IKEA Hovet Mirror: Price Comparison Guide

As a central part of any room, mirrors are not only functional but also aesthetic additions that can transform spaces. The IKEA Hovet mirror is one such investment that needs strategic consideration before purchase. With the multitude of mirrors on the market, how does IKEA’s Hovet mirror stand out? This comprehensive analysis aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the IKEA Hovet mirror, its key features, customer perceptions, and how it stacks up in price comparison with similar products. From its specs and assembly process to user reviews, this analysis examines the mirror from a well-rounded perspective, helping you make a well-informed purchase decision.

Features and specifications of the IKEA Hovet Mirror

Overview: IKEA Hovet Mirror

The IKEA Hovet Mirror is a large, rectangular floor mirror that strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This model has been designed with simplicity in mind while not compromising on its practicality or style. It’s popular among homeowners for its minimalist design, making it easily adaptable to any decor style.

Measurements and Materials

Firstly, let’s talk about the measurements. The Hovet mirror measures 30 ¾ x 77 ? inches (78 x 196 cm). Its considerable size creates an illusion of a larger space, a strategy often used by interior designers. The mirror thickness is approximately ? inches.

The mirror itself is made of glass, while its backing is crafted from fibreboard and ABS plastic. This design feature ensures the mirror is lightweight enough to be moved around with relative ease, despite its size. The frame, meanwhile, is constructed from aluminum, giving the mirror a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Color Options

The IKEA Hovet mirror comes in one color: silver. This neutral tone allows the mirror to blend seamlessly with various interior decor styles, from industrial or modern to more classically styled spaces. The silver color also enhances the reflective properties of the mirror, leading to a more distinctive and pronounced result.

Mounting Options

The Hovet mirror is versatile in its placement options. While it’s primarily designed as a floor mirror, it can be wall-mounted if desired. This flexibility allows it to adapt to the space constraints of different rooms. However, it’s important to note that, if you decide to wall-mount it, you will need to use the appropriate fixtures. Thankfully, the necessary screws are included in the package.


Although the size of this mirror may make it seem intimidating, assembly is quite straightforward. The mirror comes with detailed instructions outlining each step of the assembly process, making it easy to set up, even for those who aren’t overly familiar with DIY projects. It’s worth noting that because of its size, it’s safer (and often easier) to assemble the mirror with another person.

Price Comparison

Now let’s talk about the price point. The IKEA Hovet mirror is valued at approximately $129, a competitive price given its size and versatility. When compared to similar floor mirrors offered by other brands, the Hovet mirror frequently comes out as a more affordable option, without any substantial sacrifices in style or quality.


Wrapping things up, the IKEA Hovet Mirror represents an attractive blend of practicality, style, and budget-friendly pricing. Its broad dimensions and streamlined design can augment any room’s aesthetic, while its easy assembly and versatile placement options bring convenience. The single color available fits seamlessly with most interior decors. Given its reasonable price, the Hovet Mirror stands out as a commendable expenditure for anyone wanting to infuse some elegance into their homes.

A silver rectangular mirror with an aluminum frame from IKEA that can be used as a floor mirror or wall-mounted. It's adaptable to most decor styles and offers a balance between functionality, aesthetic appeal, and affordability.

Consumer reviews and ratings of IKEA Hovet Mirror

Understanding IKEA Hovet Mirror

The IKEA Hovet Mirror has emerged as a preferred choice for many as they seek a minimalistic yet functional mirror that seamlessly merges with varied room layouts. Renowned for its expansive size and neat aluminum casing, the Hovet acts as an eye-catching addition to bedrooms, corridors, or living rooms. As prospective customers map out their journey to purchase suitable furniture, it becomes crucial to consider the reviews and experiences of those who have bought it in the past.

Positive Reviews

The IKEA Hovet Mirror generally attracts positive reviews and ratings across different shopping platforms and forums. In particular, consumers commend its minimalist design, which aligns with the current trend towards simplicity and functionality in home decor. The generous size of the Hovet mirror, as well as its ability to either be leaned against a wall or hung, has received particular praise from shoppers.


However, like any other product, the Hovet Mirror also has its fair share of criticisms. Some users have reported issues with the overall weight of the mirror, noting that it can be quite heavy and may require assistance to move or hang. Others have pointed out that while the Hovet mirror’s size is a pros for many, it can be a con for those with limited space.

