Master Your Outdoor Space: IKEA Garden Planning Guide

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look to extend their living areas into the open air. A well-planned garden not only brings aesthetic pleasure but also enhances the value of a property. However, garden planning may sound like a daunting task for many, especially those with limited experience. This is where IKEA’s garden planning solutions come to rescue. Known for its affordability, versatility, and convenience, IKEA sheds new light on the task of transforming an outdoor space. This piece explores the benefits of IKEA garden planning, key products, and offers a step-by-step guide to help you bring your dream garden to life, backed by real-life case studies.

Benefits of IKEA Garden Planning

Affordability of IKEA’s Garden Planning Solutions

One key benefit of IKEA’s garden planning solutions is affordability. IKEA has built its reputation around offering high-quality, beautifully designed products at accessible prices. The same holds true for their gardening products. From basic garden tools and plant pots to outdoor furniture and decorative pieces, IKEA’s wide range of budget-friendly offerings makes it possible to design a functional and attractive garden no matter how big or small your budget is. This allows more people to enjoy the conveniences of a well-planned garden without breaking the bank.

Versatility and Broad Range of Styles

IKEA’s garden planning solutions are characterized by their versatility which is another significant benefit. The company offers a wide variety of styles, designs, and color schemes that can cater to every gardener’s unique taste. Whether the customer prefers a classic, rustic look, a modern, minimalist design, or a vibrant and playful aesthetic, IKEA has it all. Their product range is diverse enough to allow each customer to create the garden space of their dreams according to their unique specifications.

In addition to potted plants and trees, IKEA also offers improved storage solutions, garden tables, chairs, benches, patio umbrellas, garden lighting, and numerous decorative pieces. Each of these product categories has a wide array of styles and designs to choose from, allowing the flexibility to mix and match environmentally friendly items across the range.

Convenient Planning Tools

Despite the breadth of their offerings, navigating IKEA’s wide product range is made easy with their handy garden planning tools. IKEA offers online tools that allow customers to virtually layout and plan their outdoor spaces. Online garden planning tools at IKEA let users visualize their garden design, pick and place IKEA products within that design, and create a shopping list to streamline the purchasing process. Also, IKEA’s product information is transparent and comprehensive, allowing customers to easily understand the dimensions, materials, assembly requirement, maintenance, and other characteristics of each product.

Attractive and Affordable Garden Solutions

The myriad of benefits offered by IKEA’s garden planning solutions can hardly go unnoticed, especially when considering the affordability, versatility, and the convenience that they bring to the table. From varied styles to a vast range of products suitable for different garden spaces, IKEA ensures that garden planning becomes an uncomplicated and rewarding venture. The major attractions include IKEA’s easily navigable online planning tools and comprehensive product information, all tailored to cater to the needs of customers, making IKEA a preferred choice for veterans and beginners alike in garden planning.

Image of a person using an online garden planning tool on an IKEA website to design their garden

Key IKEA Products for Garden Planning

Explore IKEA’s Offerings for Garden Planning

For a more enhanced garden planning experience, IKEA offers an extensive range of products that cater to every need. This Swedish retail giant not only offers efficient solutions for planting and garden maintenance, but also an enticing array of outdoor furniture and decorative pieces. These meticulously designed and curated products can effortlessly beautify your backyard, transforming it into an enchanting outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Furniture

IKEA’s outdoor furniture collection can play a pivotal role in garden planning, imbuing functionality and style into your outdoor spaces. For dining and lounging, IKEA offers a comprehensive range of garden furniture from tables and chairs to benches, loungers and hammocks. A standout product is the ÄPPLARÖ series made from durable, sustainably sourced acacia wood. It offers everything from foldable chairs to extendable tables and storage benches, which can be crucial for smaller outdoor spaces.

For a more modern aesthetic, the SOLLERÖN series is a perfect choice. Constructed from maintenance-free plastic rattan and covered in comfortable cushions, it provides a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance to your garden.

Gardening Tools and Plant Pots

IKEA’s range of gardening tools can help in maintaining the attractiveness of your outdoor area. The GRÄSMARÖ 3-piece garden tool set offers the essences of gardening: a hand trowel, a weeding fork and a cultivator.

