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As a global leader in home furnishings, IKEA has left a significant mark in many cities around the world. One such gem is the IKEA Memphis store, which perfectly captures the essence of the brand while incorporating the rich cultural history of the city, allowing customers to experience unique products and services tailored to their local lifestyle. This comprehensive insight into IKEA Memphis will leave you well-informed on the store’s offerings, sustainable initiatives, customer success stories, and exciting events that make this location much more than a simple home goods store.

IKEA Memphis Store Overview

IKEA Memphis Store Overview

IKEA is a popular Swedish multinational company known for its affordable, yet stylish and functional furniture and home décor, featuring ready-to-assemble products and contemporary design elements. The IKEA Memphis store is no exception to this tradition, offering a wide range of home furnishings and accessories for various customer needs.

The Memphis store officially opened its doors to the public on December 14, 2016, and has since become a one-stop-shopping destination for quality home products. Located at 7900 IKEA Way, Cordova, TN 38016, the store is easily accessible and boasts a 271,000 sq. feet retail space that is designed to provide an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience to its customers.

Store Layout and Customer Experience

The IKEA Memphis store is designed to offer customers a complete and immersive experience. As you step inside, you are greeted by the Showroom, which features inspirational room settings showcasing its products in different styles, such as modern, traditional, and minimalist. This space helps you envision how various IKEA products can be combined and arranged in your own home.

The store is segmented into different departments catering to specific needs, including Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Children’s IKEA. As you proceed through each department, you can access detailed information on products, including pricing, materials, and design features that cater to different preferences and budgets.

After the showroom, customers walk through the Market Hall, where they can purchase various home accessories and smaller furnishing items. Lastly, they end their shopping experience in the Self-Serve Furniture area, where they pick up the products they wish to purchase and proceed to the checkout.

Unique Features and Tailored Product Offerings

The IKEA Memphis store offers several unique features that distinguish it from other locations and cater to the local market. One such aspect is its attention to sustainability and green initiatives. The store boasts a solar panel array that produces energy for the facility and features LED lights throughout the store, showcasing IKEA’s commitment to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Another distinctive feature of the IKEA Memphis store is the local product offerings. The store tailors certain product selections to fit the Southern lifestyle and preferences, such as the inclusion of houseware and furnishing items with more traditional designs, alongside the recognizable modern Scandinavian styles.

IKEA Memphis also offers special events, workshops, and activities designed to engage the local community, including family-friendly events, home design workshops, and sustainability-focused programs. These events aim to provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience for customers and create a stronger connection with the Memphis community.

Additional Services and Amenities

IKEA Memphis offers an extensive range of products, along with several additional services and amenities to enhance the overall customer experience. Those needing assistance in planning their homes can benefit from the in-store IKEA Kitchen Planning and IKEA Wardrobe Planning services, which provide expert advice on designing custom solutions tailored to specific needs and spaces.

The store also features a supervised children’s play area called Småland, where young ones can safely play and explore while their parents shop. For those looking to dine, the IKEA Memphis location houses a full-service restaurant that serves both traditional Swedish dishes and American cuisine.

To sum up, the IKEA Memphis store offers its customers a wide range of well-designed and affordable home furnishing products. With unique features like tailored product offerings and a commitment to sustainability, as well as add-on services and amenities, the store enhances the shopping experience for the Memphis community.

An aerial shot of the IKEA Memphis store with a large parking lot and plenty of green surrounding it

Memphis-Specific Product Offerings

Memphis-Inspired Furniture and Designs

Not only does IKEA Memphis cater to different tastes, but it also carefully incorporates a sense of connection with the community into their product range. The store offers items that are exclusive to the Memphis market, reflecting the region’s rich cultural heritage, art, and design traditions with a distinctive southern charm. For instance, you can find traditional Memphis-patterned rugs featuring vibrant colors and unique geometric patterns that pay tribute to the city’s renowned musical legacy. Additionally, there are furniture pieces like sofas and dining sets that weave in the region’s celebrated blues and rock ‘n’ roll motifs, creating a perfect blend of design and culture.

Customizations for the Memphis Market

At IKEA Memphis, there is an understanding that every customer has different needs and preferences, and the store aims to offer a diverse range of products to accommodate those needs. To cater to the specific requirements of Memphis residents, IKEA Memphis allows customers to personalize their furniture by selecting different materials, colors, and finishes. This customization not only ensures that the products truly resonate with the local clientele but also makes each piece unique and special.

Sustainability Initiatives for Memphis Residents

Beyond bespoke furniture designs, IKEA Memphis takes pride in emphasizing sustainability efforts through its product offerings. The store offers eco-friendly products that are made from renewable and/or recycled materials, aligning with the environmental concerns of local citizens. These items range from LED lighting fixtures and energy-efficient appliances to sustainably sourced bedding and textiles. Moreover, IKEA Memphis encourages its customers to participate in the company’s furniture take-back program, further promoting sustainability and responsible consumption.

