Affordable Food Options at IKEA: A Guide

Many people recognize IKEA as a one-stop-shop for affordable home furnishings and accessories, but few realize the enjoyable, budget-friendly dining experiences that await them within the store. IKEA’s Swedish roots not only influence its furniture designs but also permeate its delicious and satisfying food options. The in-store restaurant, bistro, and Swedish Food Market each offer unique and affordable dining opportunities for customers. This article illuminates the diverse and wallet-friendly food choices at IKEA, showcasing why a meal at IKEA is an essential part of the shopping experience.

Why IKEA Offers Food Options

One of the main reasons IKEA offers food options in their stores is to promote and share the company’s Swedish roots and cultural background. Founded in Sweden in 1943, it is important for IKEA to showcase their heritage by offering traditional Swedish cuisine in their food courts. The menu items, such as meatballs, lingonberry sauce, and smoked salmon, are all classic Swedish dishes that give customers a taste of the country’s culinary traditions. This unique approach to offering food in a retail setting allows IKEA to differentiate itself from other retailers while providing a more wholesome experience for those shopping at their stores.Another crucial reason behind offering affordable food options at IKEA is to create a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers. IKEA is known for having large warehouse-style stores, often requiring customers to spend hours navigating through various departments to find their desired products. By providing food options, IKEA allows shoppers to take a break and re-energize during their shopping adventures. Studies have shown that people are more likely to make purchases and spend more time in stores if they have the opportunity to relax and have a meal.Additionally, affordable food options at IKEA provide a sense of value for customers. With the main focus of the company being on providing high-quality, affordable furniture solutions, it is only natural that the food options would reflect that same principle. Low-priced and tasty menu options give customers the perception that they’re getting a great overall deal, which is in line with the company’s overall mission. This approach to food service ultimately helps to reinforce the brand image and strengthen customer loyalty.Incorporating food options into the IKEA shopping experience also has its benefits in driving foot traffic to their stores. Consumers often visit the stores not just for purchasing furniture, but also as a destination to meet with friends and family for a meal or snack. This increased foot traffic to the food court area can lead to a rise in sales throughout the rest of the store, as more potential customers are exposed to the products and services that IKEA offers.

Lastly, IKEA recognizes the importance of offering affordable food options like meal deals and family-style servings to cater to families and larger groups of customers. This strategy encourages families to visit the stores together, spend more time browsing products, and ultimately, drives up sales for the company. By integrating food options into their retail settings, IKEA successfully creates a community-focused, enjoyable atmosphere that not only increases customer satisfaction but also contributes to the brand’s overall success.

A picture of a food court inside IKEA store with customers eating and shopping around.

Overview of IKEA’s Food Options

IKEA has garnered popularity not only for its stylish and budget-friendly furniture, but also for its assorted food options that cater to different tastes and budgets. The Swedish furniture giant provides a variety of inexpensive food choices through its in-store restaurant, bistro, and Swedish Food Market. Each outlet serves an array of dishes and products, allowing visitors to indulge in a delicious and wallet-friendly dining experience while shopping for their home needs.

The IKEA restaurant, found within the store near the showroom, offers affordable and hearty meal options. This cafeteria-style eatery is famous for its signature Swedish meatballs, which can be served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, and vegetables or as part of a combo meal. The restaurant also offers a variety of rotating dishes, such as salmon, pasta, soups, salads, and even a vegetarian version of their iconic meatballs. With most meals costing under $10, the IKEA restaurant is an excellent choice for shoppers looking for a filling meal without breaking the bank.

In addition to the restaurant, IKEA also offers a bistro near the exit of their stores. The bistro serves affordable grab-and-go options that are perfect for shoppers in need of a quick snack or treat. Some popular bistro items include hot dogs, pizza, cinnamon rolls, and frozen yogurt cones. Most items at the bistro range from $1 to $3, making it a great option for those seeking a quick and inexpensive bite.

For those interested in bringing a taste of Swedish cuisine home, the Swedish Food Market offers a variety of affordable products to enjoy. The market is located near the exit of the store, allowing shoppers to pick up grocery items during their visit. Some popular items available at the Swedish Food Market include frozen Swedish meatballs, smoked salmon, lingonberry preserves, and chocolate bars. Prices at the Swedish Food Market are comparable to those at most grocery stores, providing shoppers with unique and budget-friendly food options.

At IKEA, you can find a variety of food options that cater to diverse tastes and preferences while maintaining affordability for their customers. From filling meals in their restaurants to convenient grab-and-go selections at the bistro, shoppers can refuel without overspending. To enrich your IKEA experience, don’t miss out on exploring their delicious and cost-effective culinary offerings.

An image of the IKEA cafeteria-style eatery, where customers can enjoy affordable and hearty meal options, including the signature Swedish meatballs.

