Exploring IKEA Elizabeth: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to an exploration of IKEA Elizabeth, a one-stop destination for all your furniture and home decorating needs. This article will provide an overview of the store’s location, accessibility, in-store services, product range, on-site dining options, environmentally friendly initiatives, and special events and workshops.

IKEA Elizabeth Location and Accessibility

IKEA Elizabeth is conveniently located at 1000 IKEA Drive, Elizabeth, New Jersey, which is easily accessible by both private and public transportation. The store is nestled nearby popular landmarks such as The Mills at Jersey Gardens shopping mall and Newark Liberty International Airport, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. When it comes to accessibility via public transportation, NJ Transit Bus Route 111 stops right in front of the store, allowing easy access for those who prefer not to drive. Additionally, the Elizabeth train station is just a short taxi or rideshare trip away, making it convenient for those coming from nearby cities via NJ Transit trains.

One notable feature of IKEA Elizabeth is the ample parking facilities available on the premises, which are offered free of charge. This includes designated spots for families with children, disabled parking spaces, and electric vehicle charging stations. The parking lot is well-maintained and designed to accommodate the large volume of visitors the store receives daily, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

With hours of operation stretching from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Sundays, IKEA Elizabeth caters to customers with a variety of schedules. These extended store hours make it easy for guests to plan their visits and enjoy the wide selection of affordable, well-designed home furnishings that IKEA is known for.

A customer parking their car in the well-maintained parking lot of IKEA Elizabeth.

In-Store Services

About IKEA Elizabeth, NJ

Conveniently located in New Jersey, IKEA Elizabeth offers an array of in-store services designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of its clientele. The store’s extended hours, coupled with its diverse product offerings and commitment to customer service, makes shopping at IKEA Elizabeth a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Personal Shopping Assistance

One such service is personal shopping assistance, which helps customers find the perfect items for their homes. This service is especially helpful for those who may feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of products and various room displays in the store.

Home Delivery

The store provides home delivery for a fee, making it hassle-free for customers to get their purchases to their doorsteps.

Assembly Services

Another great in-store service offered by IKEA Elizabeth is the assembly services for customers who might need assistance in putting together their newly purchased furniture. IKEA’s assembly professionals take the guesswork and frustration out of building your flat-pack furniture, ensuring it’s done right and saving you valuable time.

Children’s Play Area

The store also has a children’s play area, called Småland, where your little ones can have fun and be safely entertained while you shop. Parents can feel at ease knowing that their children are in a supervised environment and can focus on their shopping experience.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

At IKEA Elizabeth, customers can enjoy the added convenience and enhanced shopping experience provided by complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the store. This enables shoppers to seamlessly access valuable digital tools such as the IKEA mobile app, online catalog, and shopping list creator while browsing the store. As a result, visitors can make well-informed decisions and optimize their shopping experience, making their trips to IKEA Elizabeth both efficient and enjoyable.

Interior view of IKEA Elizabeth store with various furniture displays and a crowded shopping area

Product Range

Wide Range of IKEA Elizabeth Products

Boasting a vast variety of products to accommodate different needs, IKEA Elizabeth is an ideal destination for those wishing to furnish their homes with style and functionality. The selection of furniture includes chic living room sets, essential bedroom pieces, elegant dining room tables, and much more. Catering to an array of tastes and preferences, IKEA’s designs stay on top of the latest interior design trends while retaining their iconic minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic.

Home Accessories and Textiles

In addition to furniture, IKEA Elizabeth also provides a multitude of home accessories, kitchen appliances, and textiles to complete any living space. Shoppers can find everything from cookware, tableware, and storage solutions to bedding, curtains, and rugs in various styles and color options. The store periodically features exclusive or limited edition items, allowing customers the opportunity to add unique and distinctive elements to their home decor.

Kitchen Appliances and Designs

For those looking to create their perfect kitchen, IKEA Elizabeth offers a vast array of innovative kitchen appliances and designs, ensuring both functionality and style are at the center of your new space. With a variety of customizable options for cabinets, countertops, and hardware, shoppers can design a personalized kitchen tailored to their unique preferences. Additionally, IKEA provides numerous energy-efficient appliances, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and helping customers lessen their environmental impact.

A photo of IKEA Elizabeth displaying various home accessories, textiles, and furniture.

IKEA Elizabeth Restaurant and Bistro

On-Site Restaurant

A visit to IKEA Elizabeth isn’t complete without a stop at their impressive on-site restaurant. Offering a broad range of menu items, options range from traditional Swedish cuisine to American favorites. Their delicious and affordable food caters to different dietary preferences, ensuring all customers can enjoy a satisfying meal.