A huge variety of plant pots is also offered by IKEA to suit every possible taste and garden style. The NYPON series is designed to withstand harsh weather and can be used indoors and outdoors. These pots are not only responsibly made from at least 70% recycled plastic, but they also come in different sizes and colors to match any design ethos.

For a rustic, natural look, the KAPKRUSBÄR hanging planter handwoven from seagrass and banana leaves can add a layer of charm to your garden. This product pairs nicely with IKEA’s assortment of artificial plants, which require no upkeep and stay vibrant year-round.

Integration of IKEA Products into Garden Designs

These IKEA products can be integrated into your garden in various styles depending on your preferred aesthetics and functionality requirements. For example, for a compact patio, the ASKHOLMEN series – featuring foldable furniture – can be a perfect fit. Intersperse compact seating with potted plants from the NYPON series for an appealing look that doesn’t compromise on space.

If you’re aiming for a more expansive and opulent setup, mix and match products from the ÄPPLARÖ series with select pieces from the SOLLERÖN series. Accentuate your layout with coordinated plant pots like the earthy KAPKRUSBÄR hanging planter and other plant pot series for a diverse, plush garden space.

Revamping your outdoor space? IKEA is here to help you design an inspired, customized garden exactly to your liking. Regardless of whether you’re keen on crafting a serene space for relaxation, setting up an al fresco dining area, or allocating a sprawling play area for the kids, IKEA’s wide variety and affordable options for garden planning are guaranteed to meet all of your design needs and preferences.

Various IKEA garden products displayed on a wooden table with plants in the background

Step-by-Step Guide to IKEA Garden Planning

Getting Started: Planning Your Dream Garden with IKEA

Take the first step to designing your dream garden by reflecting on what you envision your outdoor oasis to look like. Do you fancy a special area for cultivating fruits and vegetables? A patio awning for a delightful outdoor seating area? Or perhaps a children’s playground or a sun-drenched spot for lounging? The possibilities are endless!

With IKEA, your garden design can be as straightforward or as complex as you wish. Be sure to consider the local climate, types of plants that can withstand the weather conditions, and the amount of sunlight your garden area is exposed to each day. Grab a pencil and sketch your preliminary garden design, listing all the key features and elements you wish to integrate into your outdoor IKEA space.

IKEA Product Selection: Infuse Swedish Elegance into Your Garden

Once the initial design is set, the next step is to select IKEA products that blend seamlessly with your garden vision. IKEA has a myriad of outdoor products that are perfect for garden planning. This includes a variety of outdoor furniture like loungers, hammock stands, and patio tables; plant and care items like flower boxes, hanging plants, and watering cans; and décor items like outdoor cushions, lanterns, and fairy lights.

Their easy-to-assemble structures such as the ASKHOLMEN blooming shelf and BONDHOLMEN furniture series can make your garden look inviting and enchanting. Make sure to choose items that are durable, weather-resistant and align with your proposed garden theme.

Product Purchase: Gear Up for a Swedish Garden Invasion

Purchasing the selected IKEA items is the next crucial step. You can visit an IKEA store to personally witness the look, feel, and quality of your shortlisted products. However, if an in-store visit isn’t feasible, online shopping is an alternate option. IKEA’s online site provides detailed information about sizes, weight, materials, and maintenance instructions for each product.

Before hitting the ‘checkout’ button, ensure that you have the necessary measurements and quantities of the IKEA products in check. Consider ordering additional spare parts if needed. Remember to plan and budget for delivery and assembly services if you don’t plan to do them yourself.

Installation: Welcome Your IKEA Garden Products Home

After purchasing, the next step is the installation of your IKEA garden products. Some IKEA items would need assembling before they can be installed in your garden. The company usually provides a detailed installation guide along with the products. For larger or more complex items, you might want to consider IKEA’s assembly service.

When installing, think about the positioning of your garden elements, taking into consideration how the sun moves through your garden. For instance, lounging spaces or patios should ideally be placed in areas that receive ample sunlight, while plants that require less sunlight can find their home in comparatively shady spots.

