IKEA Costa Mesa Phone Number & Store Info

Whether you’re seeking stylish and affordable home furnishings or simply planning a day out exploring the endless possibilities at IKEA, the Costa Mesa store has everything you need to make your house a home. Equipped with a wealth of information about IKEA Costa Mesa including phone number, store services, and shopping tips, this comprehensive guide will help you get the most out of your visit to IKEA Costa Mesa. From finding the perfect items for your space to taking advantage of the many services and amenities available, let this guide be your helpful companion in navigating the world of IKEA Costa Mesa.

IKEA Costa Mesa Contact Information

IKEA Costa Mesa Contact Information

IKEA, a renowned Swedish furniture and home accessories store, serves millions of customers worldwide with its affordable, stylish, and self-assembly-required products. One popular location is in Costa Mesa, California. To facilitate excellent customer experiences, IKEA Costa Mesa offers multiple contact avenues, including a phone number, address, and several online channels. Continue reading to learn more about the IKEA Costa Mesa phone number and other key information for reaching out to the store.

Phone Number

Phone communication is the main method of contact for IKEA Costa Mesa. Calling this number allows customers to connect directly with an IKEA representative for questions, concerns, or inquiries they may have. To reach IKEA Costa Mesa by phone, simply dial (888) 888-4532. This toll-free number connects callers to the store’s customer service team for assistance. Note that customer service hours may differ from store hours.

Physical Address

Besides the phone number, IKEA Costa Mesa’s address is crucial for those planning to visit the store. The physical address of the location is 1475 South Coast Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Conveniently situated in Southern California, the store is easily accessible from various cities throughout Orange County. For driving directions or public transportation information, consult Google Maps or your preferred navigation app.

Operating Hours and Holidays

Like any store, IKEA Costa Mesa operates under specific business hours, which may change seasonally or during holidays. The store’s current hours are Monday through Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. To confirm these hours, refer to the IKEA website or call the store directly. IKEA also offers extended hours for in-store pickups outside of standard operating hours.

Holiday hours may impact regular store operations, so it’s important to verify any modifications to operating hours during major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day by checking with the store or visiting the IKEA website.

Other Contact Methods

Apart from the phone number and in-person visits, multiple ways are available for getting in touch with IKEA Costa Mesa. The IKEA website provides a chatbot feature to answer frequently asked questions. For more comprehensive assistance, customers can complete a customer service inquiry form on the website, ensuring the appropriate department receives their request by selecting the relevant category when submitting.

IKEA Costa Mesa store image, depicting the store's exterior and surrounding area for visual reference

IKEA Costa Mesa Store Services & Amenities

IKEA Costa Mesa Store Services & Amenities

As a leader in the furniture and home goods industry, IKEA is known for its modern and functional products. The brand also focuses on providing customers with the best possible shopping experience by offering unique services and amenities at their various locations. IKEA Costa Mesa, located in California, includes several such services, such as home delivery, assembly support, and in-store events designed to streamline the shopping and setup process for your new furniture.

Home Delivery Services

A key service available at IKEA Costa Mesa is home delivery. Recognizing that transporting large and heavy furniture items can be challenging for some customers, the store provides a delivery service where customers can have their purchases brought directly to their doorstep. This popular option saves customers the hassle of personally moving bulky items. Delivery fees vary depending on the distance between your home and the store, but the convenience is an attractive selling point for many shoppers.

Assembly Support

Another useful service that IKEA Costa Mesa offers is assembly support. While IKEA furniture is known for being easy to assemble, some customers may still find the process daunting or may not have the time or ability to do it themselves. To assist these customers, IKEA Costa Mesa offers referrals to experienced independent service providers trained to assemble IKEA products. This service is a great way to ensure that your new furniture is assembled according to IKEA’s guidelines and that it will be set up correctly.

In-Store Events

IKEA Costa Mesa goes beyond just offering products and services; the store also hosts various in-store events to enhance the customer experience. These events range from workshops on interior design to special activities for kids, such as scavenger hunts or crafting sessions. By offering a variety of events, IKEA Costa Mesa aims to foster a sense of community within the store and promote a more engaging shopping experience for its customers.

Unique Features and Offerings

In addition to the services and amenities mentioned above, IKEA Costa Mesa also boasts several unique features that set it apart from other IKEA locations. For instance, the store has a large rooftop solar array that helps power the building, demonstrating IKEA’s commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the store features a robust recycling program, where customers can recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and even their old furniture in a responsible manner.

IKEA Costa Mesa Phone Number

The IKEA Costa Mesa phone number is (888) 888-4532, which can be very helpful if you’re looking to inquire about the availability of specific products, ask questions about the various services offered, or seek guidance on how to make the most of your shopping experience at this location. With a team of capable and friendly customer support staff, you can feel confident that you’ll receive the assistance and information you’re searching for when you reach out to IKEA Costa Mesa.

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Shopping Tips & Navigating IKEA Costa Mesa

Contact Information

When you’re ready to contact IKEA Costa Mesa, be sure to have the phone number handy: (888) 888-4532. Feel free to call this number with inquiries about product availability, store hours, or any other questions related to your shopping experience at this specific location. Remember that the store can be found at 1475 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, California 92626. Their helpful staff will be more than happy to assist you during your visit or over the phone.

Plan Your Visit

Before heading out to IKEA Costa Mesa, it’s always a good idea to plan your visit to ensure you have a smooth shopping experience. Make a list of the items you need and their specific product names or numbers using the IKEA website or catalog, as this will make it easier to locate them once you’re in the store. Also, be aware of the store hours, which are provided on their website and might vary on weekends or holidays.

Shopping Strategies

To save time and energy while shopping at IKEA Costa Mesa, it’s essential to come up with a strategy. Start by downloading the IKEA app on your smartphone, which makes it easy to create a shopping list and locate specific items within the store. Additionally, the app will also provide real-time updates on stock levels at the Costa Mesa store. Another helpful tip is to use the in-store maps provided, as they will show you where to find the products you’re looking for according to their specific department and location.

Best Time to Shop

To avoid long lines and crowded aisles, consider visiting IKEA Costa Mesa on weekdays, preferably in the mornings soon after they open or in the late afternoon, as these are typically the least busy hours. Weekends and holidays, on the other hand, can be quite busy, so be prepared to spend more time in the store and deal with larger crowds.

Parking Tips

IKEA Costa Mesa has a large parking lot that offers free parking for customers. If you’re keen on finding a prime parking spot, consider arriving early in the day when there are fewer shoppers. Alternatively, you can opt to visit the store during off-peak hours, ensuring that you won’t have trouble securing a good parking spot and avoiding long walks to and from the store.

Delivery Options

After purchasing items at IKEA Costa Mesa, you might find it challenging to fit everything in your vehicle, especially if you bought large or heavy items like furniture. In this case, IKEA offers affordable delivery options for customers. Simply speak with an IKEA coworker about setting up a delivery time and date to get your items straight to your doorstep.

In conclusion, by making use of the IKEA Costa Mesa contact number, planning your visit, learning the layout of the store, finding the best times to shop, and understanding the parking and delivery options, you can ensure that your shopping trip to IKEA Costa Mesa is efficient and enjoyable. Happy shopping!

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Armed with ample contact information, store services, and shopping tips, you’ll be prepared for an enjoyable and efficient experience at IKEA Costa Mesa. Whether you’re in need of furniture assembly assistance, home delivery options, or expert advice on how to make the most of your shopping trip, this guide has you covered. So, go ahead and make your way to IKEA Costa Mesa, and embrace the excitement, inspiration, and practical solutions that await you.

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