Why Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes Are the Hottest Snack in 2023

If you’re always on the lookout for something new and tasty to serve on your tables, look no further than Costco’s mini crab cakes set to hit the shelves in 2023. Perfect for a variety of dining occasions, these exquisite bite-sized delights come packed with flavors that ricochet between subtle and exotic. In this article, we explore the nitty-gritty of these crab cakes, right from their product introduction and standout features, taste test views and reviews, to their health and nutritional aspects. We not only delve into their price and availability but also illuminate how Costco mini crab cakes can serve diverse dietary needs and preferences, standing tall as an enticing culinary discovery.

Product Introduction and Features

Overview of Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes

Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes are among the latest additions to its vast range of food offerings. As their name suggests, these are bite-sized delicacies, made from a rich blend of premium crab meat and various seasonings, all covered in savory breadcrumbs. They are conveniently packed in ready-to-bake trays, offering an easy culinary experience for any occasion, be it a formal dinner or a casual gathering.

Key Ingredients

The mini crab cakes primarily consist of Atlantic snow crab meat to maintain a fresh seafood flavor profile. This is combined with other premium ingredients like green onions, bell peppers, parsley, lemon, garlic, and various spices. The bread crumb coating is made from classic Panko breadcrumbs, giving them a distinct crunch. The product maintains a low sodium content and contains no artificial flavors, aligning with Costco’s commitment to healthier food offerings.

Packaging and Convenience

Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes are innovatively packaged in a ready-to-bake tray, ensuring minimal preparation time. Depending on the region, the package usually contains 36 mini crab cakes, each weighing about an ounce. The design allows them to go directly from the freezer and into the oven, making them an easy, crowd-pleasing appetizer or hors d’oeuvre.

Serving Suggestions

These delectable crab cakes can be served either as appetizers or as a main meal accompaniment. Pair them with refreshing aioli or tartar sauce on the side for enhanced flavor. For a complete meal, they could be served alongside a light salad or soup. For an elevated presentation, place them atop mini toasts or cucumber slices.

Why Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes Stand Out?

In comparison to other similar products in the market, Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes offer an unparalleled delight due to several factors. First, the use of high-quality ingredients, with an emphasis on authentic Atlantic snow crab meat, enhances the taste and texture of these cakes. Additionally, the easy preparation is perfect for busy individuals or those less experienced in the kitchen who still yearn for superior culinary experiences.

Anticipating Culinary Delights in 2023

As we eagerly anticipate the gastronomical landscape of 2023, it’s undeniable that Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes will capture attention with their convenience and quality. Inferably, their delicious flavor and rising popularity mark them as a must-try for all Costco visitors next year.

A tray of delicious mini crab cakes, perfectly browned and served with a side of aioli for dipping.

Photo by straz on Unsplash

Taste Test and Reviews

Decoding the Taste and Texture

A notable characteristic of Costco’s mini crab cakes is their delectable, not overpowering, crab essence. Each bite showcases a generous mix of lump and claw crab meat, fostering a multifaceted taste journey. The tasteful seasoning — a gentle balance of lemon, parsley, and traditional old bay — reveres the sweet, delicate nuances of the crab.

Texture-wise, these bite-sized wonders don’t disappoint. The interior, bursting with tender crab meat, pairs impeccably with a crispy golden crust achieved through pan-frying. Despite their miniature proportions, the Mini Crab Cakes at Costco succeed at recreating a gastronomic experience akin to savouring a full-sized, restaurant-standard crab cake, all within a single bite.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers have generally expressed positive sentiments towards the Costco Mini Crab Cakes. The concurrence on the high-quality crab meat and right balance of seasonings are often mentioned. Customers also appreciate the convenience, as these crab cakes are a frozen product, making it a quick, elegant appetizer or snack for last-minute guests or a busy weeknight dinner. However, some reviews mentioned a slight excess of filling, which could compromise the crab-to-filler ratio.

One Costco consumer noted, “The taste, texture, and real crab meat make this a gourmet treat. It’s one of our favorites on a busy day – just heat it in the oven, and you have a delicious and easy meal.”

Culinary Critics Commentary

Food critics also stand by the quality of Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes. Many praised the authentic crab flavor, light yet noticeable seasoning, and the substantial size despite being a ‘mini’ version. The cakes were described as “a perfect balance of crab meat and species, encapsulated in a scrumptiously crunchy crust”. Another critic said, “Costco has managed to bring convenience to quality crab cakes, and it’s a delight.”

However, as with any food product, there are slight points for improvement. Some critics suggested increasing the crab-to-filler ratio and reducing the salt content slightly to allow the sweet crab meat to shine even more.

When it boils down to quick, delicious, and high-quality seafood delights, the response from taste tests and reviews for Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes in 2023 resoundingly highlight them as an excellent choice.

