Ultimate Guide: IKEA Kids Menu

When people shop at IKEA, they love to stop for a quick bite. Their offers, particularly for the kid’s menu, are unbeatable. IKEA kids menu offers milk in little cartons and other healthy options you won’t find at other fast food chains. Also, their breakfast menu has amazing deals and is very affordable.

With so many great options, finding the best kid’s menu at IKEA can be difficult. Especially when you have multiple hungry children to feed. Thankfully, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you with your decision-making process. So you can provide your whole family quickly and efficiently without sacrificing any quality that you’d expect from the home of Swedish meatballs!

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IKEA Kids Menu – Plant Balls

If you are looking for a perfect meal with Swedish tradition, then plant balls from the IKEA kid’s menu are what you need to try. Plant balls usually have various ingredients. These are potatoes, pea starch, tomato powder, oat bran, black pepper, dried apple, mushroom concentrate, vegetable oil, rice flour, salt, onion pea protein, and all other spices.

They’re a healthy meal for kids that keeps them going all day. If you are looking for a kid’s vegan meal, then IKEA kid’s plant ball meal is the right choice. You can serve plant balls in the IKEA Kids menu with cream sauce, green peas, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam on top of the balls.

You can serve the four pieces of ball plants with juice, apple slices, milk, and mashed potatoes or french fries at $3.49. Your choice of dessert and beverage to serve with plant balls are apple water, banana,  mango, and  fruit puree

Veggie Balls IKEA Kids Meal 

IKEA’s veggie balls are delicious and healthy, made from fresh vegetables. To be precise, they contain lots of nutritional components, like green peas, chickpeas, carrots, bell peppers, corn, kale, and others. None contain nuts, gluten, lactose, or soy. For lunch or dinner with a couple of friends, you can order one veggie ball with potatoes, red peppers, and broccoli. The IKEA vegetable ball meal for kids is the best vegetarian option.

If your child doesn’t like eating vegetables it’s easy to sneak in those healthy veggies into your kid’s diet, they’re delicious! Apart from being served with mashed potatoes and broccoli, you can choose to be served with your favorite beverage and dessert, which include fruit puree, water, apple, and banana at the cost of $3.99.

Kids meatballs

Swedish Meatballs Kids Meal at IKEA

This is one of the most famous Ikea kid’s menu items. These beefy little morsels are a perfect toddler meal. This is because they’re soft enough to be eaten whole and don’t require much chewing. They’re also packed with flavor and an excellent source of iron, zinc, and vitamins B1, B6, and niacin. Choose from three different sizes – small (3 pieces), medium (5 pieces), or large (7 pieces).

If you’re serving these meatballs as part of a bigger family dinner, adding more meatballs is easy without breaking your budget. Remember that portion control is key here; too many meatballs can quickly put your child over the calorie limit for the day! Four pieces of Swedish meatballs costing $4.49 can be served with mashed potatoes, French fries, milk, apple slices, or juice.

Additionally, Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and broccoli are on the Ikea kid’s menu. Like veggie and plant balls, you can choose dessert and juice along with Swedish meatballs.

Fish and Chips – Kids Meal at IKEA

This is another one of IKEA’s most popular kid’s menu items. It’s a quick, simple meal that tastes great. Fresh fish is served alongside oven-baked French fries. A tasty dipping sauce is included for added flavor. Fish and chips are a satisfying meal for anyone with a taste for seafood. Haddock served as one piece with fries, milk, apple slices, lemon, or other fruit juice costs $4.49. The fish and chips kids meal at IKEA provides another healthy option, packed with Omega-3s for kids who might not want a Swedish meal.

IKEA Cheesecake

Cold Snacks For Kids at IKEA

IKEA has long been a destination for Swedish meatballs, but their cold snack options are plentiful and budget-friendly, perfect for little ones who can’t wait until dinner is ready. If you are shopping and your kid is getting hungry but you don’t have time to sit down these are perfect options. Cold snacks aren’t just good for filling hungry tummies before mealtime; they’re also great as lunchbox fillers!

Just because school has let out doesn’t mean your kids should miss out on IKEA food. With treats like kid’s vanilla frozen yogurts at $1.50 and kid’s frozen strawberry treats, which are plant-based and priced at $1.50, the IKEA kids menu has all you need.

Desserts, Pastries, and Cookies for Kids at IKEA

You know when you walk into an IKEA, and it just feels like your kid’s mouth is watering? Don’t worry that’s not just a weird feeling you can’t explain but a direct result of their delicious baked goods.

Whether your child is looking for biscuits with chocolate-flavored filling, 176g, priced at $1.69, or biscuits with raspberry-flavored filling, 176g, priced at $1.69, or simply wants something delectable to bring back home, there are plenty of options at the IKEA kid menu. And don’t forget about all those cookies! If you have a sweet tooth and love trying new desserts, then be sure to check out these treats the next time you find yourself in an IKEA store.

Healthy Options for Kids on IKEA Kids Menu

But now more than ever, it’s critical to help our children enjoy a nutritious, well-balanced diet in light of the issue of childhood obesity. Instead of going to McDonalds or another fast food chain, stopping by IKEA for a meal is a healthy option for kids. If you compare it with fast-food kids’ meals, IKEA’s kids’ meals have a competitive price to fit any budget. 

IKEA has therefore enlisted the assistance of a qualified nutritionist to assist in the development of their brand-new children’s menu, which has been created in compliance with the government’s advised criteria.

IKEA kids’ menu items include vegetarian lasagna and veggie balls or meatballs with mash, delicious tuna pasta bake, cod fishcakes, and salmon, which are filled with nutrients that young children need to keep healthy


You should promote home-cooked meals with complete nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle for children. But catering to picky eaters at home is frustrating. There are plenty of reasons to eat out more often with children. Saving money on groceries, spending time together, and not having to cook. Getting a healthy meal for kids any time of the day is possible with the IKEA kids menu. It’s quick and easy while you’re out shopping and can also give you peace of mind that they’ll stick to healthy foods made by people who know about nutritional content and freshness. What if they like the meals on the IKEA kids menu? Stop by IKEA Swedish Food Market on your way home and make the meals at home as well!

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