Bringing Your Vision to Life: Final Assembly of Your IKEA Garden

Step into your carefully designed sanctuary as you see your plans come to fruition. With final adjustments and the utopian touch of IKEA, your envisioned garden is now a reality. You may find small amendments are necessary. This may involve moving items for optimal aesthetics or altering your original plan to accommodate the garden’s organic structure.

When your choice of IKEA garden products has found their rightful places, take a moment to soak in the serene atmosphere of your new refuge. This milestone marks the beginning of regular upkeep to ensure longevity of both the garden and the IKEA items therein. It’s essential to remember the development of an IKEA garden isn’t a spontaneous phenomenon. Instead, it’s a journey of unfolding and evolving landscapes.

Illustration of a beautifully arranged garden with IKEA products

Case Studies of IKEA Garden Planning

Case Study: The Urban Oasis- A New York City Rooftop Revamp

Let us take you through one example, where a New Yorker converted their limited rooftop space into a tranquil sanctuary with the help of IKEA’s garden planning services. With compact square footage and an aspiration for versatility, creative planning was fundamental to achieving the ideal design. The outcome was a pleasing and functional outdoor room, reachable through convenient IGLOO parasols, guaranteed to provide shadowed comfort or a clear sky view for stargazing.

The strategic use of IKEA’s RUNNEN outdoor decking and SOLVINDEN solar-powered lamps proved instrumental in this transformation. With style and practicality at the forefront, the project demonstrated that no area is too petite for a monumental eruption of beauty and functionality when armed with a well-thought plan and the right set of products.

Case Study 2: Suburban Family Garden in Chicago

This case study highlights how a suburban family in Chicago used products from IKEA’s outdoor range to transform their basic backyard into an enviable garden space suitable for entertainment and relaxation.

The family, with two young children, wanted a space that could easily entertain guests, without sacrificing areas for the children to play. IKEA’s garden planning team developed a multifunctional plan that incorporated both the adults’ and children’s needs.

The team used IKEA’s outdoor sofa series ÄPPLARÖ for comfortable seating and also installed IKEA’s DYNING canopy over part of the garden to provide shade on sunnier days. The children’s area was enhanced with outdoor-friendly LAATIKKO throw cushions to create a fun play picnic area.

Case Study 3: Compact Balcony Transformation in San Francisco

This project saw the transformation of a compact balcony in San Francisco into a lush garden space. Due to space constraints, the IKEA garden planning team made ample use of vertical space, incorporating FEJKA artificial plants and SATSUMAS plant stand for greenery without taking up valuable floor space.

They also chose space-saving furniture, such as the outdoor foldable BÄRBAR tray table, and LED solar-powered lamps for a cozy ambiance. The finished project showcased the capabilities of small-space solutions through clever IKEA garden planning.

Case Study 4: Outdoor Culinary Theme in Houston

Feeding their love of outdoor cooking and dining, a Houston family wished to incorporate a culinary theme into their garden design. IKEA’s garden planning team rose to the challenge by installing the KLASEN charcoal grill alongside various ÄPPLARÖ/KLASEN outdoor cabinets and shelving units for easy access to cooking utensils and ingredients.

A dining space was then created by the addition of an ÄPPLARÖ drop-leaf table, which conveniently saved space when not in use. The use of BAGGÖN/SVARTÖ parasols provided much-needed shade, highlighting how functional garden planning can contribute to enjoyable outdoor culinary experiences.


These case studies show how IKEA garden planning services can meet the diverse needs of homeowners, irrespective of location, space, or personal preferences. The effective use of IKEA products brings large and small spaces to life, offering inspiration to others aiming to transform their own outdoor areas.

Collage image showcasing different garden transformations with IKEA products

From design inspiration to the final implementation, IKEA offers myriad garden planning solutions that cater to a wide array of styles and preferences. Through affordability and style versatility, IKEA has democratised garden planning, making it an achievable dream for every homeowner. Coupled with the step-by-step guide and practical lessons learned from real-life case studies, you are now equipped with comprehensive knowledge to begin your journey in creating your own outdoor sanctuary with IKEA. Start planning your garden today, let it be a space that reflects your personality and serves as a tranquil retreat amidst the brisks of life.

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