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Focus on IKEA’s Restaurant

When seeking affordable food options at IKEA, be sure to explore the extensive and appetizing menu at the IKEA Restaurant. With choices ranging from their iconic Swedish meatballs to various vegetarian dishes, there is something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or taste preferences. With a commitment to providing complete and satisfying meals at wallet-friendly prices, the IKEA Restaurant has become a popular dining spot for families, couples, and individuals alike.

Swedish Meatballs

One of the most popular and well-loved dishes at the IKEA Restaurant is their Swedish meatballs, which are served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, and cream sauce. This traditional Scandinavian dish has become a favorite among IKEA shoppers, and the great news is that it’s very affordable. A plate of 12 meatballs costs around $5.99, while a smaller portion for kids is available for $3.99. For those looking to save even more or who are just a bit peckish, a six-pack of meatballs can be purchased for a mere $2.99.

Vegetarian Options

In addition to their Swedish meatballs, the IKEA Restaurant offers various vegetarian options to accommodate all types of dietary preferences. Their plant-based vegan meatballs are a popular choice for those looking for a meat-free meal, served with a side of grains and vegetables. For pasta lovers, a tasty, wholesome vegetarian pasta is available, made with tomato sauce, fresh vegetables, and Parmesan cheese. These options are not only delicious but also budget-friendly, with the vegan meatballs costing around $4.49 and the vegetarian pasta for $3.99.

Healthy Choices

Healthy choices are also in abundance at IKEA’s Restaurant, making it a convenient and nutritious dining option for those who want to stay on track with their diet. A selection of salads, including the classic Caesar salad and a nutrient-packed quinoa salad, offer a light and refreshing meal for under $5. A seasonal salmon dish with dill sauce, potatoes, and mixed vegetables is also available for a healthy, satisfying meal at a cost of about $8.99. These dishes prove that a trip to the IKEA Restaurant does not need to derail one’s dietary goals.

Dining Environment

Not only does the IKEA Restaurant offer affordable and delicious meal choices, but it also provides a cozy and inviting dining environment. With a wide variety of seating options, from open communal areas to more private nooks, customers can unwind and savor their meals in a space that suits their preferences. The atmosphere is typically family-friendly, and the open layout of the dining area allows for effortless navigation. Overall, the IKEA Restaurant not only delivers budget-friendly food options but also a pleasant space for customers to enjoy their meals, making it a popular choice among IKEA shoppers.

The IKEA Restaurant has casual seating where people can relax and enjoy their meals surrounded by IKEA furniture items.

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Getting to Know the IKEA Bistro

IKEA Bistro

In addition to the IKEA Restaurant, the IKEA Bistro offers a broad range of economical food options that cater to the needs of hungry and budget-conscious shoppers. Conveniently located near the store exits, this casual food service area is designed to provide quick and delicious options for those who want to grab a bite to eat without breaking the bank. The combination of the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro creates a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for all customers.

Hot dogs

are a classic American comfort food and a favorite item on the IKEA Bistro menu. The standard hot dog is priced at an incredibly affordable $1, while the veggie dog option is available for just $0.75. Both options are served in a toasty bun and can be topped with a choice of condiments, including ketchup, mustard, and onions. Customers can also opt for a hot dog combo, which includes a hot dog, a bag of chips, and a fountain drink, for just $2.49. These low-priced offerings make the IKEA Bistro an ideal food stop for individuals and families alike.

Sweet Treats

In addition to hot dogs, the IKEA Bistro also offers a selection of sweet treats to satisfy your sugar cravings. The famous soft-serve ice cream cone is available for just a dollar, providing an affordable and delicious way to cool down during a busy shopping trip. For those who prefer baked goods, the iconic cinnamon bun can be purchased for a mere $1 as well. These scrumptious snacks have proven to be crowd favorites, offering great value for customers who want to indulge without spending too much.


Another appeal of the IKEA Bistro is the convenience it offers to shoppers. Located near the exit of the store, the Bistro is designed to be easily accessible to those who wish to pick up a quick snack or refreshment before heading home. The simple, self-serve setup of the Bistro enables customers to grab their food and go, making it perfect for those who want to recharge without interrupting their shopping experience. Additionally, the Bistro offers ample seating, so shoppers can enjoy their meal in a relaxed setting before resuming their shopping adventures.


Known for its affordability, convenience, and taste, the IKEA Bistro offers a fantastic solution for shoppers in search of quick and budget-friendly food options during their IKEA visit. The reasonably priced menu items, featuring favorites like hot dogs, ice cream, and cinnamon buns, have made the Bistro a popular place for satisfying hunger and dessert cravings. Its ideal location near the store exit and the grab-and-go concept ensure a seamless dining experience, allowing customers to refuel without deviating too far from their shopping journey.

