IKEA Murphy Bed for Kids: Ultimate Guide

As families look for innovative and stylish ways to make the most out of limited living spaces, IKEA Murphy beds have become an increasingly popular choice for children’s bedrooms. These clever and functional pieces of furniture are designed to optimize available space, provide a comfortable sleeping area, and offer endless options for customization and creativity in room design. In this essay, we will explore the different IKEA Murphy bed options for kids, discuss safety and installation guidelines, share fun and functional room design ideas, and recommend maintenance and customization tips. Join us in uncovering the magic behind transforming your child’s bedroom into a beautiful and practical haven with an IKEA Murphy bed.

Understanding Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds: A Space-Efficient Solution for Families

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, pull-down beds or fold-away beds, are a unique and space-efficient piece of furniture that allows users to save maximum floor space by hiding a bed in a wall cabinet when not in use. This concept has been around for over a century and has been a popular choice for many families, especially those living in tight spaces such as small apartments. The idea of incorporating a Murphy bed into a child’s bedroom is not only a functional solution but also a fun and creative addition to their living environment.

A Brief History of Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy in 1900. He was a talented inventor and entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. According to popular folklore, he created the first model of a Murphy bed because his one-room apartment was too small to entertain guests and accommodate a bed. By designing a bed that could be folded away easily, Murphy was able to maximize his living space, which was essential in the cramped quarters of a city like San Francisco.

Over the years, Murphy beds have grown in popularity as a solution for families in need of more space or wanting to maximize the efficiency of their available living area. The demand for this novel and efficient piece of furniture has been boosted by the surge in urbanization, which has resulted in people moving into smaller homes and apartments. For these reasons, and more, Murphy beds have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent decades.

How Murphy Beds Function

The primary function of a Murphy bed is to save space by attaching the bed structure to a wall and allowing the bed to be easily pulled down or folded back up as needed. There are several different types of Murphy beds available on the market, each with its own mechanism and design. Most designs utilize a piston or spring system, which helps the bed to be lifted and lowered with minimal effort.

These beds are designed with a sturdy frame and mattress that ensure a comfortable sleeping experience similar to that of a traditional bed. Additionally, many models include built-in storage solutions, such as cabinetry or shelving, which further adds to the storage capacity and efficiency of the room.

Different Types of Murphy Beds
  • Vertical Murphy Beds: This is the traditional orientation for a Murphy bed, where the bed folds vertically into the wall. This type is best suited for rooms with high ceilings and ample wall space.
  • Horizontal Murphy Beds: In this design, the bed folds horizontally instead of vertically. This type is more suitable for rooms with low ceilings or limited wall space.
  • Murphy Bunk Beds: This innovative design accommodates two mattresses stacked on top of each other, ideal for siblings sharing a room or for providing extra sleeping space for guests.
  • Desk Murphy Beds: This type combines a bed and a desk, making it an excellent space-saving solution for a child’s bedroom or a home office/guest room combination.
IKEA Murphy Bed Solutions for Kids

Although IKEA, a renowned Swedish furniture retailer, does not specifically manufacture or market a designated Murphy bed model, they do provide products and creative solutions that can be tailored to design a Murphy bed system for a child’s room. By using IKEA’s modular furniture and storage solutions, such as the PAX wardrobes and shelving units, parents can create a customized, stylish, and functional Murphy bed for their child’s living space.

A Murphy bed folded up into a wall, leaving plenty of space in the room.

IKEA Murphy Bed Selection

Exploring IKEA’s Murphy Bed Options for Kids

Since IKEA is well-known for its space-saving and functional furniture pieces, parents can easily explore various options when searching for a Murphy bed that is suitable for children. These beds are designed to transform the room and maximize floor space, making them perfect for kids’ living areas. Featuring different styles, materials, and functionalities, IKEA offers a range of adaptable solutions that cater to the unique needs of every family, including those with children.

Storage and Functionality

One of the primary reasons Murphy beds are highly sought after is their ability to maximize small living spaces by folding into the wall when not in use. IKEA further enhances this feature by incorporating storage solutions in the design. Many IKEA Murphy beds feature built-in shelves, drawers, wardrobes, or even desks. This integration is ideal for kids’ rooms, as it allows them to have ample storage space for their belongings and a comfortable area for studying or play.

