Top Lunch Options at IKEA to Not Miss

When you visit any IKEA store, it’s not just about browsing through sleek furniture and home décor, but also, indulging in an authentic Swedish culinary experience. Indeed, IKEA is as famous for its dining options as it is for its flat-pack furniture. The food scene of IKEA presents an eclectic mix of delectable dishes, from their iconic Swedish Meatballs to savory Gravad Lax. Whether you are carnivorous, vegetarian, or pescatarian, there is something tempting for everyone. This exploration of IKEA’s lunch offerings showcases their dedication not only to quality design but also to providing a well-rounded, satisfying, and culturally-rich customer experience.

Meatballs and Lingonberries

A Taste of Sweden: IKEA Meatballs and Lingonberries

When it comes to synonymous foods of IKEA, the traditional Swedish meatballs commonly known as ‘Köttbullar’ top the list. This quintessential dish, always a crowd-pleaser, is the restaurant’s signature item. The meatballs are crafted from an even blend of beef and pork, seasoned appropriately, and then baked to perfection. They’re incredibly tasty and provide a hearty centerpiece to an IKEA meal.

A Vegetarian Twist

The beauty of IKEA’s dish is that it’s not only limited to meat eaters. For those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle, IKEA provides a welcoming alternative in the form of plant-based meatballs. Visually identical and equally delicious, the vegetarian meatballs cater to the growing trend of plant-based diets and prove that IKEA’s culinary expertise extends beyond traditional foods.

The Perfect Pairing

The IKEA meal doesn’t stop at meatballs. Served with a side of smooth mashed potatoes and doused in a luscious cream sauce, the meal is a testament to the comforting simplicity of homestyle Swedish cooking. The addition of the cream sauce not only enhances the smooth texture of the mashed potatoes but also provides a rich base for the meatballs.

The Lingonberry Twist

No IKEA meatball dish would be complete without a generous scoop of lingonberry jam. This Swedish staple brings a sweet and tart contrast that complements the savory meatballs and creamy mash perfectly. The lingonberries, closely related to cranberries, are a common ingredient in Swedish cuisine and their distinctive taste lifts the meaty, creamy flavor of the dish, providing a complete, balanced meal that is satisfying to the palate.

The IKEA Food Culture

Through its meatball dish, IKEA offers more than just an easy-to-assemble furniture shopping experience. It provides its customers with a taste of authentic Swedish cuisine, highly regarded for its simplicity and comfort. Whether you opt for the beef and pork meatballs or the vegetarian alternative, combined with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and that essential dollop of lingonberry jam, you partake in a cultural experience that transcends borders and reminds us food can be an enjoyable and unifying force.

A plate of meatballs with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and cream sauce, representing the delicious IKEA meatball dish.

Swedish Gravad Lax

The Swedish Classic: IKEA’s Gravad Lax

Sweden is home to IKEA, and the company’s love for its home country is evident in the menu. One of the outstanding offerings is the Gravad Lax, also known as dill-cured salmon. Derived from the traditional Swedish method of preserving salmon by burying it in the sand, Gravad Lax delivers a unique and tantalizing taste.

The dish is served cold, and the refreshing, zingy flavor shines through in every bite. The salmon is cured with a generous sprinkling of dill, which imparts a delightful tanginess to the fish. However, the flavoring isn’t overpowering, allowing the briny-sweet taste of the salmon to remain the star.

Gravad Lax is served with a creamy mustard-dill sauce on the side. The sauce, potent with aromatic mustard and fragrant dill, perfectly complements the salmon. The combination will please seafood lovers who enjoy a good piece of salmon without any excess frills—taste-wise or preparation-wise.

Essentially, this dish is a platter of wholesome goodness. It’s light and packed with flavors, providing just enough satiety without making you feel weighed down. If you’re a fan of seafood or searching for a satisfying light lunch, IKEA’s Gravad Lax could be your go-to dish. So, the next time you’re in IKEA, consider giving the Gravad Lax a try. It’s a delicious detour from IKEA’s famous meatball dish and an excellent way to taste a bit of Sweden without leaving the furniture store.

It’s also worth noting that IKEA continually strives to offer sustainable seafood options. The Gravad Lax, as part of its salmon offering, is Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified. This means their salmon is sourced from fisheries that are managed in a responsible way, giving you one more reason to enjoy your meal without guilt.

A photo of IKEA's Gravad Lax dish, showcasing the dill-cured salmon served with a creamy mustard-dill sauce.

So, next time when you’re roaming around the labyrinthine aisles of IKEA and your stomach starts to grumble, don’t just settle for a hotdog at the exit. Make a detour to the restaurant and immerse yourself in the delectable delights that cater to various taste preferences. From hearty, soulful meatballs to the vibrantly refreshing Gravad Lax, your lunch at IKEA can be more than a mere pit stop amidst shopping. It could be a culinary journey, a delightful taste of Sweden, that complements the modern aesthetic and cultural experience that is IKEA.

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