Revamp Your Outdoor Space with IKEA Balcony Furniture

Imagine sitting on your own balcony, enjoying a beautiful sunset or simply breathing in the morning air. The overall comfort of this experience heavily depends on the type of furniture you choose for this outdoor space. As a brand synonymous with style, cost-efficiency, and durability, IKEA invariably emerges as a top choice when it comes to balcony furniture. Exploring the range of IKEA balcony furniture, we will delve into the features that set it apart, from its weather-resistant qualities to its multi-functional solutions. Furthermore, we will guide you on how to select the perfect furniture for your space, irrespective of its size, whilst also providing useful advice on assembly and maintenance. In addition, this article also seeks to present an unbiased comparison of IKEA’s offering vis-a-vis other brands through real customer reviews. Lastly, for your creative impulses, we will stir the pot with unique decorating ideas to inspire you to curate your dreamy balcony space.

Understanding IKEA Balcony Furniture

Overview: IKEA Balcony Furniture

IKEA, the world-renowned Swedish furniture brand, offers a diverse array of multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture series specifically designed for outdoor use, like on balconies, terraces, or gardens. These range from compact chairs and tables to larger pieces like lounge sets as well as practical storage solutions, all of which are designed in line with IKEA’s hallmark qualities of affordability, simplicity, and smart design.

Variety in IKEA Balcony Furniture

IKEA caters to diverse customer needs, offering a wide range of stylish and comfortable balcony furniture. Being mindful of varying balcony sizes and customer preferences, the company provides several styles and sizes of outdoor furniture.

  • Customers can pick from foldable, stackable chairs like the SJÄLLAND series, which are perfect for smaller spaces.
  • For those who want a touch of luxury in their outdoor space, there are outdoor sofas like the KUNGSHOLMEN or lounge chairs like the ÄPPLARÖ series providing the comfort of indoor furniture outdoors.
  • IKEA also offers outdoor dining tables and chairs, like the FALHOLMEN, SJÄLLAND, and ÄPPLARÖ ranges, encouraging people to dine alfresco.

For added comfort and personal touch, IKEA offers separately sold cushions and covers that match these outdoor furniture pieces.

Literature meets functionality

Balcony or patio storage is often a challenge, but IKEA’s range of outdoor storage solutions offers practical and aesthetically pleasing options. From the versatile ÄPPLARÖ storage bench or wall panel to the compact and mobile KOLBJÖRN shelving unit and cabinet, these storage units become an essential part of the balcony furniture adding both functionality and character.

Weather-resistant and Durable

Quality and durability are key to any outdoor furniture, and IKEA delivers on both aspects. All IKEA outdoor furniture products are designed to be robust and weather-resistant. They are made with a variety of materials like solid acacia wood, aluminum, and eucalyptus, selected for their durability and resistance to weather changes.

Furthermore, IKEA outdoor products undergo rigorous tests to ensure they stand up to severe weather conditions. However, to prolong the life of these pieces, it is recommended to use covers, regular cleaning, and seasonal maintenance.

Sustainability: A Key Value in IKEA Balcony Furniture Manufacturing

IKEA takes the environment seriously. When it comes to their outdoor furniture, the company is proud to inform that most of their wooden outdoor furniture comes from more sustainable sources, such as FSC certified wood, which ensures responsible forest management.


IKEA balcony furniture leads the way with its stylish and utilitarian outdoor pieces. The fusion of thoughtful design, practical functionality, and durable weather-resistance with sustainably sourced production materials, make IKEA a sought-after favorite for customers seeking outdoor furniture that is both affordable and reliable.

Outdoor balcony furniture displayed on a terrace with a spacious balcony area, showcasing the variety and comfort provided by IKEA furniture.

Best IKEA Balcony Furniture for Different Spaces

Understanding Balcony Sizes

Transforming your exterior area with IKEA balcony furniture requires an understanding of your balcony’s dimension. The correct furniture pieces can convert a congested, overcrowded location into a welcoming, cozy sanctuary, irrespective of your balcony’s size.

