Review: IKEA Canada Restaurant Menu Ranked

The IKEA restaurant menu Canada has a lot to offer its patrons, including affordable Swedish food and plenty of dining space to accommodate large groups of friends and families

Many people who have eaten there are curious about the most popular menu items, though, so we’ve compiled this list of the top favorite dishes at IKEA restaurant menu Canada based on customer reviews and ratings.

ikea restaurant meat balls

1. Best Dish: IKEA Swedish Meatballs

The Swedish Meatballs are the best dish on the menu, hands down. The meatballs are all right, but they’re in a creamy gravy to die for. They’re also topped with lingonberry sauce which can’t be beaten. 

It is love at first bite. From start to finish, you’ll find these balls divine. You’ll wish to have ordered an entire plate of them and eaten them alone! 

Similar, when you try one of their hot dogs as well, it is tasty too. There’s something about sitting outside in the sun enjoying your meal from IKEA that makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to your childhood again (except you don’t have to clean up afterward). 

IKEA Cured Salmon
IKEA Cured Salmon

2. Best Dish: IKEA Cured Cold Smoked Salmon

One of the most popular IKEA dishes on the IKEA restaurant menu Canada is their cured cold smoked salmon. This dish can be eaten with bread and some fresh fruit or as a side to one of the many main entrees available at the restaurant

The best thing about this dish is that it not only has an amazing flavor but also provides a good source of protein. It is one of those dishes you crave after having it just once because it tastes so good and goes well with any meal plan.

IKEA Plant Balls
IKEA Plant Balls

3. Best Dish: IKEA Plant Balls

IKEA restaurant menu Canada serves food from different countries worldwide, but what are some of the best dishes on their menu? Probably the Swedish Plant Balls

When they prepare these meatballs, they get the shape of a ball before lightly frying in a pan and then serve in a sauce. They come with a side of mashed potatoes

The Swedish Plant Balls is also listed as an appetizer, so it might not be worth having as your main course. All in all, this dish would be considered a vegetarian alternative to meatballs if you’re not ready to take that leap just yet.

IKEA Vegetable Medallion
IKEA Vegetable Medallion

4. Best Dish: IKEA Vegetable Medallions

In fourth place for popularity was the vegetarian food item: vegetable medallions. This is a dish of mashed potatoes, carrots, and spinach with a mixture of onions, eggs, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper served in crispy dough cups. 

The first time you try them, they seem plain and basic. The combination of everything makes it more palatable. 

Overall this dish is not just sweet but also vegan friendly, so that is worth a second look.

IKEA Fish and Chips
IKEA Fish and Chips

5. IKEA Fish and Chips

Surprisingly, the most popular dish on the menu is Fish and Chips. The dish comes with deep-fried cod, rye bread chips, malt vinegar, tartar sauce, and thinly cut fries

One person commented that the fish had a crisp and light batter. There were a few other comments about how the dish was filling for the price tag. 

However, not everyone enjoyed it as much as others because it was bland and greasy. Still, this is one of those dishes that has been going strong since day one!

6. Gravad Lax

While you can eat lunch (or dinner) at IKEA, a few of their items are actually so good that they’re worthy of ordering off-menu. Gravad Lax is one of those dishes. It comes from an in-house deli counter that serves both hot and cold meals.

Ask for it with cream cheese on a sandwich and you’ll be sitting down for a flavorful, balanced meal. Oh, and don’t forget to grab some lingonberry jam while you’re there; it’s just a few coins per jar. And don’t bother with rolls their cookies are more than enough on their own.

Whether you go simple or adventurous here, we think these treats will pair nicely with any coffee or tea that catches your eye. After all, what goes better together than sweet food and drinks? And who doesn’t love having options?

7. IKEA Cinnamon Bun

It is no secret that many find Sweden to be a top-notch destination for food. From Swedish meatballs and gravlax to the famous cinnamon bun, Sweden is home to some of the world’s most deliciously iconic dishes. 

The famous Swedish cinnamon bun has been present in Danish bakeries since the 1800s but was not introduced in Sweden until after World War II. 

Although they can come in different shapes and sizes, this pasty typically consists of a cinnamon sugar dough that is spiraled into rings before baking. The buns are usually topped with either cream cheese or butter icing with sugar or caramelized sugar on top as well. On its own, this bakery staple is already sweet enough for anyone to enjoy it – but what makes this dish an icon? Visit the IKEA menu restaurant Canada, and you will know.

IKEA Veggie Balls
IKEA Veggie Balls

8. IKEA Veggie Balls

IKEA Menu Restaurant Canada also offers two main vegetarian courses in the form of veggie balls. Sold by kilogram, these balls are deep-fried to a light, crispy brown and are served with mashed potatoes and gravy. 

These flavourful little orbs have an interior of just potatoes, carrots, peas, and onion – no meat! They’re extremely tasty, dipped in any kind of tomato sauce you might happen to have on hand. 

A one-kilogram package is large enough for four adults as the main course dish or six adults as a starter dish. And these don’t even need a set cooking time; just fry until golden brown.

The healthy options at IKEA aren’t just for those with dietary restrictions; they provide options that anyone can enjoy!

Why IKEA Restaurant Menu Canada?

The IKEA restaurant in Canada is a landmark in the country. It attracts guests from all around to see the creations that make up this iconic Swedish furniture store. 

One of the most important sections is the kitchen, which houses all of your favorite food and drink items to enjoy on-site or take home with you. That said, IKEA has its fair share of diverse and popular foods and drinks for customers to pick from. Enjoy your next visit!

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