IKEA Veggie Balls: Prices, Nutritional Facts, And More

IKEA has long been associated with IKEA Swedish meatballs and other Swedish cuisines, but they now offer various vegetarian meals and snacks including IKEA veggie balls. If you are vegan though these veggie balls are not vegan but you can also get great vegan options at IKEA.

Their veggie balls are pretty tasty, and they’re the perfect thing to eat on the go or as a sit down meal in IKEA’s restaurant

We detail everything about IKEA’s veggie balls including prices, calories, and nutrition facts.

Why is IKEA Veggie Balls Are Better than?

Do you want to experience the best vegetable balls on the market? IKEA restaurant has loads of vegetarian options but is your next stop. However, people also ask why these veggie balls are unique and different from other restaurants. 

IKEA’s vegetable balls have an interesting texture and taste almost like meatballs. The texture is not quite as crumbly as a regular veggie ball, so that makes the difference for vegan lovers. 

Try these vegetarian balls from IKEA if you want something healthy and tasty. They taste better than your average veggie ball in your local restaurant.

Another thing that brings the difference in IKEA’s veggie balls is that it’s not just a single item on their menu; it comes with a complementary side dish. That makes for a balanced meal if you want to follow an eating routine with no room for junk food. It’s also better than what other restaurants offer in terms of nutritional value

IKEA Veggie Balls Prices

The IKEA veggie balls are a popular meal on the IKEA food court menu. Once you buy, the dish consists of rice pilaf, colorful vegetable mix, tomato & garlic chipotle sauce, and veggie balls

All these combinations in one plate leave you satisfied. But the amazing thing, the price of the plate is affordable. At $6.99 only, you can experience the delicacy of these famous veggie balls.

Unbeatable IKEA Veggie balls 

You can be a huge meat eater, but you can never say no to IKEA veggie balls. They’re divine. If you’re a meat eater and have been skeptical of veggie balls, give them another try the flavor is so rich and delicious

Don’t be afraid to experiment with seasonings until you find your perfect combination. But remember, once you visit the nearest IKEA restaurant for IKEA veggie balls, you’ll not regret it. 

IKEA veggie balls

IKEA Veggie Balls Ingredients

Calories play an important role in the health of your body. You need to know the number of calories you will add to your body after a meal. Luckily, IKEA provides all the nutrition facts of their food

Suppose you want to lose weight and need food low in calories. The good thing is that you can avoid some food items that increase calorie levels. In each serving of veggie balls, here are the number of calories  present:

We have also provided detailed information about all the ingredients in IKEA’s veggie balls below.

IKEA Veggie balls Nutritional Facts

These Veggie Balls also add nutrients to the diet. The food item is rich in proteins, minerals, and other essential dietary components for your body.

Consuming the whole meal gives you about 400 calories, where 220 calories are from veggie balls. At low levels, other essential elements, including iron, calcium, potassium, and fiber, will promote your health.

The common ingredients in veggie balls include:

For nutritional facts of IKEA’s veggie balls see the picture below.

IKEA Veggie balls Reviews

While they may not be as popular as IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs, IKEA’s veggie balls are almost equally scrumptious. Although these tasty little treats may look questionable’ they have quickly become one of the favorite lunchtime options for many people. 

If you need an easy meal that is both affordable and filling, consider adding some veggie balls to your next order.


Ikea veggie balls have become the newest food craze to hit IKEA restaurants, and people absolutely love them! However, many questions about these Swedish food menu items still need to be answered.

What are IKEA veggie balls made of?

Ikea veggie balls are made from a mix of many ingredients. These include chickpeas, garden peas, raw carrots, sweet peppers, sweet maize, kale, yellow onions, yeast extract, turmeric root, dried parsley, dried bay leaves, dried carrots, black pepper, dried sage, onion powder, brown sugar from beets, and rapeseed oil. It is important to note that these are not IKEA meatballs but are shaped like them. Many people with dietary restrictions have found that these make for a delicious alternative to meat. If you aren’t vegan, try combining these with tomato sauce for an extra special treat. 

What do IKEA veggie balls taste like?

Like meatballs, but better. In Sweden, it’s said that veggie balls can’t be distinguished from meatballs in taste and texture. That’s because Ikea has worked hard to ensure their veggie balls are a bit more flavorful and textured than other brands. They’re delicious.

Are veggie balls healthy?

Yes, veggie balls are healthy because they’re made with whole ingredients. They can be low in fat and calories, though, and they provide filling fibre or protein. That means it’s important to eat them with a full meal, like breakfast or dinner, or split one up over several meals. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help your body digest them.They are also gluten free and vegan which is also a plus!

How many calories are there in 1 serving of veggie balls?

At IKEA restaurant one serving of 8 pieces of veggie balls contains 220 calories. This is lower than most foods we analyzed with a similar degree of protein. Compared to foods in its food group, this item has a fair amount of calories.


It’s no secret that IKEA’s Swedish veggie balls are one of their signature dishes — but as a dedicated vegetarian, these are the best options. After taking a bite of these little balls of tasty goodness, you will know delicious they are. The choice of ingredients to prepare veggie balls is incredible, too.

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