Top IKEA Murphy Bed Accessories

For those seeking efficient and stylish ways to optimize the use of space within a home, an IKEA Murphy Bed provides a smart solution. These space-saving beds can be effortlessly stowed away when not in use, creating a versatile living area that can switch from a bedroom to a work or lounge space in no time. To enhance the aesthetics and practicality of this clever furniture, pairing the Murphy Bed with the right accessories is of utmost importance. In this discussion, we will explore the top IKEA Murphy Bed accessories, focusing on the PAX Wardrobe System and the BESTÅ Storage Systems as key assets for transforming your living space into a functional and beautifully organized environment.

PAX Wardrobe System

Maximize Space with the PAX Wardrobe System

One of the greatest challenges when looking to invest in a Murphy bed is finding the right storage solution to accompany it. Enter the IKEA PAX Wardrobe System – your perfect accomplice for a seamless and clutter-free room setup.

The reason the PAX Wardrobe System stands out as an ideal accessory for your IKEA Murphy bed lies in its unrivaled versatility. You get the freedom to customize the wardrobe to suit your specific needs, making it an efficient way to optimize your space. Here are some unmatched benefits the PAX Wardrobe System brings to your room.

Customizable to Your Heart’s Content

What sets the PAX Wardrobe System apart from other IKEA products is its incredible level of customization. You have the liberty to choose the size, dimensions, and interior fixtures that perfectly suit your room and clothing storage needs. The system even offers multiple door styles and finishes, giving you the ability to complement your Murphy bed and overall room decor.

Optimized Storage Options

The PAX Wardrobe System goes beyond the basic shelves and hanging rods of ordinary wardrobes. IKEA offers a wide range of internal accessories like drawers, pull-out trays, shoe racks, and even pull-out pants hangers. This ensures you’ll be able to create a well-organized and efficient storage space for all your garments, shoes, and accessories. Plus, the space-saving nature of a Murphy bed means you’ll have even more room to expand your wardrobe if needed.

Seamless Integration

Pairing the PAX Wardrobe System with your IKEA Murphy bed ensures your room maintains a cohesive and polished look. Thanks to the wide array of finishes available, you can easily match the wardrobe and bed to create a unified design. Moreover, the sleek and modern look of the PAX system adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

Effortless Installation

IKEA is known for its easy-to-assemble products, and the PAX Wardrobe System is no exception. With the help of detailed instructions and a little patience, you can put the wardrobe together in no time. For added convenience, IKEA offers professional assembly services for an additional fee, ensuring your wardrobe will be perfectly built and ready for use.


Incorporating the PAX Wardrobe System with your IKEA Murphy bed is a guaranteed way to enhance the functionality and appearance of your room. It’s an investment that not only increases storage solutions but also contributes to a well-organized and clutter-free living space.

A well-organized closet filled with clothes and shoes surrounded by the PAX wardrobe system pieces showing its versatility and customizations

BESTÅ Storage Systems

Maximize Your Storage Space with BESTÅ

One of the most excellent features of IKEA’s BESTÅ Storage Systems is their ability to maximize your storage space efficiently. They offer various cabinet sizes and configurations to fit your specific needs. When combining this storage solution with a Murphy bed, you’ll be amazed at how well they work together to save valuable floor space in your room.

Customize Your BESTÅ Storage System

IKEA’s BESTÅ Storage Systems are designed to be fully customizable, allowing you to mix and match different components to create your perfect storage space. Select from a wide range of doors, drawers, shelves, and more in varying sizes and finishes. You can even choose to mount your BESTÅ system to the wall or place it on the floor, depending on your preferred design.

Blend Storage and Style

Integrating a BESTÅ Storage System with your Murphy bed not only provides much-needed storage space but also lends an aesthetically pleasing look to your room. The streamlined design and various finishes provide a modern and stylish appearance that blends seamlessly with your existing décor. Plus, the option for glass doors allows for a chic, open look, displaying your favorite items and adding a touch of your personality to your space.

Extra Functionality with BESTÅ Accessories

Another fantastic aspect of the BESTÅ Storage System is the availability of additional accessories. Opt for simple items like extra shelves or explore more unique options such as LED lighting to add a soft, warm glow to your storage space. You can also find clever solutions such as wire baskets or interior dividers to keep your items organized and easily accessible.

Optimized Space Utilization

Pairing your IKEA Murphy bed with a BESTÅ Storage System ultimately optimizes your room’s space utilization. With the Murphy bed folded away, you’ll have the freedom to move around your room more comfortably. When it’s time to utilize the bed, your BESTÅ System is easily accessible and will not obstruct your sleeping area. This duo creates an ideal solution for small apartments, guest rooms, or multi-purpose living spaces.


By incorporating a BESTÅ Storage System into your Murphy bed design, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased storage, enhanced style, and improved overall functionality for your living space.

A room with a Murphy bed and BESTÅ Storage System that demonstrates the optimized space utilization and stylish design that the two together can offer.

Ultimately, utilizing innovative IKEA Murphy Bed accessories such as the PAX Wardrobe System and BESTÅ Storage Systems can drastically improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. These modular, easily customizable storage solutions enable homeowners to tailor their living space according to their unique requirements and preferences. By integrating the right combination of storage solutions, homeowners can make the most of limited living spaces while keeping their belongings organized and maintaining a clean, contemporary design. Embrace the advantages of IKEA’s versatile, multi-purpose storage systems and transform your living area into a sleek, unified, and functional space that caters to your modern-day lifestyle.

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