Top IKEA Murphy Bed Models: A Comprehensive Guide

Always fantasized about having an elegant IKEA Murphy bed that blends perfectly with your décor while saving you some much-needed space? This enduring piece of functional furniture has been a haven for apartment dwellers, micro homeowners, or anyone looking to maximize their living area. The niftiness of Murphy beds cannot be overstated, and among the numerous brands, IKEA stands atop as an epitome of quality, design diversity, and value for money. This guide will usher you into the world of IKEA Murphy beds, giving you a better understanding of these practical, transformative, and stylish pieces of furniture. We will delve into the different IKEA Murphy bed models, their unique features, prices, and even give you a comparative guide for an informed decision making.

Understanding Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds – Maximize Space in Small Rooms

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or pull-down beds, are an innovative type of furniture designed to maximize space in small rooms. Hidden in a wall, closet, or cabinet when not in use, Murphy beds can be pulled down when needed, effectively transforming a living space into a bedroom. They’re especially useful for people living in small apartments, studios, or those who want to make efficient use of their living space. For individuals or families seeking to optimize their living areas while maintaining an aesthetic appeal, a Murphy bed can be an excellent solution.

The Space-Saving Capability of Murphy Beds is a Major Advantage

One of the major advantages of a Murphy bed is its space-saving capability. Unlike regular beds, Murphy beds can be hidden away when not needed, freeing up floor space for other activities. This feature makes them ideal for multi-functional rooms, for instance, transforming a home office into a guest bedroom. Additionally, most Murphy beds come with added storage options such as shelves or cabinets. These extra features make it easier to organize items and keep your space tidy.

IKEA Murphy Beds – Durable, Stylish, and Affordable

IKEA, a renowned Swedish furniture manufacturer, offers a range of Murphy beds that are recognized for their durability, stylish design, and affordability. IKEA has long been a top choice for homeowners due to its focus on functional, easy-to-assemble furniture. Their Murphy bed models combine both modern aesthetics and practical design. This makes them not only space-efficient but also a playful addition to any interior design.

IKEA’s Top Murphy Bed Models

IKEA’s top Murphy bed models include the BRIMNES Daybed frame and the PLATSA Bed frame. The BRIMNES model, priced around $350, features two drawers for storage and can be extended into a double bed. This model is not a traditional Murphy bed that flips into the wall but follows the same philosophy of space optimization. The more expensive PLATSA model, around $815, is a combination of bed and storage, offering a real solution for small living. While this model isn’t a traditional Murphy bed either, it provides a similar function with the bed at a lower level and ample storage above it.

Another IKEA model to consider is the FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional, which is a sofa that unfolds into a spacious bed. It even includes storage space under the seating – perfect for storing linens. The model retails for approximately $600 and offers both functionality and style.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Murphy Bed

The cost of a Murphy bed can vary significantly depending on model, size, material quality, and any additional features like built-in storage or desks. Generally, IKEA Murphy beds are comparatively affordable, thus making it a popular choice for many homeowners. However, it’s always important to take into account factors like durability, warranty, and customer reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Why Choose IKEA Murphy Beds: A Comprehensive Overview

When it comes to savvy space-saving solutions, IKEA leads the pack with their practical, affordable, and stylish Murphy beds. These beds, available in multiple models, cater to various room specifications and budgets. IKEA is renowned for its value-for-money offerings; however, other aspects such as durability, ease of assembly, and your distinct space requirements are worth considering for a well-informed purchase decision.

A wooden Murphy bed folded against a plain white wall.

Different Models of IKEA Murphy Beds

Unveiling Ikea’s Murphy Bed Models: A Blend of Functionality, Design, and Compactness

IKEA, a brand synonymous with innovative, easy-to-assemble furniture, boasts a broad spectrum of products and home solutions, including different models of Murphy beds. Known alternatively as wall beds, Murphy beds are an ingenious solution for optimizing space, easily folding up into a wall or a cabinet when not in use. IKEA’s blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and prudent use of space has made their Murphy beds a preferred choice among those with an eye for smart interiors.