Services Catered to the Memphis Lifestyle

Understanding the busy lifestyle of Memphis residents, IKEA Memphis has introduced a variety of services to make the shopping experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. The store offers services such as home delivery, assembly assistance, and kitchen installation, catering to various customer needs like busy professionals or first-time homeowners who might need help with setting up their homes. Additionally, IKEA Memphis has also incorporated the popular Swedish Food Market, where customers can indulge in an array of Scandinavian treats before, during, or after their shopping journey.

Inclusion and Accessibility for All Memphis Residents

In an effort to serve as a welcoming space for all, IKEA Memphis is committed to ensuring accessibility and inclusion as key components of its services. The store features accessible entrances, parking spaces, and restrooms for individuals with disabilities, as well as friendly and well-trained staff members who are ready to assist customers with any needs or concerns throughout the store. By prioritizing accessibility, IKEA Memphis ensures that every customer feels valued and has a comfortable shopping experience.

With a focus on sustainability, convenience, and inclusivity, IKEA Memphis strives to create an enjoyable shopping experience, offering a variety of products tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the local clientele. By maintaining high quality and promoting its brand values, IKEA Memphis fosters a strong sense of connection and community among its customers.
A photo of IKEA Memphis products such as patterned rugs, sofas and dining sets with blues and rock 'n' roll motifs, as well as sustainable bedding and textiles.

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IKEA Memphis’ Sustainable Initiatives

IKEA Memphis’ Sustainable Building Design

A major component of IKEA Memphis’ commitment to sustainability is its environmentally conscious building design. Constructed according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, the store incorporates eco-friendly materials and practices throughout its facility. IKEA Memphis notably stands as the first IKEA in the US to host rooftop solar panels, consisting of 4,424 solar panels, which generate around 2.0 MW of electricity. This substantial contribution of clean, renewable energy is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 1.5 million pounds annually, equivalent to the emissions produced by 135 cars or the electricity consumed by 115 homes each year.

Waste Management and Recycling

Another aspect of IKEA Memphis’ sustainability efforts is their thorough waste reduction and recycling plan. The store aims to divert as much waste as possible from landfills through recycling and reusing materials. They have recycling stations throughout the store for materials such as cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal, as well as for batteries and light bulbs.

IKEA Memphis has also made an effort to minimize waste in their restaurant operations. They participate in a food waste composting program, where all organic waste is collected and turned into nutrient-rich compost, which can be returned to the soil. This prevents the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, that would have been produced if the food waste had been sent to a landfill.

Sustainable Product Materials

An essential part of IKEA’s global commitment to sustainability is the use of responsible, eco-friendly materials in their products. IKEA Memphis shares this commitment, offering a range of products made from sustainable materials such as FSC-certified wood, recycled glass, and sustainably sourced textiles.

IKEA has set high global sustainability standards for their timber sourcing, which are upheld in their Memphis store. They aim to source all of their wood from forests that are independently certified as being responsibly managed, ensuring that their products have a minimal impact on the environment.

Local Initiatives and Partnerships

IKEA Memphis is committed to supporting the local community and fostering positive relationships with local environmental organizations. They donated more than $80,000 to local charities and non-profit organizations during the grand opening of the store, including Partnerships for Parks, The Wolf River Conservancy, and Memphis Green Drinks.

In addition to financial contributions, IKEA Memphis also encourages its employees to volunteer and actively participate in local sustainability initiatives. They have participated in tree planting events, park cleanups, and environmental education programs within the Memphis community.

An Overview of IKEA Memphis

IKEA Memphis is renowned for its affordable and eco-friendly home furnishing products. Through the store’s energy-efficient building design, waste management strategies, and use of sustainable materials, IKEA Memphis reflects its strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Additionally, the company actively partners with local environmental initiatives, contributing to a cleaner and greener community for customers and Memphis residents alike.

Image of the IKEA Memphis store and solar panels on the roof

Customer Success Stories and Testimonials

A Memphian’s Dream Bedroom Makeover

Take the example of Emma, a young professional in Memphis who found herself struggling with the chaos of her messy bedroom. Her disorganized space began to affect her sleep quality and overall happiness, prompting her to visit IKEA Memphis for a solution. There, Emma explored the bedroom section, where she found the perfect blend of storage solutions and décor items to transform her space and enhance her well-being.

Her personal favorites from IKEA Memphis included the Malm bed frame with built-in storage for her clothes and the Brimnes wardrobe, which doubled as a practical yet stylish dressing mirror. Thanks to IKEA Memphis, Emma now enjoys a beautiful, organized, and eco-friendly bedroom that truly feels like home.

A Functional Home Office Setup

Arthur, a freelancer working from home in Memphis, understood the importance of an organized and efficient workspace. With the pandemic forcing him to seek solace within his small apartment, he knew it was time to create a home office that offered comfort, motivation, and functionality. After visiting IKEA Memphis, Arthur purchased the Bekant sit/stand desk, providing him with flexibility and better posture while working. He also fell in love with the Kallax shelf unit that easily fit into any corner, keeping his workspace tidy and visually appealing. Thanks to IKEA Memphis, Arthur’s productivity vastly increased, and he became more satisfied with his working environment.

