. For example, use a wall-mounted mirror to make the room appear more spacious, or incorporate a decorative folding screen to create a room divider.
Storage Solutions
  • 1. Use storage furniture: Maximize the available room around your IKEA Murphy bed by opting for furniture with built-in storage. Consider items like bookshelves, dressers, or even IKEA’s PAX wardrobes to suit your specific storage needs.
  • 2. Install shelves: Add floating shelves above and around the Murphy bed for a clean and uncluttered look. These shelves can be used for storing books, decorative items, or even bedside essentials.
  • 3. Utilize under-bed storage: Some IKEA Murphy bed models come with built-in storage compartments beneath the bed platform. Make use of these compartments to store bedding, pillows, or other items that are only occasionally needed.
  • 4. Customize the IKEA Murphy bed: Opt for a Murphy bed with integrated storage options like shelves, drawers, or cabinets. Alternatively, you can also customize the bed by adding some add-ons like a wall-mounted bookshelf or a fold-down table.
Final Touches
  • 1. Add a rug: Place a rug in front of the Murphy bed to visually define the sleeping area and add warmth and texture to the room.
  • 2. Include cozy bedding: Use high-quality, comfortable bedding to create an inviting sleeping environment. Remember to choose bedding that coordinates with your chosen color scheme and complements the room’s design.
  • 3. Arrange decorative pillows: Arrange a few decorative pillows on the bed when it’s folded down to enhance the room’s aesthetic and make the bed more appealing.

By following these instructions, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your transformed IKEA Murphy bed into your living space while enhancing the room design, accessories, and storage solutions. This will create a stylish and functional environment perfect for everyday living or accommodating overnight guests.

An image of a transformed IKEA Murphy bed being used in a multi-functional living area with accessories, decor, and storage solutions.

By exploring various aspects of IKEA Murphy beds to their fullest potential, you will become skilled at transforming your living space to optimize functionality and design aesthetics. With detailed information on assembly, customization, and integration, you’ll have all the tools needed to make your IKEA Murphy bed a centerpiece of your home’s design. Unlock the endless possibilities that a stylish, multifunctional, and well-integrated IKEA Murphy bed has to offer, and witness a remarkable change in your living environment.

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