Styles and Materials

IKEA’s Murphy beds come in various styles, materials, and finishes, making it easy to blend with any room decor. Popular choices include modern designs that feature clean and simple lines as well as more classic designs that incorporate details like paneled doors and carved trim. The materials used for IKEA Murphy beds range from durable and sturdy wood, such as particleboard, fiberboard, and solid birch, to lightweight metal frames. In addition to natural wood finishes and white, you can find IKEA Murphy beds in colors like black-brown, gray, and even pastel shades.

Sizes and Mattress Options

One of the essential aspects of choosing a Murphy bed for kids is selecting the right size. IKEA offers various sizes in most Murphy bed designs, accommodating smaller children to growing teenagers. Some popular options include single, twin, double, and queen sizes. Most IKEA Murphy beds are also designed to work seamlessly with their range of mattresses, ensuring comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep. IKEA’s mattresses come in various thicknesses and materials, such as foam, latex or spring, as well as different firmness levels to suit individual preferences and needs.

Safety Features

When installing a Murphy bed for kids, safety is a crucial consideration. IKEA is committed to ensuring that its products meet or exceed all industry safety standards. Some of the safety features they incorporate into their Murphy beds include secure locking systems to keep the bed in place when it’s folded up and sturdy brackets for attaching the bed frame to the wall. It’s essential for parents to follow the installation instructions provided by IKEA to ensure that the bed is securely attached to the wall and poses no risk to their children.

Pricing and Assembly

IKEA’s Murphy beds come at various price points, making them accessible to families with varying budgets. Affordable options usually include more basic designs, while more expensive models may feature additional storage or functionalities. Keep in mind that IKEA products are designed for self-assembly, which means that parents need to assemble and install the Murphy bed themselves. However, instructions are provided, and the assembly process is designed to be relatively straightforward with tools typically found at home.

Introduction to IKEA Murphy Beds for Kids

For families searching for a space-saving solution in children’s bedrooms, IKEA offers a variety of Murphy bed options with different features, styles, and materials. These fold-down beds, also known as wall beds, can be stowed away during the day, providing more room for play and other activities. By exploring the features of each option, parents can choose a bed that not only maximizes space and functionality in their child’s room, but also meets their preferences in terms of design, size, and price. Ensuring a comfortable and functional space for your child to grow and thrive is the ultimate goal when selecting the perfect IKEA Murphy bed.

A picture of a contemporary Murphy bed for children in a modern kids' room showroom

Safety and Installation

IKEA Murphy Beds for Children: Safety and Installation Guidelines

When selecting an IKEA Murphy bed for your child’s room, safety should always be a primary concern. These beds are specifically designed with children in mind, so understanding the safety precautions, guidelines, and proper installation is essential for the comfort and protection of your kids. In addition to providing a space-saving solution, using the right safety measures will ensure that the IKEA Murphy bed operates smoothly and securely in your child’s bedroom. Knowing how to safely install and use this versatile piece of furniture will contribute to a comfortable and functional environment for your child to enjoy their space.

Safety Precautions

It is crucial to adhere to all recommended safety precautions when purchasing, installing, and using an IKEA Murphy bed. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines provided, and ensure that any additional materials or components are compatible with your specific bed model.

When selecting a Murphy bed, choose one that has a solid, sturdy construction and is made from high-quality materials. Ensure all edges are smooth and rounded, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp corners. Look for beds that include safety features such as a locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening when the bed is folded up, and slow-closing hydraulics to minimize the risk of pinched fingers.

Ensure that the mattress specified by the manufacturer is used, as this will reduce the risk of the bed collapsing or malfunctioning, and provide the safest sleeping environment possible for your child. Keep the weight limit in mind when choosing a mattress, and avoid opting for heavier, thicker mattresses that aren’t designed for use with Murphy beds.