Price Point

The mirror’s price point has also been a point of discussion among customers. Retailing at $129 on the IKEA website, some buyers consider it a value-for-money purchase given its size, quality and design. They argue that similar-sized mirrors from other retailers often cost significantly more. However, others have expressed that they expected more from a mirror in this price range, particularly in terms of features and the quality of the frame.


Regarding its durability, the Hovet Mirror has mixed reviews. Many customers report that their mirror has remained in excellent condition, even after multiple years of use. Conversely, some buyers claim that the aluminum frame scratches easily and that the mirror itself isn’t resistant to marks, pointing out that these issues may not reflect well on IKEA’s quality standards.


Feedback in the form of reviews and ratings are a valuable tool, but to ensure true satisfaction, prospective buyers should consider if the IKEA Hovet Mirror caters to their specific needs. For those leaning towards a minimalist aesthetic and have plenty of room, the Hovet Mirror could be an ideal choice. Conversely, those with limited space or in need of an easily movable mirror may wish to consider alternative products. A thorough comparison of prices and features of similar products can assist in making an educated choice. Overall, it’s clear that the IKEA Hovet Mirror is generally well-received by its users, although there’s room for some enhancements.

The IKEA Hovet Mirror is shown in a large bedroom with white walls, gray bedding and a minimalist theme.

Price comparisons of IKEA Hovet Mirror with similar products

The IKEA Hovet Mirror: A Harmonious Blend of Sleek Design and Practical Benefits

The IKEA Hovet mirror, known both for its style and usefulness, is a beloved choice among customers. At a pricing point of $129, this full-length mirror, measuring approximately 30 3/4x 77 1/8 “, boasts a sleek and modern design. The aluminum framing contributes to its uncluttered, minimalistic appeal making it blend easily with almost any interior settings. Its versatility extends to its installation — it can be positioned horizontally or vertically, ensuing in a mirror that meets practical expectations.

Comparing with Other IKEA Mirrors

With its rectangle shape and full-length size, the Hovet mirror could be compared to the IKEA Mongstad mirror priced at $99. While the Mongstad is slightly cheaper, it has a chunkier, solid pine frame which gives it a more rustic or traditional look. This could be a determining factor for buyers depending on their preference for modern versus traditional aesthetics.

The IKEA Nissedal mirror costs $59.99 and has similar features to the Hovet but is significantly smaller and available in limited color schemes. Although it costs less than the Hovet, the Nissedal mirror is not as versatile or as large.

Comparing with Other Brands

When it comes to outside brands, the Caspian Loft silver mirror from Wayfair is a noticeable competitor. Priced at $233.99, it has the same sleek, modern look as the Hovet mirror, but on a higher-end scale. The size is comparable, but the price is significantly higher. This could be a determining factor for those buyers that prioritize budget over brand or those who are looking for high-end detailing on the frame.

The Hub Floor Mirror from Umbra, sold on Amazon, is another comparable product. Priced around $180, it has a rubber frame and slightly smaller dimensions. While the design is modern and minimalistic, the rubber frame may not appeal to everyone. Furthermore, the Hovet mirror wins the competition when it comes to size-to-price ratio.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer satisfaction can provide a lot of insight into the value of a product. The IKEA Hovet mirror has an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 113 user reviews on the IKEA website. Customers appreciated the size, quality, and reasonable price.

On the other hand, the Umbra Hub Floor mirror has averaged a rating of 4.6 stars from over 300 reviews on Amazon. Though most of the reviews are positive, some consumers mentioned issues with the mirror’s durability.


The IKEA Hovet Mirror offers a modern and sleek look and is a practical choice for those seeking a versatile, full-length mirror. While other mirrors from IKEA or different brands may come at less or more expensive prices, the Hovet mirror seems to balance price, design, and size. Customer reviews further strengthen the impression. Consequently, in terms of price to value ratio, the IKEA Hovet Mirror often outshines its competitors.

A full-length mirror with a sleek, modern design and an aluminum frame

Choosing the right mirror for your home requires thoughtful consideration, and the IKEA Hovet mirror is no exception. By delving into its features, customer opinions, and comparable market alternatives, it is clear that this mirror offers a blend of style, functionality, and price value that is difficult to ignore. Whether for its large surface, modern design, or flexibility in placement, customers seem to have found satisfaction in the IKEA Hovet mirror. Add to it the competitive edge in pricing when compared to similar mirrors, it stands as a compelling choice in its category. Navigate your purchase decision with this comprehensive review, and you might find the Hovet mirror to be the perfect echo to your sense of style and practicality.

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