IKEA Memphis: The Ultimate Guide

IKEA Memphis is an incredibly popular destination for those seeking stylish, affordable, and sustainable home furnishings and accessories. As a hub of inspiration and practical solutions for every room in your home, it provides a wide range of products, services, and unique experiences that cater to your specific needs. Let’s dive into an overview of the features that make IKEA Memphis a one-stop shop for your home decorating and improvement projects.

IKEA Memphis Store Overview

IKEA Memphis Store Overview

IKEA Memphis, a prominent location for the globally-renowned Swedish retailer, provides affordable and stylish home furnishings to customers in the Memphis area and beyond. Situated at 7900 IKEA Way, Cordova, TN, this large store first opened on December 14, 2016, and has since become a popular shopping destination for individuals seeking modern and innovative home solutions. Regular store hours and holiday hours are available on our site as well as parking accommodations.

With a size of 271,000 square feet, the IKEA Memphis store offers an immersive and efficient shopping experience. Designed for easy navigation, the store boasts over 50 room settings and three model home interiors, showcasing an extensive range of furnishings, home accessories, and design ideas. Furthermore, the store’s construction incorporates several sustainable building elements, including a rooftop solar array, rainwater management system, and energy-efficient lighting.

A photograph of the exterior of the IKEA Memphis Store with large black letters reading IKEA on the side of the building.

Products and Services Offered

Products and Services at IKEA Memphis

At IKEA Memphis, shoppers can find a diverse range of products aimed at improving the practicality and aesthetics of any living space. This extensive selection encompasses stylish furniture, such as sofas, beds, tables, and desks, as well as appealing home accessories like rugs, lighting, and throw pillows. Regardless of the specific room you wish to furnish or redecorate, IKEA’s exclusive designs and affordable prices make it simple to create a customized and visually appealing space.

In addition to their vast product range, IKEA Memphis provides various services and amenities to enhance the overall shopping experience. Among these are the popular Swedish Food Market, where customers can purchase classic Scandinavian food items, and a full-service IKEA restaurant that serves dishes like meatballs, salmon, and an assortment of desserts. For those with children, there is also a supervised play area called Småland, allowing parents to shop at their leisure while their little ones are occupied. With its comprehensive offerings, engaging displays, and unique services, IKEA Memphis continues to attract home improvement and interior design enthusiasts in the region.

Services and Experiences at IKEA Memphis

At IKEA Memphis, you’ll find a vast selection of products accompanied by a variety of services to make your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. IKEA Memphis offers home delivery and assembly services to assist with transporting and setting up your new purchases, and kitchen planning assistance to help you design your dream culinary space. The store also features a supervised children’s play area, so parents and guardians can shop stress-free knowing their little ones are in good hands. Furthermore, the unique and immersive shopping experience at the store sets it apart from traditional furniture stores.

A well-decorated modern living room with IKEA products featured in it.

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Shopping Experience and Sustainability

Exploring the Store and Enjoying Authentic Swedish Food

As you stroll through IKEA Memphis, you’ll find the store layout easy to navigate, with friendly and knowledgeable staff readily available to answer any questions. The various room settings showcasing IKEA’s products allow shoppers to feel as if they are in their own homes, creating a personal connection with the items on display. This walkthrough is not only visually appealing but enhances the shopping experience by providing a hands-on approach to selecting stylish and affordable home furnishings.

When it’s time for a break, IKEA Memphis offers food options at the in-store Swedish Food Market and Restaurant. Customers can enjoy traditional Swedish dishes, such as the iconic Swedish meatballs, as well as local favorites in a relaxed setting. The food market also offers shoppers the opportunity to take home some delectable Swedish treats, adding another dimension to the memorable shopping experience.

Sustainability Initiatives at IKEA Memphis

IKEA is a company that places great emphasis on sustainability, and the Memphis store is no exception. In line with IKEA’s global commitment to sustainability, the Memphis location is equipped with numerous environmentally-friendly features. One noteworthy aspect is the store’s solar rooftop array, which is one of the largest in Tennessee. This array generates clean energy to help power the store, significantly reducing its reliance on traditional energy sources and lowering its carbon footprint.

The store also offers various sustainable products and solutions that help customers be more environmentally conscious in their own homes. From LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances to water-saving faucets and eco-friendly furniture, the store encourages sustainable living through its product line. Additionally, the store actively recycles waste and uses sustainable building materials, further demonstrating IKEA’s commitment to a greener future.

An image of a shopper walking through an IKEA Memphis showroom with various home furnishings on display

Ultimately, IKEA Memphis offers an exceptional shopping experience that combines quality, variety, and sustainability all under one roof. With its extensive range of products and services, customer-friendly environment, and commitment to green practices, it remains a top destination for those seeking to turn their living spaces into functional, beautiful, and eco-friendly havens. Pay a visit to IKEA Memphis and discover how it can help you transform your home in a budget-friendly and sustainable manner.

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