The Multi-purpose UTÅKER Stackable Bed

One of IKEA’s Murphy bed models that consistently draws popularity is the UTÅKER Stackable bed. The multifunctionality of this model sets it apart. When stacked together, it can be used as a single bed or a couch, but the beds can be separated when required. Constructed from solid, untreated pine, the UTÅKER bed is not only supportive but also open to personalization, thanks to its unfinished state. It measures 79 1/2×38 1/4 “, requiring users to undertake self-assembly.

PLATSA Bed: The Storage Star

The PLATSA bed model, equipped with 4 doors and 2 drawers, is a noteworthy option for its storage capabilities. Perfect for small living spaces, it combines a bed, wardrobe, and drawers into a single, space-efficient piece of furniture. The bed measures 90 1/2×31 1/8 ” and has a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

Diverse Colors and Robust Materiality

Available in varieties of shades, the UTÅKER model embraces the natural wood color, while the PLATSA variation comes in classic white. IKEA also offers a range of cover and pillow alternatives for added personalization. The primary material utilized in these beds is solid pine—reliable, renewable, and gracefully aging.

Fitting Cost and Space Optimality

When compared to market standards, IKEA Murphy beds come at a reasonable price point. The UTÅKER stackable bed costs around $149, while the PLATSA bed pricing initiates from about $465, varying per setup. These models, designed with compactness and versatility in mind, make them perfect fits for small apartments and studios where saving space is paramount.

By choosing IKEA Murphy beds, you welcome a powerful solution to save space without any trade-off with comfort. This detailed analysis including features, dimensions, materials, color options, cost allows you to determine which model aligns most reasonably with your needs and budget. Investing in IKEA is not merely about buying furniture, but rather about adopting solutions apt for contemporary living challenges. Remember, intelligently-planned, imaginative approaches with assisting models like IKEA Murphy beds can work wonders to declutter and streamline your rooms.

Important to note is that these beds’ intricate mechanisms might require professional assembly, which could pinch a bit on your pocket. Additionally, make sure to measure the space available in the room before purchasing. Murphy beds need a specific clearance from the wall when folding or unfolding, ensuring you can use your new bed without any hindrance or obstructions.

Image of an IKEA Murphy bed folded and stored in a cabinet and out of sight, showing the space-saving function of the product.

Comparative Analysis of IKEA Murphy Bed Models

Revolutionizing Small Spaces with IKEA’s Murphy Beds

Being a forerunner in the furniture industry, IKEA is famous for its intricate designs that complement cost-effective pricing. Their diverse catalogue of Murphy beds or wall beds, do not falter from these standards. These multi-purpose models offer innovative space-saving solutions without compromising comfort and aesthetics, albeit the plentiful options may appear overwhelming. To ease buyers into making a confident choice, delineated below are comparisons between different IKEA Murphy bed models.

The PLATSA Bed frame with 4 doors + 4 drawers model is an excellent choice to consider. Cleverly concealed into an elegant wardrobe, this Murphy bed virtually vanishes when not needed, freeing up the room for other activities. Another option deserving attention is the BRIMNES Daybed frame with 2 drawers. Serving as a compact single bed and sofa during the day, it expands to a double bed at night, effortlessly accommodating your needs.

Extra Storage Demand

For those looking for murphy beds that offer extra storage, IKEA has some promising options. The HEMNES Daybed frame with 3 drawers has a spacious bed that sleeps two when extended and offers ample storage in the form of large drawers. Similarly, the NORDLI Bed frame with storage isn’t a murphy bed in the conventional sense. However, it’s a savvy solution for those who don’t have to stow their bed away but need efficient under-bed storage.

Need a Desk?

For those who want a workspace integrated with their bed, the IKEA PS LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa is an excellent choice. During the day, it can serve as a comfortable sofa where you can sit and work on your laptop, and at night, it folds out into a full-sized bed. UTÅKER Stackable bed is another option that, while not including a desk, can function as two twin beds, and when stacked, a sofa or table area.

Special Decor Needs

Different decor preferences may guide people’s choices of their murphy beds. The contemporary BJÖRKSNÄS Bed frame with sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic fits well with modern decor styles. On the other hand, the traditional style of the HEMNES Daybed frame suits people with a classic, rustic, or country home decor theme.


