IKEA Garlic Toast Nutritional Facts & Review

Every IKEA meal is essential, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even though we always consider the nutritional value of food more than anything else, the food also needs to taste good. The food must have high nutritional value and taste good to make you enjoy it.

Many people think eating is just an optional thing while, in a real sense, it is essential. That is because our body depends on it to obtain the nutrients required for its function and growth.

Every restaurant has its way of preparing different foods. That makes the foods taste different depending on the restaurant you obtained them from. Garlic toast is one of the simplest foods you would consider taking, especially for breakfast. This article gives details about garlic toast prepared specifically by an IKEA restaurant.

IKEA garlic bread

What things make Garlic toast different

When you have decided to eat a specific food, there must be something that attracts you to it. That makes it unique and different from the other types of food that you have not chosen. However, even the restaurant where you are offered the food contributes to its uniqueness. Let’s see what makes this Garlic toast from an IKEA restaurant unique.

It has a unique taste. That is one of the things you most love about this simple food. The food consists of bread topped with Garlic and either butter or olive oil. It could also have other things like additional herbs such as chives.

All these combined give the food a sweet, unique taste, and you would consider taking it more and more. If you have tasted it for the first time, you would wonder if you didn’t come across it early enough. That is because of the sweetness you have missed. If you haven’t tasted the food, find your way into an IKEA restaurant and make your order.

It has other additional toppings. This simple food is prepared with toppings such as Garlic and olive oil. This gives you a good dining experience as you will enjoy the food as you continue eating it. 

Customers’ tastes and preferences differ. Some prefer taking it with the toppings, while others prefer serving it without them. However, that does not mean the toppings give it a bad taste. It is just the preferences that differ.

Why Choose IKEA Garlic Toast?

Garlic toast is a quick meal. Some people don’t have the patience to wait for so long when the food is being prepared. You want something ready faster, and you eat after a few minutes. Garlic toast is one of that quick meals. 

It won’t take you too long to prepare this food. You only need everything ready, including the toaster. With that, you’ll be sure to eat after a short. This can be the best food option for breakfast when you are preparing to report to work or take kids to school. At that time, opting for food that takes too long to prepare will make you late for work or school.

It is pocket friendly. For someone who has heard about IKEA Garlic toast for the first time, it may sound like costly food offered in a five-star hotel. That notion can scare you into taking the food. Those who have tasted the food can attest that it is pocket friendly and you only need a little amount to talk it.

Garlic Toast prices

Garlic toast is a food that many people love. Most people prefer it for lunch as it can be prepared quickly, so you don’t get late for work. However, someone who has never tasted it and is willing to take it may wonder how much this simple food costs.

This simple food cost $1.19. However, this varies depending on how you want the food to be served to you. Some people prefer the addition of condiments to some tastes, while others prefer it without the condiments. Whichever method you choose, you have to get that as the maximum amount for the food.

The one without the condiments might be cheaper if you have not tasted the food or have tasted it but is willing to retake it. IKEA is the best restaurant as it will give you precisely what you order.

Garlic toast Calories

One of the most important things to know about any food before consuming it is its composition. One of the essential components of food to be checked on is its calorie composition. Although calories are good for releasing energy for the body, excess of it may be harmful.

Garlic toast contains 120 calories. Body functions differ from one person to the other. Therefore, what is sufficient for one may be more than the other. In case the amount is more than enough for your body, you need to find a way of utilizing the excess so that it does not become harmful to your body.

Nutrition Facts about Garlic

Knowing the nutritional facts about a given food is also essential before consuming it. It helps you understand its contribution to your body. Check out the table below to learn the nutritional facts about garlic toast.

Food allergies for IKEA Garlic Toast

Some people develop allergies to certain types of food. That does not mean the food has harmful substances; it is your body’s reaction to it. If you have an allergy, you need to be careful about what you eat. Garlic toast may cost allergy in some people just like any other food. Therefore, you need to be alert and also know the components, whether it has substance you are allergic to or not.

FAQs: IKEA Garlic Toast

Do garlic toast cause food allergies?

This depends on the individual. People are allergic to different foods or substances. If the food contains a substance that might cause an allergy, then you should avoid it.

How much is garlic toast from an IKEA restaurant?

IKEA garlic toast costs $1.19. That should not scare you from eating the food. If you feel like taking the food, reach out to an IKEA restaurant and place your orders.

The price may vary depending on how you want it to be served.


Garlic toast is a simple, delicious food that is pocket friendly. The food is easy to prepare as long as you have everything needed. Explore more about the food by placing your order at an IKEA restaurant.

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