Top IKEA Hovet Mirror Alternatives for a Modern Look

Every home deserves a mirror that’s not just functional but also adds a sleek touch to the decor. One such mirror is the IKEA Hovet Mirror, praised for its modern design and affordability. However, it’s always beneficial to explore options that might better suit individual needs, tastes, and budgets. This comprehensive guide delves into every aspect one needs to understand about the IKEA Hovet Mirror, reviews various alternatives that match its quality and style and provides insightful knowledge on where to source such mirrors for a gratifying shopping experience.

Understanding IKEA Hovet Mirror

The IKEA Hovet Mirror – An Overview

The IKEA Hovet mirror is favored for its minimalist design and sizable reflection surface. Its simplistic aesthetic, a rectangular block shape with an aluminum frame, makes it versatile for nearly any room or décor style. The mirror is a significant size – 30 ¾ ” x 77 1/8 “, which can make rooms seem more spacious as it reflects a good amount of natural light. This functional, practical mirror comes at a reasonable price of approximately $129, which plays a big role in its popularity.

Alternatives to IKEA Hovet Mirror

The IKEA Hovet mirror, due to its understated design, seamlessly blends into contemporary interior decor. Whether it’s an elegant living room, modernist office, or a minimalist bedroom, this mirror can tie the space together without overwhelming the room’s style or focus. Considering this, let’s dive deep into some alternatives to the IKEA Hovet mirror that could meet different needs or tastes.

NeuType Full-Length Mirror

The NeuType Full-Length Mirror is a popular alternative to the IKEA Hovet mirror, and for good reasons. While maintaining a minimalist design, it offers some subtle design elements that set it apart. This mirror supports both horizontal and vertical orientation and comes with an explosion-proof membrane for safety. It’s moderately priced, making it a promising candidate for budget-friendly options.

Hamilton Hills Full Length Mirror

The sophisticated design of the Hamilton Hills Full-Length Mirror is perfect for individuals seeking an opulent style. Its silver-backed glass and solid wood frame provide a touch of elegance and glamour, making it an aesthetic centrepiece for any room.

Kings Brand Furniture Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

For something a bit more unique and luxurious, the Kings Brand Furniture Modern Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor Mirror is certainly worth considering. Its leatherette upholstery and button tufting design adds a luxurious feel to any room, while its sturdy construction ensures it’s not only beautiful but also durable.

AmazonBasics Rectangular Wall Mirror

The AmazonBasics Rectangular Wall Mirror, on the other hand, showcases a clean, sleek design perfect for minimalist or modernist decor. Its cost-effective pricing does not compromise on quality or aesthetics, making it an excellent budget-friendly alternative.

Crown Mark Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror

The Crown Mark Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror is a wonderful option for those who prefer classic designs. This mirror oozes a traditional charm that can harmonize with different décor styles easily. It also features tilting adjustments – a stand-out feature that’s not available with the IKEA Hovet mirror.

To Sum Up

IKEA’s Hovet mirror is known for its clean, striking design that tends to pair seamlessly with a variety of décor styles. However, an array of alternative options exist on the market. Whether you lean towards a more opulent look, are fond of classic designs, require extra features, or are on the hunt for a budget-friendly substitute, there are countless mirrors out there that cater to a range of different tastes and preferences. Each mirror has the capacity to add a distinct touch, completely redefining your space. So do take into account your specific needs, financial constraints, and individual style before finalizing your decision.

A minimalist design IKEA Hovet mirror with an aluminum frame, reflecting a good amount of natural light.

Analysis of IKEA Hovet Mirror Alternatives

IKEA, with its reasonably priced and chic furnishing options, has earned recognition in homes all across the world. The brand’s Hovet Mirror is particularly well-received due to its modern design and generous size. Nevertheless, it may not entirely align with everyone’s requirements or aesthetic preferences. Some may seek variation in terms of style, size, or affordability. Hence, the forthcoming suggestions are regarded as beneficial alternatives that keep these considerations in mind.

Urban Outfitters Amelia Full Length Mirror

The Amelia Full-Length Mirror from Urban Outfitters is a great alternative to the IKEA Hovet Mirror. This mirror is highly praised for its stylish design that incorporates a simple look with a subtle vintage touch. It is a bit smaller than the Hovet Mirror, measuring 11in x 43in, making it a good fit for tighter spaces. Despite its smaller size, this mirror is an eye-catching piece due to its unique wooden frame with rounded corners. The installation process generally requires minimal effort. However, the cost is slightly higher, coming in at around $139.

Pottery Barn Teen Minimalist Floor Mirror

The Minimalist Floor Mirror from Pottery Barn Teen is another good alternative to consider. This mirror features a modern, clean-line design with a neat rectangular shape. It leans against the wall with a sleek design akin to the IKEA Hovet Mirror. The size is similar as well, with dimensions of 30 inches wide and 68 inches high. Despite being marketed towards teens, this minimalist mirror works well in any modern home. Installation is straightforward and easy, with a simple lean-to design. The cost of this mirror is moderately high, but often can be found on sale.

