IKEA Restaurant Tempe, Arizona

When it comes to dining out, the search for a comfortable environment, delectable dishes, and affordable prices can be challenging. The IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, provides patrons with a satisfying dining experience within the well-known furniture store. This essay will explore various aspects of the IKEA restaurant, including location and accessibility, menu offerings, pricing and payments, operating hours, seating arrangement and ambience, allergen and food safety information, customer reviews, as well as sustainability and comparisons with nearby dining options.

Location and Accessibility

The IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, is conveniently located within the massive IKEA store at 2110 W. IKEA Way, Tempe, AZ 85284. This strategic location is easily accessible from two major highways: Interstate 10 and Loop 202, making it a breeze for customers to reach the store and its restaurant. The Tempe store and the in-store restaurant serve not only the residents of Tempe, but also the surrounding Phoenix metropolitan area, which includes cities such as Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler.

For those who do not wish to drive their own vehicles, there are alternative modes of transportation available to reach the IKEA restaurant. The Valley Metro Bus System has routes passing through the area, which can bring patrons closer to the store. After arriving at the bus stop near IKEA, it’s just a short walk to the entrance. Additionally, ride-hailing services, such as Uber and Lyft, are widely available in the area, making it simple to hire a ride to and from IKEA.

Upon entering the IKEA store in Tempe, visitors will notice clear signage and directories to guide them through the different sections of the store, including the restaurant. The IKEA restaurant is conveniently located on the second floor of the building, allowing customers to rest and refuel during their shopping journey. The restaurant boasts a spacious seating area with a mix of individual tables and communal dining options. This layout makes it easy for groups of varying sizes to dine together comfortably.

One of the unique aspects of the IKEA restaurant is its commitment to offering diverse menu options that cater to varying dietary preferences and restrictions. Customers can enjoy a range of Swedish-inspired dishes, including the iconic Swedish meatballs, as well as local American favorites. Vegetarian and plant-based options, such as veggie balls and plant-based hot dogs, are also available. To further simplify the dining experience, all food options are clearly labeled with nutritional information and allergen warnings.

Not only does the IKEA store in Tempe, Arizona have a main restaurant, but it also features a bistro near the exit and a Swedish food market. These different dining options provide patrons with plenty of opportunities to sample and purchase Swedish delicacies during their visit.

A picture of the IKEA restaurant inside the IKEA store in Tempe, Arizona, showing a spacious seating area and a mix of individual tables and communal dining options.

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Menu and Nutritional Information

Convenient and enjoyable for all shoppers, the IKEA restaurant offers an extensive menu with a variety of delectable dishes and beverages that cater to different dietary preferences. From vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to kid-friendly meals, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds on the menu.

The menu features everything from hearty main courses to mouth-watering snacks and desserts. To assist customers in navigating their choices, IKEA provides transparent information about the ingredients and nutritional content of their dishes, ensuring diners know exactly what they’re consuming.

One of the most popular items at the IKEA restaurant is their iconic Swedish meatballs, available in various versions. For the health-conscious or those simply looking to try something different, the plant-based veggie balls provide a vegan alternative, full of flavor with reduced environmental impact.

Vegetarian customers can choose the versatile vegetable medallions, made from a combination of potatoes, leek, broccoli, and cheese, served with a dollop of sour cream. These dishes come with nutritional information, so diners can make informed choices about their meal.

For gluten-sensitive diners, IKEA offers several gluten-free choices. Among them are the delicious Gravad Lax, a dish of cured salmon accompanied by dill sauce, a perfect meal for those looking for a light yet substantial option. Customers can also indulge in the gluten-free almond cake topped with sweet seasonal berries, a satisfying dessert choice that won’t trigger any sensitivities. Nutritional information for the gluten-free dishes is available, as well, allowing for easy tracking of daily intake.

Children visiting the Tempe IKEA restaurant need not be picky eaters, as they will find plenty of kid-friendly options on the menu. For instance, the Kids’ Meal Plate allows little ones to choose their preferred combination of dishes, such as delicious mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and chicken meatballs. Additionally, the restaurant offers organic baby food options, ensuring even the youngest visitors are well-fed with nutritious options.

The IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona offers a delightful dining experience for people with various dietary preferences, as it features a wide selection of delicious dishes. Catering to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options, customers can enjoy a satisfying meal tailored to their specific dietary needs.

The IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona offers a wide variety of delicious food options for customers with different dietary requirements.

Pricing and Payment Options

Besides the diverse menu, the affordable pricing of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, also attracts shoppers and visitors, making it a preferred dining spot. Detailed information on ingredients and nutrition ensures diners can confidently choose their meals without compromising their health or dietary restrictions, allowing them to fully enjoy the taste and value of the dishes offered.