Proper Installation

Proper installation is critical when it comes to the safety of a Murphy bed, particularly in a child’s room. IKEA Murphy beds are designed to be anchored to the wall securely, preventing the bed from accidentally dislodging or falling when in use. The screws, brackets, and other hardware provided with the bed are essential and should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Skipping any steps or improvising with alternative hardware could result in an unstable and potentially unsafe installation.

When installing your IKEA Murphy bed, ensure that you are attaching it to a secure wall. Avoid installing the bed in areas where the wall might be compromised, such as near cracks or water damage. Always use the proper tools and hardware specified by the manufacturer, and be aware of any electrical wiring, plumbing, or ductwork behind your walls that could be damaged during installation.

Importance of Anchored Installation

An anchored installation is essential in ensuring the safety and stability of a Murphy bed. When anchored securely to the wall, the bed is less likely to tip over or become dislodged during use, greatly reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, anchored installation ensures that the bed’s folding mechanism functions smoothly and safely without creating uneven pressure on the bed frame or wall.

Hiring a Professional Installer

If you are unsure of your ability to safely install an IKEA Murphy bed, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional installer. Many Murphy bed manufacturers and retailers offer professional installation services, ensuring that the bed is safely and securely attached to the wall. You can also check for local contractors or handymen who have experience in installing Murphy beds.

IKEA Murphy Beds for Kids

IKEA Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or fold-down beds, are innovative space-saving solutions perfect for children’s bedrooms. With their compact design and versatile nature, these beds provide both functionality and aesthetics to any room. In this article, we will explore some fun and functional room design ideas that incorporate IKEA Murphy beds for kids, as well as ways to blend style and functionality while keeping safety in mind.

A Murphy bed from IKEA folded up, revealing a large open space in a child's room

Fun and Functional Room Design Ideas

Ensuring Safety with IKEA Murphy Beds

While IKEA Murphy beds make great additions to children’s rooms, safety should always remain a top priority. By following proper safety precautions, guidelines, and installation practices, you can help ensure a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your child. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional installer if needed, to guarantee the safety and security of your child’s Murphy bed. Overall, carefully considering both design and safety aspects will create a harmonious and secure space for your child.

Multifunctional Play Area

One of the significant advantages of installing an IKEA Murphy bed in a child’s bedroom is the extra space it provides when not in use. To maximize this additional space, consider transforming the room into a multifunctional play area. Incorporate a soft playmat, bean bags, or lounge chairs to create a cozy reading nook or relaxation space. Add a small table for activities such as drawing, painting, or playing with toys. With a few smart storage solutions like storage benches or IKEA Kallax shelves, you can keep toys and books organized while maintaining an open floor area for playtime.

Bold and Bright Colors

An IKEA Murphy bed for kids presents the opportunity to add style and flair to a child’s bedroom with bold and bright colors. IKEA offers a range of patterns and shades for linens and bedding accessories, allowing you to create a vibrant and exciting environment. You can also add a pop of color to the wall the bed rests on, using wallpaper or paint. Opt for a color or pattern that reflects your child’s personality, favorite theme, or compliments the room’s existing décor.

Unique and Personalized Headboards

Customize your child’s IKEA Murphy bed by creating a unique headboard, adding both style and functionality to the room. Choose from removable adhesive decals, fabric headboards, or even a painted mural to create a one-of-a-kind design. Incorporate built-in lighting, shelving, or secret storage compartments to make the headboard an integral part of the room. This personalized touch not only enhances the bed’s appearance but can also become a focal point of the overall room design.

Built-In Workspace

Combine the functionality of an IKEA Murphy bed for kids with a built-in workspace to create a space-saving solution perfect for small bedrooms. Attach a fold-out desk to the side or underside of the bed or utilize the space created by the bed when folded up to install a wall-mounted desk. Incorporate shelving or storage units for school supplies, books, and personal items. This design ensures your child has a dedicated area for homework, creative projects, and study while maximizing the available space in the room.

Climbing Wall and Slide

For a playful and adventurous bedroom design, consider incorporating a climbing wall and a slide into the side of the IKEA Murphy bed. When the bed is not in use, the climbing wall can serve as an interactive focal point in the room, promoting physical activity and creative play. A slide can be attached to the other side of the bed to complete the fun, adventure-filled theme. These additions, combined with the space-saving nature of a Murphy bed, will create an exciting and dynamic environment for your child to sleep and play in.