Furniture for Large Balconies

For larger balconies, consider investing in an outdoor dining set. You have options such as the ÄPPLARÖ series, which includes extendable dining tables and high-back chairs. These are made from durable, sustainable acacia wood, and feature drop-leaves that allow you to adjust the table size according to your needs.

If you prefer relaxation over dining outside, consider lounge furniture such as the KUNGSHOLMEN or HAVSTEN series. These offer spacious seats with comfortable cushions, perfect for relaxing afternoons or casual conversation.

A larger space also allows for additional elements, such as a hammock or swing, with options like the GÅRÖ/FREDÖN hammock that provides a unique and comfortable space for lounging.

Medium-Sized Balcony Furniture

A medium-sized balcony can also benefit from thoughtful planning and clever selection of IKEA furniture. Compact dining sets like TÄRNÖ or ASKHOLMEN can be a good choice. These sets have foldable tables and chairs, allowing you to pack them away when not in use for maximized space.

The ÄPPLARÖ bench with wall panel is another suitable choice. It provides adjustable shelving for plants or accessories and has integrated seating.

For Small Balconies

Small balconies require a strategic approach to ensure that every inch counts. Foldable or stackable IKEA furniture can help significantly.

For instance, the MÄLLÖ table with reversible top and stackable chairs saves space while offering a trendy and compact seating arrangement. Similarly, the foldable BÄLJÖ sun lounger can be flattened and stored away when not in use.

Don’t overlook vertical space, too. IKEA’s SATSUMAS plant stand, with its multiple levels of plant housing, creates a vertical garden, adding life and color to your space without sacrificing floor area.

Material Considerations

When choosing your IKEA balcony furniture, also consider the material of the furniture. IKEA’s range includes materials like solid acacia wood, which is durable and weather-resistant for outdoor use. You might also opt for lightweight and rustproof aluminum furniture like the HÖGSTEN armchair or the SJÄLLAND dining series.

Adding Personal Touches

Once your base furniture is selected, add personal touches with IKEA accessories. Outdoor cushions like those from the FRÖSÖN/DUVHOLMEN series offer comfort and style. The solvinden solar-powered lighting series can light your balcony for those chilled evenings, while plant pots like the SOLVINDEN series can add a touch of greenery.

When it comes to choosing the right IKEA balcony furniture, taking into consideration the size of your space, your preferred balance between relaxation and dining, and the overall aesthetic you envision is crucial. With thoughtful selection, you can create a balcony that brings together function, comfort, and style.

An image showing different sizes of balconies with IKEA furniture, showcasing comfort and style.

IKEA Balcony Furniture: Assembly and Maintenance

Navigating IKEA Balcony Furniture Assembly

Recognized for its affordable, attractive, and practical home furnishings, IKEA brings the same attributes to its outdoor furniture collection geared specifically towards balconies. IKEA has designed the assembly process to be as uncomplicated as possible, by providing visual, step-by-step instruction manuals with each product.

The comprehensive IKEA balcony furniture line incorporates everything from tables and chairs to loungers and plant stands, each paired with its unique set of assembly guidelines. When you purchase any piece of IKEA balcony furniture, it’s essential to check the packaging for the tools needed for assembly. In most cases, an ordinary Phillips-head screwdriver alongside an Allen wrench, often included, will be sufficient for the assembly process.

Take your time to follow the instructions to the letter to prevent common assembly hitches such as incorrect alignment or skipped steps. For those moments when the assembly seems a bit confusing, IKEA offers helpful video tutorials on their website for their most sought after items.

Common Difficulties and Troubleshooting Tips

One common issue with IKEA furniture assembly is the misplacement or loss of a hardware piece. Keeping your workspace clean and organized can mitigate this. Also, IKEA offers spare parts at their customer service, so getting a replacement is easy if you happen to lose a piece.

