IKEA Costa Mesa Store Hours & Tips

IKEA Costa Mesa is a popular destination for shoppers seeking affordable and stylish home furnishings. With a wide array of products and services, this Swedish retail giant offers something for everyone. In order to make the most of your shopping experience, it’s essential to be well-informed on the store’s hours of operation, holiday schedule, and prime visit times. Furthermore, knowing how to effectively navigate the store’s layout and understanding the accessibility of essential facilities will greatly enhance your IKEA shopping excursion.

Store Hours and Holiday Schedule

IKEA Costa Mesa Store Hours

IKEA Costa Mesa operates on a set schedule to cater to the needs of its customers. The store hours from Monday through Saturday are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Sundays, the store operates on slightly shorter hours, opening at 10:00 am and closing at 8:00 pm. These standard operating hours allow shoppers to visit the store with ample time to browse, shop, and enjoy the in-store food options.

Holiday Schedule and Special Hours

In addition to the regular store hours, IKEA Costa Mesa occasionally has extended hours or closures due to holidays, special events, or peak shopping seasons. It is important to check in advance for any updates to the store hours during these periods.

For instance, during the holiday season in December, the store might have extended hours to accommodate shoppers looking for gifts and decorations. This could include opening earlier or closing later than the regular store hours.

On the other hand, there may be times when the store is closed due to national holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. If you plan on visiting IKEA Costa Mesa during these times, it’s essential to check ahead to ensure the store is open or if there are any changes to their regular operating hours.

Occasionally, IKEA Costa Mesa may also have special events that could affect their operating hours, such as sales promotions or exclusive offers. These events might prompt the store to open earlier or close later than usual. Keeping an eye on the IKEA website and their social media platforms will help you stay informed about these special offers and any adjustments to the store hours.


In summary, IKEA Costa Mesa operates on a consistent schedule throughout the week, with slight variations on Sundays and during the holiday season. Regular store hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday, and from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays. Located at 1475 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, it’s essential to monitor any potential changes to the store hours due to holidays, special events, or peak shopping seasons, so you can successfully plan your visit to the store.

Image of the exterior of the IKEA Costa Mesa store.

Best Times to Visit IKEA Costa Mesa

Best Times to Visit IKEA Costa Mesa

To enjoy a stress-free shopping experience and avoid crowds at IKEA Costa Mesa, it’s a good idea to choose the best times for your visit. Being aware of the busiest and least busy times of the day and week, as well as any special events or sales happening at the store, will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable shopping trip.

As a general rule, weekdays tend to be less crowded compared to weekends. Thus, if you prefer a quieter shopping experience, it is recommended that you visit the store during the week rather than on Saturdays and Sundays. However, always remember to keep an eye on potential changes in IKEA Costa Mesa’s hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

By planning your trip around these hours and considering the best times to visit, you can make your visit to IKEA Costa Mesa an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Weekday vs. Weekend Visits

On weekdays, the morning hours between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM usually have the least amount of foot traffic, which is ideal if you want to avoid waiting in long lines and navigating crowded spaces. The store’s foot traffic tends to pick up during lunchtime hours (12:00 PM – 2:00 PM) and after-work hours (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM). If possible, plan your visit outside these peak periods to ensure a more relaxed shopping experience.

On weekends, IKEA Costa Mesa tends to be busiest in the afternoon hours, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. If you have no other option but to visit the store on a weekend, it is recommended that you arrive as early as possible to avoid the rush. Alternatively, you can visit during the last couple of hours before closing, when the crowds have usually started to disperse.

Special Events and Sales

Keep an eye out for any special events, promotions, or sales happening at the store, as these can attract larger crowds, making the shopping experience more hectic. Visiting the store during these periods might mean facing longer wait times and navigating busier spaces. If you want to take advantage of a sale, it’s still a good idea to visit during off-peak hours or arrive as early as possible when the store opens.


When planning your visit to IKEA Costa Mesa, it is essential to choose the right time for an enjoyable shopping experience. It is ideal to visit the store on weekdays, either during the morning or evening hours, to avoid crowds and enjoy a seamless experience. However, if you need to visit on a weekend, make sure to either arrive early or towards the end of the day to dodge peak traffic and crowds. Additionally, keeping an eye on special events and sales can also help you determine the best time for your visit and ensure a satisfying trip to IKEA Costa Mesa.

A picture of a quiet IKEA store with shopping trolleys in rows, meaning there are no customers in the store

Navigating the Store & Facilities

Store Layout Overview

Upon entering IKEA Costa Mesa, customers will find that the store is thoughtfully designed, ensuring a convenient and efficient shopping experience. There are three main sections in the store: the Showroom, the Market Hall, and the Self-Serve Furniture Area.

The Showroom, situated on the top floor, showcases an array of entirely furnished room settings that inspire customers to envisage how IKEA products can fit into their own homes. Each room setting is labeled with product details such as names and prices, making it easy for customers to make informed decisions. Moreover, separate sections catering to different parts of the house like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices can be found within the showroom.

Moving to the lower level, the Market Hall is where customers can find smaller items and home accessories such as kitchenware, bedding, lighting, rugs, and decorative items. These products are grouped based on function or room, simplifying the shopping process for customers.

Lastly, the Self-Serve Furniture Area, also located on the lower level, serves as a space for customers to pick up larger, flat-packed furniture items to take home and assemble. Clear aisle and bin numbers make it easy for customers to locate the items indicated on their shopping lists.

Showroom Navigations

As you walk through the Showroom, various product displays and room setups will help you visualize how the products can fit into your home. To make navigation easier, pay attention to the store’s provided map or the signs that indicate the different room section layouts.

To keep track of the items you are interested in purchasing, use the provided note cards and pencils at the entrances. Be sure to write down the product name, article number, and location information (aisle and bin number) if the item can be found in the Self-Serve Furniture Area.

Market Hall Tips

In the Market Hall, products are well-organized according to their function and room they belong to. Make note of the signs displayed above each section to easily locate the items you are looking for.

If you missed an item in the Showroom, you can use the touch-screen computers located in the Market Hall to search for the product information and its location in the store.

As-Is Section

IKEA Costa Mesa features an As-Is section, where you can find discounted items such as floor models, discontinued products, and items with minor damages. The As-Is section is located near the Self-Serve Furniture Area and is worth a visit for bargain hunters.

On-Site Facilities and Services

For a break while shopping, visit the IKEA Restaurant located on the top floor near the Showroom entrance. The restaurant offers a variety of Swedish and American cuisine, as well as a seating area with a view. Children can also enjoy the on-site play area, Småland, where they can be supervised by IKEA staff while parents shop.

Customer service points, such as returns and exchanges, design planning assistance, and home delivery services, can be found near the Market Hall exit.

Keep in mind that IKEA Costa Mesa store hours may vary, so be sure to check their website or call ahead to ensure you have enough time to enjoy and navigate the store fully. Overall, visiting IKEA Costa Mesa allows for an engaging shopping experience with a vast range of home furnishings, accessories, and services tailored to suit your needs.

Illustration of the IKEA store layout that is described in the text.

Ultimately, a successful trip to IKEA Costa Mesa is dependent on being well-prepared and knowledgeable about the store’s daily operations and layout. By understanding the optimal timeframe for your shopping trip and familiarizing yourself with store navigation and on-site amenities, you’ll be able to tackle your shopping list with ease. The rewarding experience of finding the perfect items for your home and enjoying the unique atmosphere of IKEA Costa Mesa will undeniably leave you convinced that it’s the ideal destination for all your home furnishing needs.

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