A plate of Costco's Mini Crab Cakes, perfectly pan-fried to a crispy golden brown, garnished with parsley, and served with lemon slices. These mini cakes are filled with an amply blend of lump and claw crab meat, providing a rich and distinctive crab flavor.

Health and Nutritional Information

What Makes Up the Nutritional Profile of Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes?

A single mini crab cake from Costco normally packs approximately 230 calories, with fat accounting for about 130 of these. Scrutinizing the macronutrient breakdown shows each serving provides 13 grams of fat (encompassing 20% of the daily recommended intake), 14 grams of carbohydrates (contributing 5% of the daily recommended intake), and 11 grams of protein. Moreover, these mini crab cakes present a source of crucial nutrients such as iron and calcium, offering 4% and 2% of the daily recommended intake respectively.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that these mini crab cakes come with a fair amount of cholesterol – 55 milligrams in each piece, translating to 18% of the recommended daily limit. Guidelines advise keeping cholesterol consumption to a minimum as part of a balanced diet, especially for individuals susceptible to heart disease or high blood pressure.

Dietary Considerations

If you’re following a gluten-free diet, the good news is that Costco’s mini crab cakes are made without wheat-based ingredients. However, because they are prepared in facilities that also handle wheat and other allergens, there is a chance of cross-contamination, so people with severe gluten intolerance or celiac disease should be cautious.

The mini crab cakes cannot cater to lactose intolerant individuals as they contain milk-derived ingredients. Hence, if you’re lactose intolerant, it would be better to skip this product.

Their high protein content can be beneficial for those on a high-protein diet or seeking to increase their protein intake.

Health Impact

From a general health perspective, responsibly sourced crab, the primary component in these mini crab cakes, is a great source of low-fat protein, as well as vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B12 and Selenium. Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal function of the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells, while selenium supports the immune system and thyroid gland function.

However, potential high contents of sodium and cholesterol and the presence of trans fats in Costco’s mini crab cakes may not align with a heart-healthy diet. This means that those with heart conditions or generally aiming for a diet low in these components may want to consume these crab cakes in moderation.

Indeed, Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes are a guaranteed delight for any seafood enthusiast, with their delightful, flavorful composition that’s hard to resist. However, let’s not forget the significance of maintaining balance with our dietary habits for an optimal health and fitness. Therefore, even though these crab cakes are tempting, moderate consumption is advised to ensure a well-rounded diet.

A plate of Costco's Mini Crab Cakes with a flavorful sauce

Price and Availability

Price and Accessibility: Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes

As of 2023, Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes are competitively priced, making them an easily accessible luxurious treat for lovers of seafood. Each package contains a tray of 36 mouthwatering crab cakes, offering satisfactory value for its reasonable price.

The prevailing price for these crustacean treats fall comfortably in the middle-tier price zone. When compared with similar degree products on the market, Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes are a reasonably priced alternative. Their cost sits nicely in the sweet spot between high-end restaurant fare and lower-priced grocery store items. This seems accurate not only in terms of individual item price point, but also when factoring in product quality and flavor.

It’s worth mentioning that prices may vary sporadically based on local store location and product availability. Flocculations in prices can occur due to seasonal factors, regional taxes, and any shipping charges involved.


Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes are available for purchase at any of the Costco Wholesale outlets across the country. Members can find these in the frozen food aisle, and occasionally, in the seafood section during promotional events or seafood festivals hosted by the store. In addition, Costco online shopping platform is another avenue where these crab cakes can be ordered. From there, customers can opt for store pickup or home delivery, as per convenience.

A special feature that Costco offers is their bulk buying option, also known as ‘Costco-size’. This allows customers to buy their favorite items in larger quantities at discounted prices. While mini crab cakes fall under this category occasionally, it’s always recommended to check the latest deals online or in-store.

The warehouse giant is known for providing seasonal offers or discounts on selected products and Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes have been a part of these specials. The crab cakes have been featured in the warehouse hot buys, instant saving deals, and other exclusive member-only discounts. Hence, timely monitoring of these offers might be beneficial for prospective buyers.


In summary, for crab cake enthusiasts looking to enjoy a quality product at an affordable rate, Costco’s Mini Crab Cakes represent an exceptional value. Proactive monitoring of their promotional offers could make this delectable product an even more attractive buy.

A tray of delicious mini crab cakes from Costco

The journey exploring Costco’s mini crab cakes showcases their allure as a must-try edible art in 2023 – a food item that has character, taste, and immense value packed in a miniature delicacy. They not only unofficially raise the bar in the portable luxury snack category but also offer a unique take on the familiar seafood favorite, making them a stellar addition to Costco’s cuisine offerings. So whether you’re entertaining guests, having a late-night snack, or planning a Sunday brunch, remember to give these a shot. After all, good things, as they say, come in small packages – and in the case of Costco’s mini crab cakes, fantastically delicious ones too.

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