IKEA Murphy Beds for Kids

Parents seeking versatile and space-saving solutions for their children’s bedrooms often consider IKEA Murphy beds. These beds effectively maximize room space and provide a comfortable sleeping solution for kids, while also offering endless opportunities for fun and functional room designs. In this article, we will explore how combining various IKEA products can create a stylish, usable, and personalized bedroom for your child, which can serve as an inviting, engaging, and enjoyable space for them to grow and learn.

A child lying in an IKEA Murphy bed with a built-in workspace and bookshelf. There is an orange climbing wall and a blue slide attached to the bed on each side.

Maintenance and Customization

Maintenance and Customization of IKEA Murphy Beds for Kids

It is essential to ensure that your child’s IKEA Murphy bed stays in top shape, looks appealing, and caters to their preferences. To maintain and customize these beds, you can incorporate various aspects, such as character or theme bedding, storage solutions, and unique room decor. By doing so, your child’s bedroom will not only be functional and comfortable but will also become an expression of their personality and interests.

Proper Care and Maintenance

One important aspect of keeping your child’s IKEA Murphy bed in excellent condition is proper care and maintenance. Regularly inspecting the bed’s hardware, such as screws, hinges, and brackets, will ensure its safety and longevity. Occasionally tightening loose parts or applying oil to the hinges can help prevent squeaks or other operational issues.

It’s essential to clean the bed regularly to keep it free from dust, dirt, and allergens. Use a damp, non-abrasive cloth to wipe down the surfaces and let the bed dry before folding it back up. For the mattress, vacuum its surface and rotate it from time to time to maintain its form and to avoid uneven wear.

Another aspect of ensuring the bed remains in good condition is teaching your child how to properly use it. Make sure they know how to unfold and fold the bed correctly to prevent any damage. Discourage them from jumping or playing on the bed, as excessive force can damage the structure or lead to injuries.

Personalization and Decor Ideas

IKEA’s minimalist design aesthetic enables you to personalize your child’s Murphy bed to suit their tastes and preferences. There are various ways in which you can make the bed more appealing, from adding colorful bedding to painting the exterior of the bed’s frame.

Select sheets, blankets, and pillows that reflect your child’s personality or favorite colors. Encourage their input when it comes to choosing the bedding, as their bed will feel like their personal space. Additionally, you can add removable wall stickers or decals to the outer surface of the bed to transform it into an exciting and unique piece of furniture.

When painting the bed frame, ensure the paint is safe and non-toxic, as children may come into contact with it while using the bed. Consult with a professional painter or purchase paint specifically designed for furniture.

Storage Solutions

Utilizing the space around the Murphy bed can provide extra storage space for your child’s belongings. IKEA offers various storage solutions that can be combined with the bed to create a cohesive and functional room design.

Consider using floating shelves above the bed to store books, toys, and other small items. Alternatively, you can opt for an IKEA storage unit that can be incorporated into the bed system so that it unfolds with the rest of the bed – providing a convenient storage solution without taking up additional floor space when the bed is not in use.

In Conclusion

Regular maintenance and proper care are essential to keeping your child’s IKEA Murphy bed in the best possible condition. Customizing the bed with decor ideas and incorporating additional storage solutions can help create a space that your child will love and enjoy using. With a little effort and creativity, your child’s IKEA Murphy bed can be a long-lasting, functional, and aesthetically appealing addition to their bedroom.

A child's bedroom with a Murphy bed that is designed for kids from IKEA

As we’ve seen, IKEA Murphy beds for kids are not only the perfect space-saving solution but also provide a world of unique and creative room design possibilities. By understanding the different types of IKEA Murphy beds available, adhering to safety and installation guidelines, and exploring fun design ideas, parents can create a comfortable and functional environment for their children. Additionally, considering proper maintenance and incorporating customization options will ensure that your IKEA Murphy bed remains in top condition and reflects your child’s personality and style preferences. With the right knowledge and inspiration, transforming a child’s bedroom into a space of joy, creativity, and relaxation is well within reach.

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