Best-Kept Secret Lunch IKEA Food Menu

IKEA store has been the home of many secrets over the years, including its time-honed method of squeezing more furniture into less space. Now, IKEA has revealed another secret: its lunch IKEA food menu.

If you didn’t know IKEA restaurants existed and are in your area, then it’s worth checking out. If you already knew about it, then give yourself an extra pat on the back for being so savvy.

ikea food court
ikea food court

What do you Expect From the Lunch IKEA Food Menu?

Great Value

For years, there has been one thing people have always overlooked in IKEA. A quick stop by the cash registers and pick up a Swedish meatball. This ensures their hunger is satisfied and the food quality is far superior to its price point. 

However, it is the lunch menu that is not advertised on IKEA’s website but instead only written on a blackboard in customer service or mentioned to customers as they check out. 

One plate includes options for nearly any dietary preference, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more, with ingredients sourced from countries all over the world, including Italy, Sweden, Poland, and India, to name a few.

Taste Test

Suppose you think your lunch break could not be better? Then you are wrong. With the IKEA lunch menu, there is something for you. 

Normally, people’s go-to meal is fried rice from the takeout container. But, with little time to spare before returning to work, you can prioritize choosing lunch IKEA food menu items that wouldn’t take too long. That’s because you can get an oven-baked meatball sandwich. 

With slices of warm bread and meatballs drowning in sauce, this sandwich will truly satisfy your hunger for hearty food on the go. You will definitely recommend friends for lunch IKEA food menu

There is Something for Everyone

There is a hidden jewel in the IKEA cafeteria that many people are not aware of. They offer Swedish food and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients

Each day there is something new on the menu, making it perfect for those who don’t want to fall into their usual lunch routine. 

Everyone loves knowing they have choices, and being able to try a variety of dishes at lunch helps them stay away from their go-to sandwich or salad combo. The best part about this secret is that it’s reasonably priced! 

For just $4, you can get a full meal, with plenty left over for dinner.

If you’re looking for an easy way to shake up your lunch routine, or if you’re looking for a new spot close by that offers some tasty treats give IKEA’s catering department a try.

A Change of Pace

Their food is excellent and affordable. You will visit the IKEA restaurant or IKEA Bistro for lunch and find that the food there is really good!

It has a very trendy Scandinavian-style restaurant, with rustic furniture and geometric metal shades. It feels like the type of place where you could spend an entire afternoon studying or reading.

Not Just Sandwiches

Ready for a different lunch than your usual sandwich? IKEA’s lunch menu has its very own in-store menu filled with surprisingly tasty options that you won’t see anywhere else.

The Swedish furniture giant offers many different dishes daily at a budget-friendly price

ikea menu
Best IKEA lunch menu

Best IKEA lunch Menu to eat

The IKEA lunch menu is popular among many consumers we have talked to. There are many tasty options on the menu, including vegetarian and vegan selections. 

However, the quality of food you can get in a regular grocery store (especially if it has a sandwich or hot bar) is comparable. It all comes down to preference and whether or not you’re willing to spend more money for what you get at IKEA.

1. IKEA Plant Balls

Behind the success in furniture, you can find IKEA’s restaurant. They have many tasty, fresh, and healthy options, like plant balls, vegan meatballs, and others. 

There are also vegetarian salads with quinoa on the menu that people rave about! You can order a plate to stay or take away.

Outstanding, you will find IKEA plant balls sweet and healthy. They are highly recommended for vegans

2. IKEA Swedish Meatballs

IKEA’s Swedish meatballs are the best. They come with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce, which are so good. Plus, we like how the lingonberry sauce compliments the meatballs.

3. IKEA Veggie Balls

IKEA is a one-stop shop for everything and everyone. They have a hidden gem of a lunch menu hidden in the depths of the warehouse.

It can not be easy to find, but it’s there! Let me show you how to make your way down the vegan path and find this treasure trove of delicious food; IKEA veggie balls.

4. IKEA Haddock & Chips

For lunch, you can order the IKEA haddock & chips with lemonade, and you’ll be delighted with the choice. If you like seafood but don’t want to go out to an expensive restaurant, this is a great option!

5. Vegetable Medallions

While there is a relatively small selection of vegetarian items, these medallions make for an impressive appetizer. Crispy yet tender on the inside, these are rich in flavor and come served with a creamy mustard sauce that pairs wonderfully. Be sure to get them with some sourdough bread as it complements the dish very well.

6. Garlic Toast

The best thing you will have at lunch on the IKEA food menu is garlic toast. If you’re not in a rush and want something light to snack on, this is perfect. They offer these with or without tomato sauce, which we would recommend adding. It’s thin and crispy with just a hint of that savory garlic flavor — absolutely delicious!


The IKEA lunch menu is not your typical fast food fare, but it is delicious and convenient! In fact, we would venture to say it rivals some of the local eateries in terms of taste. Next time you’re shopping at an IKEA furniture store and are ready for something to eat, take a look at their lunch IKEA food menu. You’ll be glad you did!

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