NeuType Full-Length Mirror

When the budget is a primary concern, the NeuType Full-Length Mirror stands as an excellent alternative. The mirror mimics the functional design and impressive size of the IKEA Hovet mirror. With a standard dimension of 65″ x 22″, it fits comfortably in most places. It features a shatter-proof frame, making it safer home decor. Installation is straightforward thanks to the accompanying brackets for wall-leaning or hanging. It is significantly cheaper than both the Hovet and other options, making it a viable alternative for budget-conscious buyers.

West Elm Metal Frame Oversized 48″ Floor Mirror

The West Elm Metal Frame Oversized Floor Mirror offers a great aesthetic alternative to the IKEA Hovet mirror. Similar to the Hovet Mirror, the metal frame of this mirror provides a modern, sleek design. But with its round top, it differs substantially in style, offering a more distinctive look. Its size leans more towards an overstated grandeur given the 48 inches diameter. The mirror is easy to install, however, the price is on the higher end, making it a good option for those willing to indulge a bit more in high-end aesthetics.

Wayfair Wade Logan Sowa Full-Length Mirror

The Wade Logan Sowa Full-Length Mirror from Wayfair is another option for those who want a simple design at a reasonable price. This mirror has a sleek, modern design with a frameless edge, making it a functional and minimalist alternative to the IKEA Hovet Mirror. It is similar in size, at 63 inches high and 18 inches wide. Installation is easy with the attached floor stand and it also has wall hanging brackets. The price is competitive, often fluctuating with Wayfair’s frequent promotions.

There’s no denying that the IKEA’s Hovet Mirror has captured a lot of attention due to its minimalist design and impressive size. However, the myriad alternatives available in the market offer a rich variety of options suitable for diverse styles, sizes, and budgets. These mirrors not only exude charm and elegance but are also practical and easy to install, attributes that are synonymous with the Hovet mirror from IKEA. Each of these contenders has unique features that set them apart, making them attractive alternatives. Therefore, the ideal choice of mirror essentially boils down to individual preferences in terms of design, size, installation convenience, and cost-effectiveness, truly reflecting one’s personal style at home.

A collage of various mirrors with different designs and styles and brief descriptions of each.

Places to Purchase Alternatives to IKEA Hovet Mirror

Exploring Alternatives to the IKEA Hovet Mirror

While the IKEA Hovet mirror has earned a reputation for its streamlined design and cost-effectiveness, an array of alternatives that are available both online and in brick and mortar stores are worth considering. These options are not only diverse in size and style but also span a wide spectrum of price points to accommodate any budget.


HomeGoods has established itself as a favored destination for budget-friendly yet chic home décor paraphernalia, where you just might stumble upon a suitable alternative to the IKEA Hovet mirror. HomeGoods’ selection encompasses a vast array of mirrors varying in size, shape, and style, all priced quite reasonably. However, it’s important to note that the stock can fluctuate daily across different stores, so it’s advisable to stay vigilant in finding the mirror that complements your space and style ideally.


If you prefer shopping online, Wayfair is one of the best places to purchase mirrors. They have a myriad of options ranging from floor mirrors to wall and accent mirrors. You also get to enjoy the convenience of having your mirror shipped to your doorstep.


Amazon has millions of products in its inventory, including mirrors that can serve as alternatives to the IKEA Hovet mirror. The great thing about Amazon is that you can filter your search results by size, shape, color, brand, and even price. You can also read customer reviews and see product ratings before making a purchase decision.


Overstock is another online marketplace renowned for affordable home accessories. They offer a wide range of mirrors in different styles, designs, and sizes. Overstock provides detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, which you can utilize to evaluate the quality of a mirror before buying. They also frequently offer sales and free shipping.


Target has a comprehensive collection of mirrors in various designs and sizes. Whether you prefer shopping online or in-store, Target has you covered. They also offer free shipping and returns on select items.

Tips to Snag Good Deals

When shopping for mirrors, always compare prices between different retailers both online and in physical stores. Subscribe to newsletters or joining member clubs from retailers can also give you access to exclusive sales and discounts. Paying attention to holiday and seasonal sales, such as Black Friday or end-of-season sales is also a great way to get a deal on a new mirror.

Moreover, when purchasing a mirror, consider the quality, size, style, and where you’ll place it in your home. These factors impact the mirror’s visibility and functionality. For instance, a tall, lean-to mirror may be more suitable for a bedroom, while a decorative wall mirror might look great in a living room or entryway.

The Verdict

The IKEA Hovet mirror is an excellent option, especially for those sticking to a budget. However, don’t limit yourself to one product. Explore different options, compare prices, and consider the style of your home before making a purchase. There’s a wide world of mirror alternatives out there, all available at your fingertips. Whether you decide to purchase from HomeGoods, Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, or Target, the most vital part is choosing a mirror that best suits your needs and style.

Different mirror alternatives that can replace IKEA Hovet for different budgets and styles

Ultimately, your choice of a mirror comes down to personal preferences, budget, and specific requirements. While the IKEA Hovet Mirror has received widespread acclaim for its style and value, this guide has shed light on several other alternatives that hold their ground in terms of design, size, ease of installation, and price. Furthermore, the information provided about where to purchase these alternatives both online and in physical stores aims to ease your shopping experience and ensure you get the most valuable deal for your money. So, whether you’re setting up a new home or giving your current one a revamp, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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