In conclusion, IKEA presents a wide array of stylish and functional Murphy bed models aimed at catering to varying customer preferences. From compact designs for limited spaces to extra storage options, beds with an incorporated desk or those that blend into your specific décor, IKEA provides an extensive selection for every individual. The key to maximizing your experience with IKEA is to have an explicit understanding of your requirements and closely matching them with the diverse models available.

A bedroom with an IKEA Murphy bed neatly tucked inside a wardrobe with shelves and drawers. The room has a modern decor with white walls, light wooden flooring, and a black and white rug on the ground. A black and white artwork decorates the wall behind the bed.

Reviews and Customer Feedback on IKEA Murphy Beds

IKEA Murphy Beds: Customer Reviews and Insights

IKEA, a global household name, is recognized for its reasonably priced, fashionable, and practical furniture. Their Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or fold-down beds, uphold this reputation, receiving accolades for their innovative and versatile space-saving designs which do not sacrifice comfort. In providing an analysis of customer reviews and insights into some of the top-rated IKEA Murphy bed models, this overview aims to offer prospective buyers a thorough understanding of the benefits and features of this efficient and practical sleep solution.


The IKEA BRIMNES daybed has been widely recognized by customers for its incredible dual functionality. During the day, it functions as a comfortable sofa, and at night, it easily transforms into a double bed. Customers were amazed by the generous storage space under the bed, complete with two large drawers. But the assembly of this model was reported to be quite time-consuming by some customers. Meanwhile, others claimed that clear instructions and patience ensured a smooth assembly process.

IKEA PS Lovas Sofa Bed

Not technically a Murphy bed, the IKEA PS Lovas sofa bed is nonetheless appreciated for the very same space-saving qualities. Customers have praised it for its ease of transition from a stylish sofa to a comfortable bed. While the simplicity and style of the bed were loved by many, a common criticism was related to the thin mattress that customers felt could have been a bit more substantial for improved comfort.

IKEA Stora Loft Bed

While it’s not a traditional Murphy bed, the Ikea Stora Loft bed uses vertical space, which is also the primary purpose of a Murphy bed. Many customers praised this bed for its sturdy build and functionality, giving extra space underneath the bed which can be utilized for either a work station or storage. However, the assembly was a bit challenging for some due to its bulky nature and required at least two people to handle it effectively.

IKEA Friheten Sofa Bed

This model received high marks for its innovative design, which allows for easy transformation from a sofa into a full-sized bed including storage space under the chaise lounge. Most customer praise related to the comfort, both as a sofa and bed, and the simple yet elegant design. However, a common complaint was on the non-removable cover and the challenge of keeping it clean.

IKEA Hemnes Day Bed

The Hemnes Day Bed is a 3-in-1 solution offering a single bed, a double bed and spacious storage drawers all in one. Consumers have praised this model for its outstanding functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. There were minor criticisms relating to the assembly process, with some finding the instructions a bit complex.


Ikea Murphy beds have garnered positive feedback overall for their functionality and efficient use of space. They provide stylish solutions for individuals living in smaller apartments or those who want a convenient fold-away bed. Each model has its unique features and advantages that make them popular among different buyers, from the generous storage of the BRIMNES daybed to the seamless transition of the Lovas Sofa Bed. However, it’s equally important to note the criticisms such as the relatively complex assembly process and occasionally less-than-desired mattress comfort. Hence, personal preferences and specific requirements will play a major role in decision-making when selecting the best IKEA Murphy bed model.

A woman sitting on a comfortable looking bed that is folded up against the wall. There are shelves on the wall above the bed and a potted plant on a stand next to her.

Photo by madalyncox on Unsplash

Home décor and space utilization is a delicate art that demands practicality without compromising style. IKEA Murphy beds notably add flavor to this art with their range of exquisite, functional bed models designed to enhance living utility and aesthetics. Inherent in each model are unique features, practical dimensions, and varied prices that cater to diverse customer needs. Consumer reviews echo a shared commendation of the brand’s quality and functionality, shedding light on the overall experience you can anticipate. Understanding and choosing the right IKEA Murphy bed model, therefore, becomes a quest for finding a piece that not just fits into, but also enriches your space while satisfying your specific needs. Happy shopping as you look forward to more room and inviting aesthetics in your home!

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