Known for its signature Swedish meatballs, customers can enjoy a plate of 15 meatballs with sides for only $5.99.

In addition to its famous meatball dish, the IKEA restaurant offers a variety of other meals, such as smoked salmon plates for $4.99, wraps and sandwiches for $3.50 to $4.50, and a range of salads for $2.49 to $4.99.

Aside from the main entrées, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe also has a selection of delicious desserts and beverages at pocket-friendly prices.

Customers can choose from treats like the Daim cake for $2.99, cinnamon buns for $1.29, or Swedish apple cake for $2.99.

To complement the food, a variety of beverages are available, including coffee for $1.00, fountain drinks for $1.29, bottled water for $0.90, and even elderflower or lingonberry drinks for $1.49.

When it comes to payment options, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, accommodates the needs and preferences of its customers by accepting various payment methods.

Shoppers can use cash, major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as debit cards to pay for their meals. This flexibility ensures a smooth and convenient dining experience for all customers.

Additionally, IKEA is continuously adapting to the latest technology and customer preferences, making it easier for customers to pay using mobile payments at the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona.

Patrons with smartphones can use mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay to complete their transactions seamlessly, ensuring a quick and secure process.

In terms of value, the IKEA Family program offers members exclusive discounts and perks at the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona.

By signing up for the free membership, customers can enjoy special prices on select menu items, such as discounted coffee, meals, and desserts.

IKEA Family members can enjoy a complimentary hot tea or coffee with each visit, making it an attractive option for frequent IKEA shoppers and diners. This program exemplifies IKEA’s commitment to offering excellent food options at affordable prices for all customers.

The image is the inside of an IKEA restaurant with people sitting at tables eating their meals.

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Operating Hours and Peak Times

The IKEA Restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, provides a delicious culinary experience for patrons who want to grab a bite while shopping for home furnishings. With a variety of food options and the added benefit of free hot beverages for IKEA Family members, this restaurant ensures a seamless and satisfying experience for all.The operating hours of the dining venue are from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM on weekdays (Monday through Friday), while on weekends, the restaurant opens earlier at 8:30 AM and closes at 8:30 PM on Saturdays and 7:30 PM on Sundays.On certain holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the IKEA Restaurant may be closed or have modified hours, so checking their website or calling ahead is always a good idea.Peak times for IKEA Restaurant in Tempe, Arizona are often observed during busiest shopping hours. Weekend afternoons and evenings are typically the most crowded, due to the increased number of visitors to the store. Weekdays can also see a fair share of crowds, especially during lunch hours, typically between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, when many diners visit for a break from work or shopping.Another factor that affects the peak times at IKEA Restaurant is the timing of offers and specials. For instance, the Early Bird Breakfast special is available exclusively on weekends from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM. This offer tends to attract more customers in the morning who would like to save on their breakfast costs. Similarly, discounts during lunch hours on weekdays can also lead to busier times at the restaurant.When planning a visit to the IKEA Restaurant, it is essential to take these peak times into consideration. To avoid the crowds, it may be best to choose a time that is outside of the busiest shopping hours and meal times. For instance, dining during late mornings, early afternoons, or later in the evening may help diners find a quieter and more enjoyable experience at the IKEA Restaurant.The IKEA Restaurant in Tempe, Arizona is more than just a furniture store, offering a dining experience unlike any other for both local residents and visitors alike. Known for their Swedish-inspired dishes, IKEA Tempe provides a range of mouth-watering options, including their famous meatballs, smoked salmon, and lingonberry sauce. Those with dietary restrictions can also enjoy vegetarian meals, while kids can choose from a dedicated children’s menu. Moreover, customers can indulge in an assortment of delicious desserts, making it a complete culinary treat for everyone. With this information in hand, visitors can better plan their visit to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.

A photo of the IKEA Restaurant in Tempe, Arizona with several people seated at tables and eating food.

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Seating Arrangement and Ambience

The IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona not only offers scrumptious food options but also provides a comfortable and spacious seating arrangement, allowing customers to enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere. The open layout and large windows create a bright and airy ambiance, perfect to take a break in between shopping. The restaurant is designed to accommodate a significant number of diners at once, catering to both quick shoppers and those who wish to spend a longer time browsing through the store. Thus, IKEA Tempe Restaurant has something for everyone, making it an ideal spot to grab a meal during your shopping trip.