Sometimes, there could be challenges with aligning bolt holes during the assembly. This problem can be solved by loosely screwing all the bolts before aligning and tightening them fully. If you still face challenges with the assembly, IKEA customer service can guide you through the process over the phone.

Understanding IKEA Balcony Furniture Maintenance

Like all furniture, IKEA balcony sets also require consistent maintenance to preserve their look and longevity. The amount of maintenance needed primarily depends on the type of material the furniture is made from.

Metal balcony furniture from IKEA should be regularly monitored for minor damage like scratches or chips as these may lead to rust if ignored. Routine cleaning with mild soap and water should be done and the use of outdoor furniture covers is recommended to shield them from environmental damage.

When it comes to IKEA’s wooden balcony furniture, the company usually suggests applying a stain or wood oil once or twice a year for surface protection. Immediate clean-up is advised to prevent staining if any spillages happen as well as avoiding harsh cleaning agents that can harm the wood.

IKEA’s plastic furniture requires less upkeep, with a simple regular wash of soapy water being more than enough. Nonetheless, they can be susceptible to fading under strong sunlight, so utilizing furniture covers or storing them indoors when not in use is a prudent choice.

Although maintaining IKEA balcony furniture might seem like a chore at times, employing the correct methods makes it a manageable task. This care ensures that your outdoor space remains attractive and welcoming for everyone for many years.

A person assembling IKEA balcony furniture

Photo by jamieattfield on Unsplash

Comparisons and Reviews: IKEA Balcony Furniture

An Overview of IKEA Balcony Furniture

The multinational Swedish corporation IKEA, renowned for its contemporary designs for a wide range of furniture and appliances, also offers an extensive range of balcony furniture. The brand’s popularity hinges on its minimalist aesthetic designs, functionality, durability, and most notably, its affordability.

The impressive variety, intelligent designs, and commitment to sustainability draw countless customers to IKEA for their balcony furniture needs. Some of its most sought-after offerings include outdoor tables and chairs, benches, lounges, and outdoor storage solutions. These items are designed specifically with the outdoors in mind and come with finishes that enhance their resistance to the elements.

Durable and Functional Designs

The durability of IKEA’s balcony furniture deserves a special mention as it deals with harsher outdoor conditions compared to indoor furniture. Most of their outdoor furniture is designed with weather-resistant materials like solid acacia wood (for instance, on their ÄPPLARÖ series) and steel frames with powder coating (as seen in the SJÄLLAND series). Maintenance and assembly of the furniture are straightforward, adding to IKEA’s appeal.

However, not all IKEA balcony furniture receives glowing praise. Some customers have reported that certain models do not weather well over time, especially when exposed to intense weather conditions. It’s recommended to invest in covers or consider indoor storage during offseason months to extend the furniture’s longevity.

Comparisons with Other Brands

When compared to other brands, IKEA’s affordability stands out. Their vast range of outdoor furniture covers broad price points, making it accessible to different budget ranges. Major furniture brands like Pottery Barn and West Elm also offer excellent quality and often more luxurious designs, but they come at significantly higher prices.

That said, brands like Target, WalMart, and Home Depot also have affordable outdoor furniture offerings. Despite the price similarity, IKEA’s Scandinavian design appeal and eco-friendly materials make it more desirable for some individuals.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews generally favor IKEA’s balcony furniture. The ease of assembly and the versatility of the products often stand out in customer praises. Their SOLLERÖN series, known for modular design and flexibility, has gained much positive feedback.

However, customers expressed concerns over longevity in some reviews. Some have found, although the initial quality and style meet expectations, the durability of certain products leaves room for improvement.

It’s worth noting, however, that the percentage of these complaints is relatively small compared to the overwhelming praises. Moreover, IKEA’s customer service, while sometimes being subject to criticism, is often effective at resolving product issues.

