Costco’s That’s It Fruit Bars: A Healthy Family Choice

In recent years, the demand for healthy yet satisfying snacks has soared, with families looking for both nutrition and tastiness in their snack choices. With the surge in this trend, Costco’s That’s It fruit bars have gained much popularity, earning the status of being a healthier alternative to regular snacks. Loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins, these fruit bars not only cater to the sweet cravings but also contribute to one’s overall wellness. This discussion primarily focuses on educating consumers about the nutritional value of these wholesome snacks, dwelling into the details of their ingredients’ health benefits. We also venture into an enlightening comparison between these fruit bars and other popular snacks, providing a comprehensive overview of how they rate on various factors such as nutrition, cost, convenience, and variety. Lastly, we explore the realm of creativity, offering some fun and innovative ways to serve these fruit bars to make the snack time even more enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Nutritional Value of That’s It fruit bars

Discovering Health and Taste: Costco’s “That’s It” Fruit Bars Are Perfect for Your Family

As loving parents, nurturing and looking after the family is at the forefront of all our endeavors–and that includes meal times. We’re always on the hunt for snacks that are not just tasty, but also pack in a healthy punch. With multiplication tables to chase and energy spikes to scale, your family needs fuel that is both wholesome and delicious. Enter: Costco’s That’s It fruit bars.

But what exactly makes these little packets the health superheroes that they are? Let’s dive in together and find out.

First of all, simplicity is key when it comes to the ingredient list for these fruit bars. True to the name “That’s It”, the brand truly delivers on its promise. Each fruit bar contains just two ingredients: real fruit and nothing else! They’re entirely natural and 100% Non-GMO verified, leaving no room for any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

Being a family means juggling multiple health profiles and dietary preferences. Whether it’s a little one with a nut allergy, a teen pursuing a vegan lifestyle, or just catering to your gluten-sensitive family member – these bars have got you covered. They are gluten-free, vegan, and made in a peanut-free facility, making them a safe bet for everyone around the table.

Parents familiar with the struggles of maintaining healthy sugar levels in their children’s diets will find an ally in these fruit bars. Each bar has a naturally low sugar content, offering only what comes directly from the fruit itself. This makes them a wonderful choice over other snacks that are loaded with added sugars, and gives you the peace of mind you need when selecting snacks for your family.

In an era of increasing concern about environmental impact and sustainability, That’s It fruit bars are mindful of this as well. They come in fully compostable wrappers, allowing your family to enjoy a healthy treat while also contributing to a healthier planet.

Finally, they’re incredibly versatile and handy. Be it a quick breakfast before the school run, an after-school snack, or a picnic surprise, these bars can slot right into virtually any scenario.

In a nutshell, Costco’s That’s It fruit bars are a wonderful blend of health, taste and convenience. They are not just a snack, but a testament to the belief that caring for your family’s health and well-being can be as simple as choosing the right foods.

As we continue our journey of nourishing our families and building happy homes, let’s champion choices like these – choices that are rooted in health, steeped in taste, and beneficial for our planet. Because home is not just where the heart is; it’s also where health begins.

Every fruit bar, every small step taken towards healthy eating, ultimately contributes to the healthier and happier world we all aim to build for our children. So, why not start with a snack that assures, “That’s It”, and truly lives up to it.

Image of Costco's That's It Fruit Bars, showcasing their delicious and healthy nature.

Comparing That’s It fruit bars with other popular snack choices

So, how do That’s It fruit bars stack up against other familiar snacks? Let’s delve into that.

Comparing That’s It fruit bars with traditional snacks like candy bars, chips, or cookies, the difference becomes starkly apparent. Most of these well-known supermarket snacks are significantly laden with sugars, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats – all ingredients that should ideally be limited in a child’s diet. By contrast, That’s It fruit bars comprise solely fruit and none of those unpronounceable chemicals.

It’s also worth noting the cost comparison at this point. A casual glance might suggest that That’s It fruit bars are pricier than some supermarket snack alternatives. However, it’s important to remember what’s being bought here: not just a snack, but a healthy one that doubles up as a serving of fruit. When weighed against the cost of health in the long run, these fruit bars provide excellent value.

Let’s consider granola bars, another popular snack option. While they are often promoted as a healthful choice, not all granola bars are created equal. Many contain added sugars, fats, and contain fewer fruits than most would imagine. Unlike these, That’s It fruit bars are straight-up fruit, delivering the full burst of vitamins, fiber, and natural sweetness that fruit offers.