Family-friendliness is a significant aspect of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe. Their seating arrangement caters to families of various sizes with a mix of larger tables and more intimate booths, providing ample space for family meals and get-togethers. Additionally, the restaurant offers high chairs and booster seats for young children, ensuring that even the smallest customers are seated comfortably. With a dedicated children’s menu, kids have a variety of meal options to choose from, making the IKEA restaurant an excellent choice for those dining with younger family members.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

In terms of cleanliness and hygiene, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe is maintained to a high standard. The dining area is consistently clean and well-kept, with staff periodically sanitizing the tables and seating as needed. In the self-serve area, utensils are frequently replaced, and food is regularly refilled to ensure freshness. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the restaurant for customers to use at their convenience. These combined efforts create a sanitary dining environment for all visitors.


The ambience of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe promotes a casual and welcoming setting. With its modern design, calming color palette, and ample natural lighting, the restaurant has an inviting atmosphere. Soft background music serves to enhance the dining experience without overpowering conversation. This environment offers a pleasant break from shopping, allowing customers to recharge and refuel with delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere.


Furthermore, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe demonstrates environmental consciousness through their choice of sustainable and eco-friendly products. Their use of energy-efficient lighting and recycling initiatives is evident throughout the restaurant, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable practices. Also, by offering a range of plant-based and vegetarian options on their menu, the restaurant caters to diverse dietary preferences while promoting environmentally conscious choices. This combination of design, comfort, and sustainability ensures that the IKEA restaurant in Tempe remains a popular choice for a wide range of customers looking for a pleasant dining experience.

An image of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe with a bright and airy atmosphere, comfortable seating arrangement, and a mix of intimate booths and larger tables for families and groups.

Allergen and Food Safety Information

Food Safety Measures

Continuing their commitment to customer well-being, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona takes allergen and food safety information very seriously. This ensures the enjoyment of their visitors while keeping their health in mind.

The staff at IKEA is well trained in safe food storage and preparation practices. They make certain that all dishes and products undergo careful planning and handling to maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. As such, customers with dietary restrictions and allergies can dine with confidence at the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, knowing that their needs have been taken into consideration by the well-trained staff.

Allergen Guide and Menus

If you have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, offers an allergen guide to help you make informed decisions about your meal choices. The restaurant’s digital menu boards and printed menus include symbols or icons that indicate allergen-free or vegetarian options for easy identification.

Sustainability and Quality Standards

In keeping with ethical and sustainability practices, IKEA is also committed to sourcing and using ingredients that adhere to their high-quality standards. They collaborate with suppliers who share the same vision for food safety and quality, implementing a strict auditing system for suppliers to guarantee compliance. IKEA also monitors all its products for any incidents or recalls, ensuring that any unsafe food items are removed and prevented from reaching the consumers.

Customer Feedback and Food Safety

Ensuring food safety at the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, is a top priority, and customer feedback plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving these standards. Customers are encouraged to report any allergy-related incidents or concerns immediately, allowing the company to swiftly address and rectify any potential issues. This proactive approach enhances the overall food safety measures and provides an exceptional dining experience for all guests.

A picture of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, showing restaurant staff diligently following food safety and hygiene standards while preparing meals for customers.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Regarding the dining experience at the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, a variety of customer reviews have been shared. Many customers appreciate the food quality, affordability, and diverse menu options, while others have expressed concerns about wait times, limited seating, and customer service. Despite these concerns, the overall perception of the restaurant remains positive, reflecting satisfaction in many aspects of the dining experience.

Customers generally appreciate the wide selection of dishes available at the IKEA restaurant. The Swedish meatballs, a classic IKEA dish, are popular among diners, as are the salmon dishes, salads, and desserts such as the chocolate almond cake. The affordable prices, especially in comparison to other nearby dining options, are frequently mentioned by patrons. Visitors also appreciate the rotating menu and the availability of both vegetarian and child-friendly options.

On the other hand, negative reviews are often tied to customer service and the overall dining experience. Some guests have reported long wait times and difficulty finding seating during busy hours. Additionally, several customers have voiced dissatisfaction with the restaurant’s self-service style and having to clear their own trays. While this is the norm at other IKEA locations, some people may not be accustomed to this approach when dining out.

Despite some criticisms, the IKEA restaurant has built a loyal following, as evidenced by repeat customers who visit the store specifically to eat at the restaurant. Patrons appreciate the convenience of the location within the store and the opportunity to take a break while shopping for furniture and home goods. Many visitors have commented on the overall cleanliness and atmosphere of the restaurant, adding to the positive dining experience.

In summary, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, is known for its wide selection of dishes, affordable prices, and pleasant atmosphere. Despite some criticisms in wait times, seating, and customer service, the varied menu offerings and the convenience of its location within the store continue to draw in patrons and contribute to the restaurant’s overall popularity.

