IKEA Bistro Menu: A Review of the Best Cold and Hot Snacks

Are you an IKEA fan? Does the idea of saving money on your weekly grocery, food, and snack bill make you dance? IKEA has the best places where you can find what you need; IKEA restaurant, IKEA Swedish market, and Bistro

So, what would you find when you visit IKEA Bistro?

If so, you’ll love this article, which tells you everything you need to know about IKEA’s new Bistro menu. We’ll tell you what you will find and what it costs and explain the menu options available at IKEA Bistro worldwide!

What are the Foods like on IKEA Foodcourt Menu?

The food menus at the IKEA Bistros are varied, but you will be able to find many fried or sweet options. The most popular item on the menu is the Swedish meatballs, which are available in both lunch and dinner sizes. 

They’re made from a recipe that’s more than a decade old and come with lingonberry jam for dipping. Other options include chips, sandwiches, and snacks. As for drinks, there’s regular coffee and an assortment of teas, juice, sparkling water, and milk. 

For dessert, some visitors may not know about IKEA’s almond cake, which is a layer cake consisting of almond cream-filled vanilla custard between layers of chocolate sponge cake. And if you have room left after eating your platefuls of snacks and desserts? Fill up at the nearby IKEA store.

IKEA catering

How much does IKEA Bistro Snacks Cost?

The new menu is available at all locations, and the snacks range from $1 to $5. The menu consists of cold and hot snacks. Customers can order ahead of time through IKEA’s mobile app and pick at IKEA Bistro

What Food Items are on the IKEA Bistro Menu?

On their menu, you will find a variety of hot and cold snacks. From delicious IKEA Nordic fruit water, there are plenty of great options for when you’re looking for a snack

IKEA Bistro menu offers a great option for breakfast and lunch as well. Try their sandwich or one of the many delicious salads! Whether you need a quick meal on the go, an affordable but filling snack, or just want some dessert after your meal, they have what you need.

The Bistro is also open during store hours, so feel free to stop by while exploring all that IKEA has to offer. Let us explore some of the snacks and prices IKEA Bistro menu offers to customers:

1. IKEA Hot Dog – $1

The IKEA hot dog is delicious and a great way to have a quick meal without leaving the store. The hot dog comes in different sizes and has a delicious bread bun, sausage, ketchup, mustard, and sweet onion sauce.

We would highly recommend adding fried onions on top of your hot dog too, which will make it even more delicious! The only complaint about this food store option is that they are not open late enough into the night, but considering how much time people spend at IKEA shopping, that may not be such a bad thing. You can get the time and grab a hot dog

2. IKEA Fries – $2

At IKEA Bistro, they offer a variety of fries. They include sweet potato fries, regular fries, and spicy fries

Note: Contact their staff if you need to know about the ingredients used. 

The fries are served with a special sauce that is not too strong but still has a little kick. The regular fries are just as good as any other fry you can find at any other restaurant. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them taste great, dipped in ketchup or mayonnaise. The spicy fries have a little more flavor than the typical fry because they’re cooked in oil spiced up with some cayenne pepper and oregano for extra flavor.

IKEA cinnamon buns
IKEA cinnamon buns

3. IKEA Cinnamon Bun – $1.50

IKEA introduced its new Bistro menu, and it has been a hit. The menu includes one of its best snacks, the IKEA cinnamon bun

The idea behind the IKEA bistro menu was to provide an affordable meal for people looking for a quick lunch on the go or a light evening meal that won’t break the bank. The cinnamon buns are priced at $1.50, and they taste great.

4. IKEA Frozen Yogurts – $1.50 – $3.00

Everyone knows that IKEA has a selection of frozen yogurt available at the self-serve counters. They offer four flavors: strawberry and vanilla. 

However, they also have some other goodies. For instance, you can grab a slice of cake or a small bag of chips with your yogurt if you want something more filling than dessert. The price of frozen yogurts ranges between $1.50 to $3.00. 

5. IKEA Veggie Dog – $1.00

IKEA’s veggie dog is a soy-based hot dog that comes in packs with bun and sauce packets. The buns contain whole wheat flour, water, canola oil, yeast, salt, and sugar. And the sauce packets come in original or spicy varieties. One serving will make you fulfill your heart’s desires.

6. IKEA Chili Dog – $3

The other item on the menu is a chili dog. This hotdog comes with a bun and your choice of toppings. Toppings include chili, cheese, sauerkraut, and onion. The chili dog is also available with a vegetarian option for those who prefer a meatless meal.

FAQ: IKEA Bistro Menu

Still, want to know more about the IKEA foodcourt menu and IKEA Bistro menu? We have answered some of the frequently asked questions below:

Is there anywhere to sit and eat?

IKEA has a big cafeteria that people often go to when they visit the store. The food is good, but not great. And there is a place to sit and eat it. Other people like eating outside the outlet. It feels like they’re on vacation when sitting out there.

Can I take my own food home?

Customers can take food from the restaurant with them. In the European Union, it is allowed for food establishments such as restaurants and cafes to sell takeaway food products under certain conditions. For example, this applies if the establishment has a shop section or stall that sells goods or if the customer buys their own drinks and they are packaged in a disposable cup. However, these establishments would need separate kitchen facilities and equipment (such as dishwashers) to prepare takeaway foods. 


IKEA has long been recognized for its affordable Swedish furniture and design. Recently, they have grown their food services to appeal to the diverse populations that shop there. The menu is designed with variety in mind and offers a wide range of options, from vegan dishes to gluten-free options. The menu also has a large selection of dessert items perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth.

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