Final Considerations

In conclusion, IKEA is a renowned player in the market of balcony furniture, offering economical, versatile, and stylish choices. Although the longevity of their selections may concern certain shoppers, products demonstrate a marked improvement in lifespan with proper care and usage. When held against its competitors, IKEA’s minimalist designs and commitment to sustainability sets it apart as an attractive option.

A photo of IKEA balcony furniture, showcasing a stylish and functional outdoor space.

Creative Decorating Ideas with IKEA Balcony Furniture

Exploring the Versatility of IKEA Balcony Furniture

Having its origins in Sweden, IKEA has firmly entrenched itself as one of the global leaders in the field of ready-to-assemble furniture, providing solutions for spaces from bedrooms to balconies. The company’s range of balcony furniture is applauded for its judicious mix of aesthetic charm, resilience and functionality, with a myriad of designs that can be crafted into a vast array of creative setups.

Creating Different Atmospheres with IKEA Balcony Furniture

The key to utilizing IKEA’s balcony furniture to its fullest potential is by curating an atmosphere that best fits your personal style. This could range from creating a peaceful oasis with a set of ÄPPLARÖ series, featuring solid wood furniture giving a natural and sturdy feel, paired with minimalist FRÖSÖN/DUVHOLMEN cushions and decorative solar lanterns for a cozy touch. For a more contemporary look, IKEA’s SOLLERÖN modular sections can be customized to create a stylish, modern outdoor lounge.

Accessorizing Your IKEA Balcony Furniture: An Essential Finishing Touch

A critical part of achieving the ideal ambiance for your balcony is incorporating appropriate and stylish accessories. Patio lanterns or fairy lights from IKEA’s range of outdoor lighting can uplift your evening ambiance, while decorative cushions or throws can add a splash of color and comfort to your balcony seating. Potted plants in IKEA’s SATSUMAS bamboo stand or hanging planters can bring life and greenery to your space.

Maximizing Space with IKEA Balcony Furniture

Balconies often have limited space, but this can be addressed with IKEA’s innovative solutions. Try the TÄRNÖ set, a compact table and chair set that can be folded up when not in use. For more seating, IKEA’s KUNGSHOLMEN outdoor seating comes in modules, so you can create as large or as small a couch as your space allows.

Durability and Maintenance of IKEA Balcony Furniture

Most of IKEA’s balcony furniture is designed to resist the elements, whether it be rain, snow or sun. Many collections like the RESÖ series are made from high-grade, sustainably sourced acacia wood that has been pre-treated with oil for added durability. Metal components are typically powder-coated to help resist rust and damage from weather conditions.

However, to keep your furniture looking sharp and to prolong its lifespan, routine maintenance is recommended. This would include regular cleaning, re-application of protective oils, and using weather-resistant covers during harsh weather conditions.

Customizing and Personalization with IKEA

Beyond the range of styles and designs offered, IKEA encourages customers to personalize their purchases. This might include adding your own touch with a fresh coat of paint, reupholstering cushions in your favorite fabric, or stenciling a unique design onto wooden surfaces.

IKEA balcony furniture can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of tranquility, a hub for entertaining, or whatever your heart desires – the choice is truly yours.

IKEA Balcony Furniture image showcasing various furniture arrangements and accessories

All in all, IKEA balcony furniture stands out for its versatility, durability, and classic designs that can fit into any balcony size or style. From the small nesting tables to larger dining sets, IKEA offers functional solutions that don’t compromise on aesthetics. While the task of assembly might sometimes be daunting, IKEA’s well-guided instructions, coupled with our tips for troubleshooting, are sure to make the experience less intimidating. Plus, the ease of maintenance adds another feather in IKEA’s cap. The tryst doesn’t end with just purchasing, as our decorating ideas will guide your way to weave magic into your balcony setup. Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in balcony furniture, IKEA should be on your radar, and we hope this article helps you make a well-informed choice.

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