Among the most popular items on the menu are IKEA’s iconic Swedish meatballs, available with a selection of sauces and sides. They also provide an array of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes, including their famous veggie balls and plant-based hot dogs, continuing their dedication to meeting diverse food needs.


Desserts are also a delightful feature of the IKEA restaurant, where patrons can indulge in various sweet treats like Swedish apple cake, cinnamon buns, and frozen yogurt. These sweet delights are guaranteed to make mouth-watering additions to your meal.

Bistro Menu

Additionally, shoppers can also take advantage of their on-the-go Bistro menu, which offers convenient and quick options like hot dogs, pizza slices, and soft drinks that can be enjoyed while browsing the store.

Swedish Food Market

At IKEA Elizabeth, the shopping experience is enhanced by appetizing food options that create a delightful visit for the entire family. Additionally, customers can buy a variety of Scandinavian food items and beverages at the Swedish Food Market, located within the store. This offers an opportunity to take home some of the unique flavors and treats enjoyed during the visit, making the entire experience memorable and enjoyable at IKEA Elizabeth.

A plate of Swedish meatballs with fries and lingonberry sauce and a glass of water sitting on a wooden table surrounded by modern Scandinavian chairs in a stylish and welcoming restaurant.

Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

IKEA Elizabeth’s Commitment to Sustainability

IKEA Elizabeth is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, featuring a variety of eco-friendly initiatives to minimize waste and promote energy efficiency.

In efforts to reduce waste, the store actively participates in recycling and minimizing packaging materials, while also working to ensure that waste generated on-site is responsibly managed.

Furthermore, IKEA Elizabeth focuses on using renewable energy sources for both its operations and products, utilizing solar power and offering energy-efficient LED lighting in numerous items.

Product Offerings

The store’s product offering also reflects IKEA Elizabeth’s dedication to sustainability, with a wide range of green products for consumers to choose from.

  • Furniture made from sustainable materials, such as responsibly-sourced wood
  • Textiles crafted from recycled materials

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product range, as it also engages in community outreach and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. For instance, IKEA Elizabeth often hosts workshops and events for the public on topics such as recycling, energy conservation, and sustainable home design.


IKEA Elizabeth’s commitment to environmental sustainability is further demonstrated through its partnerships with various organizations working towards the same objective.

The store collaborates with local non-profits and community groups to support their environmental initiatives.

By investing in sustainable practices and incorporating them into all aspects of its operations, IKEA Elizabeth is playing a significant role in promoting eco-friendly living and preserving the natural environment for future generations.

An image of the IKEA Elizabeth store with solar panels on the roof and green trees and grass in the foreground, showcasing the store's commitment to sustainability

Special Events and Workshops

Special Events and Workshops at IKEA Elizabeth

Further enhancing the customer experience, IKEA Elizabeth offers a variety of special events and workshops throughout the year, designed to engage customers and help them create a better everyday life at home.

Seasonal activities are a big part of IKEA’s event calendar; for instance, during the holiday season, customers can expect festive workshops and guided tours that showcase decorating ideas and tips. Additionally, IKEA hosts design workshops that cater to specific topics such as maximizing small spaces, kitchen organization, or bedroom storage solutions. These workshops are informative and educational, helping visitors discover new ways to create functional and stylish spaces in their homes.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Another aspect of IKEA Elizabeth’s special events and workshops is providing family-friendly entertainment. Events like storytime for children, face painting, and craft workshops are aimed at making the shopping experience enjoyable and engaging for visitors of all ages. Occasionally, IKEA Elizabeth may also host events like cooking demonstrations, inspiring customers to create delicious meals using their IKEA kitchen tools.

Community Involvement

To strengthen the community that IKEA Elizabeth serves, they regularly collaborate with local organizations or support charitable causes by organizing fundraisers, donation drives, or awareness campaigns. Through these collaborative events, IKEA Elizabeth aims to establish itself as more than just a store, but as a partner in promoting community involvement and contributing positively to the lives of its customers. Shoppers should keep an eye on IKEA Elizabeth’s website and social media pages to stay informed about upcoming events and workshops.

Image of a festive workshop at IKEA Elizabeth with customers decorating a Christmas tree

As we have seen, IKEA Elizabeth not only offers an extensive range of products and services but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement. With convenient transportation options, a variety of in-store services, a wide array of products, and numerous events and workshops, IKEA Elizabeth is the perfect place to find everything you need for your home improvement projects and enjoy a day filled with shopping, dining, and entertainment.

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