A picture of the IKEA Bistro menu board featuring hot dogs, ice cream, and cinnamon buns

Discovering the Swedish Food Market

In addition to the Bistro, the IKEA Swedish Food Market presents an extensive selection of frozen foods that are not only affordable but also tasty and simple to prepare. Shoppers can enjoy a wide range of Swedish dishes, such as the renowned Swedish meatballs, which are available ready to cook and serve with the accompanying creamy sauce. Other options include veggie balls, marinated salmon, and shrimp dishes, all featuring a unique fusion of flavors inspired by traditional Swedish cuisine. The frozen food section is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a flavorful, home-cooked meal without the hassle of starting from scratch.

In addition to frozen foods, the Swedish Food Market also presents shoppers with a diverse selection of pantry items that can either be used to spice up a meal or enjoyed on the go. Classic snacks like crispy oat crisps and ginger thins bring an authentic taste of Sweden to the American palate. Moreover, the market features a collection of exquisite sauces and condiments, such as lingonberry jam and dill mustard. These items not only enable customers to experience the flavors of Swedish cuisine but also provide them with affordable options for elevating their regular meal experiences.

IKEA’s Swedish Food Market extends beyond food offerings by presenting a unique assortment of beverages inspired by the Scandinavian nation. Many customers are familiar with the distinct taste of lingonberry, which can also be found in a delicious, all-natural lingonberry juice. Other soft drinks, such as elderflower and rhubarb syrups, can be mixed with water or seltzer to create refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages. Shoppers also have the option to purchase uniquely flavored teas and coffee, allowing them to enjoy a slice of Swedish culture right at home.

The affordability of the items found in the Swedish Food Market is a cornerstone of IKEA’s commitment to making great-tasting food accessible to everyone. With prices that outshine those found in traditional supermarkets, IKEA has positioned itself as a go-to destination for customers seeking delicious, budget-friendly food options. The market’s wide selection caters to various preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring that all shoppers can find something to satisfy their taste buds without breaking the bank.

Exploring the Swedish Food Market at IKEA offers a unique experience for customers to enjoy diverse and authentic Swedish cuisine at affordable prices. This provides American shoppers with a rich cultural experience unlike any other, while also adding value to their overall shopping experience at IKEA. The Swedish Food Market is truly a hidden gem for anyone interested in discovering new and exciting flavors.

The IKEA Swedish Food Market offers a variety of frozen foods, snacks, pantry items, and beverages inspired by Sweden, at affordable prices.

Allergen and Dietary Information

When dining at IKEA, it’s important to keep allergens and dietary information in mind to ensure a safe and satisfying experience for all, particularly for those with food sensitivities or dietary restrictions. IKEA takes these concerns seriously and strives to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions by offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu items in their restaurant and food market. By doing so, IKEA allows everyone to indulge in and appreciate the unique flavors of Swedish cuisine.

Vegetarian and vegan diners will appreciate IKEA’s commitment to offering a range of plant-based options in their restaurant. One popular example is their veggie balls made from a blend of chickpeas, green peas, kale, and red bell peppers. These tasty morsels are high in protein and fiber, making them a nutritious and satisfying choice. Moreover, IKEA is constantly working on incorporating new plant-based alternatives in their menu, like the recent addition of the plant-based hot dog, which has been well-received by customers. Gluten-free customers will also be able to find options that cater to their needs. For instance, in the food market, you can find items like gluten-free crispbread and cookies. In addition, some of the restaurant dishes can be made gluten-free upon request, such as substituting gluten-free pasta in a pasta dish. However, it is always recommended to inform the staff about any allergies or intolerances to ensure that the dishes are prepared safely and without cross-contamination.To help customers make informed choices, IKEA has been working on improving the availability of allergen information for their food products. In most cases, allergen information can be found directly on the product label or accompanying the dish in the restaurant. The staff is also trained to provide information about allergens, so don’t hesitate to ask them if you have any concerns or need clarification.IKEA’s commitment to sustainability and traceability extends to their food offerings. They have a goal to offer more sustainable and healthier food options while maintaining affordability for customers. One example is their pursuit of responsible seafood sourcing for the fish products they carry. By partnering with organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), IKEA ensures that the fish served in their restaurants and sold in their food market comes from sustainable sources. This dedication to providing affordable, eco-friendly food helps customers make choices that are not only good for their wallets but also for the planet.

A photo of various healthy and delicious dishes served in IKEA's restaurant.

Ultimately, IKEA goes above and beyond by offering an array of satisfying and affordable food options to accommodate diverse dietary needs and preferences. Their dedication to providing a complete shopping experience, from home essentials to delicious meals, reflects the depth of their Swedish roots and commitment to customer satisfaction. So, next time you visit IKEA, go beyond the furniture showroom and indulge in the diverse food offerings, ultimately transforming your shopping day into a memorable and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

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