Diet-specific snacks such as gluten-free, vegan, or non-GMO products are increasingly common these days. While these options cater to certain dietary requirements, many still contain a substantial amount of added sugars and preservatives. That’s It fruit bars, on the other hand, naturally fall into these categories, without compromising on flavor or wellness.

What about dried fruit snacks? An abundance of these exist on the supermarket shelves. However, most are coated in added sugars or preservatives to prolong shelf life and enhance taste. With That’s It fruit bars, it’s like having the actual fruits in your bag, only much less messy and as accessible as pulling out a bar from your purse.

Looking over to the baby and toddler snack arena, offerings are mainly fruit purees or little biscuits, many of which contain filler ingredients with very little nutritional value. That’s It fruit bars, free of these fillers and rich in nutrients, make an excellent choice for tiny, growing bodies. Even picky eaters will find them irresistible, thanks to their deliciously natural sweetness.

So, let’s ask once more: How does Costco’s That’s It fruit bars compare to other commonly bought snacks? They outshine almost every other option on the market. Combined with their healthy ingredient list, their appeal to all dietary needs and age groups, and their sheer convenience, these fruit bars are set apart as a smart choice for families hunting for well-rounded, satisfying snacks.

Image of That's It fruit bars, showing a variety of different flavors and ingredients.

Creative ways to serve That’s It fruit bars

Turning a healthy snack into a festive treat may seem like a tricky task, but Costco’s That’s It fruit bars make it an easy and enjoyable one. Dipping, dressing up, and reinventing the snack game is definitely simpler with these! Here are a few ways to serve these low-sugar, eco-friendly bars in a fun and exciting manner.

Make snack time a party with That’s It Fruit Bar Pops! Just insert a Popsicle stick in each bar and pop them into the freezer for a couple of hours. Once firm, dip the top half into warm dark chocolate, and sprinkle your choice of healthy toppings like shredded coconut, finely chopped nuts or seeds for that extra touch. You now have healthier, homemade Popsicle alternatives all set to be devoured.

Craving a frosty sundae but want to keep it low on sugar? Chop a bar into bite-sized pieces, top it on Greek yogurt, and sprinkle with granola or chia seeds for a guilt-free sundae that will have the kids and adults alike asking for more.

Another creative way of serving these fruit bars is through creating a That’s It Fruit Bar charcuterie board. Alongside these bars, you can arrange an assortment of fresh fruits, cheese, whole grain crackers, and nuts for a visually appealing and wholesome platter for parties and gatherings.

Home bakers can also have fun in the kitchen by incorporating the bars in baked goods. Grate or finely chop them and add into your muffin, pancake, or cookie mix. They will not only increase the nutritional value of the treats but also lend a distinct fruity flavor.

For a delightful and nutritional after-school snack, That’s It Fruit Bar “sushi” should do the trick. Flatten a That’s It bar with a rolling pin into a thin layer, spread some almond butter (or any nut butter) over it, roll it up, and cut into bite-sized “sushi” pieces. Kids will love these adorable, bite-sized treats, and parents can rest easy knowing they’re full of fruit goodness!

You can amp up the playfulness by making food art with the bars. Creative shapes and characters can be formed by molding and placing different bars together. It’s a fantastic way to entertain kids and pique their interest in healthier snacks.

Remember, making healthy snacks fun doesn’t have to be tiresome. This small change can encourage kids to reach for snacks that are better for them, without feeling like they’re missing out. That’s It fruit bars have not only ticked off the health checklist but have also scored high on versatility, making snack time genuinely exciting and fruitful! So, let’s get creative, have some fun, and remember – healthy eating is always in style!

Assortment of colorful That's It fruit bars with various fruits surrounding them.

With a clear understanding of That’s It fruit bars’ nutritional richness and the fruitful comparison with other popular snacks, it’s apparent that these fruit bars make a compelling contender in the world of healthy snacks. They make an exquisite choice not just in terms of health benefits, but also when it comes to cost-effectiveness, convenience, and variety. Moreover, the potential of these fruit bars extends beyond plain snacking. With a little creative thinking and experimentation, they can be transformed into visually appealing and enjoyable treats that the whole family can relish. So, next time when your kids demand something sweet, or you yearishly crave a nibble, remember that a healthier, satisfying and fun option is just a That’s It fruit bar away.

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