An image of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, where customers can sit down and enjoy a meal during their furniture shopping trip.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Moreover, IKEA restaurants, including the one in Tempe, Arizona, are committed to maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to their operations. This mindset aligns with the company’s global goal to positively impact both the people and the planet, ensuring a better everyday life for everyone involved.

To achieve this, the restaurants emphasize waste reduction measures, using eco-friendly materials, and prioritizing energy conservation practices.

Circular Economy Principles

One of IKEA’s most significant waste reduction measures is adopting circular economy principles within its restaurants. This includes offering reusable cutlery, plates, and cups to reduce single-use plastic waste. Additionally, the Tempe location provides recycling stations for customers and staff, facilitating proper waste sorting and encouraging responsible disposal practices.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The use of eco-friendly materials is also evident in the design and construction of the IKEA restaurant in Tempe. Sustainable building materials, such as certified wood and recycled plastics, are used, adhering to strict standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and other environmental organizations. Moreover, the restaurant sources its food ingredients from sustainable and responsible supply chains, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is another critical aspect of sustainability at IKEA restaurants, including the Tempe location. The company actively invests in renewable energy sources, such as solar panels installed on the roofs of its stores, supplying a significant portion of the energy required for daily operations. The facilities also employ energy-efficient LED lighting, automatic light dimmers, and natural daylight harvesting, contributing to the overall reduction of energy consumption.

Sustainable Food Options

At the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, customers can not only enjoy a unique dining experience but also support sustainable food options. The restaurant menu, offering several plant-based dishes and vegetarian options, aligns with the brand’s overarching goal of empowering customers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Nutritional information is provided for customers to make informed food choices, ensuring a healthy and environmentally conscious dining experience while enjoying the convenience and quality that IKEA has to offer.

The IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices such as waste reduction, using eco-friendly materials, and energy conservation.

Comparisons with Nearby Restaurants

As part of the IKEA home furnishings store, the restaurant menu in Tempe reflects its Swedish roots with dishes such as Swedish meatballs, gravlax, and lingonberry sauce. While there are a variety of international and American food options in the vicinity of Tempe, the IKEA restaurant stands out by providing a unique opportunity to experience Swedish cuisine that is not easily found elsewhere in the city. Combining sustainability and tradition, the IKEA restaurant is a noteworthy choice among dining options in the area.

In terms of pricing, the IKEA restaurant is known for its affordability. The dishes offered at the restaurant range from small bites like hotdogs and pastries to larger meals like meatballs and salmon plates, all of which are reasonably priced. Compared to other dining options in the area, like Postino Wine Cafe Tempe and Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, the IKEA restaurant offers a more budget-friendly option for families or individuals looking for a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.The atmosphere within the IKEA restaurant is also different from the typical dining establishments found in Tempe. As the restaurant is part of the IKEA store, its ambiance and décor reflect the company’s modern Scandinavian design. The space is bright, clean, and family-friendly, with a casual cafeteria-style seating arrangement. This is in contrast to the more formal or specialty dining experiences found nearby, such as the laid-back industrial atmosphere at Culinary Dropout, or the trendy and contemporary vibe at The Original ChopShop.Customer reviews for the IKEA restaurant have been generally favorable. Patrons appreciate the affordability and unique menu items, as well as the convenience of being able to dine while shopping for home furnishings. Some reviewers, however, find the food to be average in quality and the cafeteria-style dining experience to be less enjoyable than a traditional restaurant setting. In comparison, restaurants such as Oregano’s Pizza Bistro and Hot N Juicy Crawfish have received rave reviews for their food quality and unique dining experiences, which can make them worth considering when deciding on a dining destination in the area.Proximity to shopping is another factor to consider when comparing the IKEA restaurant to its nearby competitors. As part of a large retail store, it is an ideal choice for individuals looking to grab a bite while shopping for furniture and home goods. This convenience can be a deciding factor for consumers, as other nearby establishments, such as Blaze Pizza and RA Sushi Bar, are mainly surrounded by general retail shopping centers or entertainment options like movie theaters, rather than focused on home furnishing like the IKEA store.

Picture of the cafeteria-style seating arrangement in the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona.

Overall, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, promises an enjoyable dining experience for customers seeking a diverse range of menu options within a family-friendly environment. The restaurant’s commitment to food safety, sustainability and accessibility, combined with its competitive pricing, helps it stand out amongst other dining establishments in the area. Whether planning a visit to the IKEA store or simply looking for a unique and affordable dining experience, the IKEA restaurant in Tempe has much to offer for a broad array of appetites and preferences.

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