Small Space Living Made Stylish

Newlyweds Lauren and Jake were eager to transform their cramped city apartment into a stylish and comfortable space. With the help of IKEA Memphis, they were able to achieve just that without breaking the bank. The couple maximized their living room by incorporating the Friheten sleeper sofa, acting as both a comfortable seat and a cozy bed for guests. They also took advantage of IKEA’s space-saving furniture, such as the Fjällbo TV stand, the Norråker dining table, and charming decorative pieces. They credited IKEA Memphis for helping them create their perfect home on a budget.

Kitchen Organization Heaven

As a busy mother of three, Sarah’s kitchen used to be the bane of her existence, but her love of cooking was at war with the lack of storage and organization. With the help from IKEA Memphis, Sarah turned her chaotic kitchen into a space that brought joy and ease to her cooking endeavors. The Raskog utility cart became the perfect mobile storage solution that housed her frequently used items. Additionally, she incorporated Variera shelf inserts and the Tornviken plate shelf to optimize space while keeping everything organized.

Playroom Transformation

Greg and Lisa are proud parents of two young children who struggled to find space for their numerous toys and activities. With the help of IKEA Memphis, they designed a well-organized play area that was both visually appealing and kid-friendly. Using the versatile Kallax shelving units and Trofast toy storage system, they managed to store and organize their toys while keeping them within easy reach for their little ones. Stuva benches and Pahl adjustable height desks provided the perfect spot for crafts and homework. Greg and Lisa appreciated IKEA Memphis for helping them establish an engaging and uncluttered playroom that inspired creativity and learning in their children.

Customer Experiences

IKEA Memphis has positively influenced the lives of many Memphians by providing a wide range of versatile products that cater to various needs. Whether it’s enhancing the efficiency of workspaces or making homes cozier, IKEA’s offerings have truly transformed the way people live. Countless customer experiences demonstrate the comfort, functionality, and style customers have gained by incorporating IKEA Memphis products into their daily lives.

IKEA Memphis store exterior

IKEA Memphis Activities and Events

IKEA Memphis Workshops and Design Consultations

To further engage with the local community and help customers fully utilize and enjoy their products, IKEA Memphis offers various workshops and design consultations. These events feature store experts who share valuable tips and advice on topics such as small-space living, kitchen design, and bedroom organization. These workshops are perfect for customers interested in maximizing their spaces and creating efficient layouts for their homes. Furthermore, IKEA Memphis provides personal design consultations for individuals seeking customized advice tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Special Promotions and Offers

To cater for budget-conscious shoppers and provide exciting deals for customers, IKEA Memphis periodically offers special promotions and discounts on their products. These can include family-focused events, holiday promotions, season-based sales, and special offers for IKEA Family members. IKEA Family is a free loyalty program offered by the company, which provides exclusive access to discounted prices, freebies, and early notification of sales events. Shoppers can take advantage of these promotions to save on their favorite IKEA products or explore new items for their homes.

Community Involvement and Local Collaborations

IKEA Memphis is dedicated to supporting and engaging with the local community. The store is involved in various charity initiatives, including partnering with local non-profit organizations to provide donations of IKEA products. These activities are aimed at making a positive impact on the surrounding community and helping to create better living conditions for those in need. Additionally, IKEA Memphis collaborates with local businesses and community organizations to sponsor events and initiatives that both promote the IKEA brand and contribute to the enrichment of the Memphis community.

Sustainability Initiatives

In line with IKEA’s global commitment to sustainability, the Memphis store also takes part in various environment-friendly initiatives. The store features solar panels on its roof, which aim to reduce its carbon footprint and generate clean energy. Customers are also encouraged to participate in various recycling and upcycling programs, such as disposing of used batteries or light bulbs at designated recycling receptacles. The store strives to promote a more sustainable approach towards living, both within its premises and for its customers.


IKEA Memphis not only offers an extensive range of home furnishing products but also actively engages with the local community through various workshops, events, and charity initiatives. Customers can participate in different workshops and avail design consultations, benefit from special promotions, and contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts. By supporting local businesses and organizations, as well as promoting environmentally friendly practices, IKEA Memphis demonstrates its commitment to improving the lives of the people in the Memphis community beyond providing furniture solutions.

By infusing local culture with their trademark Scandinavian designs, IKEA Memphis has indeed established itself as a valuable fixture in the community. Furthermore, their dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices set an excellent example for businesses in the area, holding themselves accountable for a greener future. The unrelenting positive testimonials from customers are a testament to the transformative power of IKEA products in homes across the city. Stay connected with IKEA Memphis, and you may find the inspiration, advice, or tools needed to create the perfect home environment tailored to your unique style and needs.

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