IKEA Nottingham Restaurant: A Dining Experience

Welcome to a brief overview of IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, where you’ll learn about its convenient location, varied menu, and inviting ambiance. This snapshot will help you understand what to expect in terms of prices, payment options, hours, reservations, and customer reviews for this popular dining destination.

IKEA Nottingham Restaurant Location & Access

The IKEA Restaurant Nottingham is located within the IKEA Nottingham store, situated at Giltbrook Retail Park, Giltbrook, Nottingham, NG16 2RP. This prominent location in the retail park makes it easily accessible for shoppers and visitors alike. Giltbrook Retail Park is a popular shopping destination and boasts various other retail outlets, such as Decathlon, B&Q, and Pets at Home, among others. These nearby landmarks make it easy for people to locate and visit the IKEA Restaurant while shopping in the area.

When it comes to accessibility, there are several options for reaching IKEA Restaurant Nottingham. For those who prefer public transportation, the nearest bus stop is just a short walk away from the retail park. The bus stop is called Ikea Retail Park and is served by the local bus services Rainbow One and 26, connecting directly to Nottingham city center. For individuals who are driving, there is a large and free parking facility available at Giltbrook Retail Park, which can accommodate a high volume of cars, making it convenient for customers to park their vehicles and enjoy their meal at the IKEA Restaurant without any hassle.

In addition to easy public transport access and ample parking, the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham also offers features such as charging stations for electric vehicles, accessible parking spaces, and family-friendly parking spots. These ensure a convenient and enjoyable experience for all visitors, regardless of their mode of transportation or unique requirements. Furthermore, the restaurant provides a wide array of food options, catering to various dietary preferences and needs, making it a top choice for dining while shopping at the Giltbrook Retail Park.

The IKEA Restaurant in Nottingham is situated in a retail park with ample parking and easy access via public transport. The surrounding retail outlets make it easy to locate and there are additional facilities such as charging stations for electric vehicles.

Menu & Food Offerings

At IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, customers can explore a vast menu that appeals to different tastes and dietary needs. Among the fan-favorite dishes is the iconic Swedish meatballs served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and lingonberry sauce. This delicious meal is a nod to the brand’s Swedish roots and offers a satisfying option for those wanting to fully immerse themselves in the IKEA dining experience.

In addition to meat-based dishes, IKEA Restaurant Nottingham also has an array of vegetarian and vegan options available. Customers may choose from dishes like the plant-based meatballs, made with a blend of yellow pea protein, oats, and potatoes, served with a vegan cream sauce and accompanied by vegetables and lingonberry jam. The menu also features a vegan strawberry soft-serve that is a perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth. Limited-time specials are occasionally introduced in the restaurant to keep the menu fresh and exciting, offering customers new and unique flavors to try out.

For families with young children, IKEA Restaurant Nottingham provides a designated kids’ menu to ensure that even the little ones enjoy their meal. The children’s menu offers smaller, child-friendly portions of popular dishes like meatballs, as well as exclusive meal options like kid’s vegetable balls or chicken meatballs served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. This ensures that everyone in the family, regardless of age or dietary preferences, can find a delicious meal to savor while shopping at IKEA.

The picture shows a menu board with different meals available in the IKEA restaurant.

Ambiance & Seating

At the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, customers can expect a bright, spacious, and welcoming atmosphere where they can enjoy a light meal or a full meal between shopping excursions. The restaurant’s interior design features a sleek, minimalist, Scandinavian style that mirrors the brand’s beloved aesthetic. Large windows let in an abundance of natural light, while the color palette of whites and light woods creates a clean, comfortable, and airy ambiance, making for a smooth dining experience for both children and adults alike.

Seating options at the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham are suited for a variety of situations, from individuals in need of a quick bite to larger families and groups. There are individual tables and chairs for those who prefer a more intimate dining experience, as well as larger tables and benches to accommodate families or groups of friends. For guests in need of highchairs for infants or booster seats for young children, the restaurant provides them to ensure a safe and comfortable dining experience for all.The IKEA Restaurant Nottingham offers an enjoyable dining experience with modern, functional, and stylish design that caters to various needs and preferences. In the designated family area, guests can find comfortable chairs, sofas, children’s highchairs, and a play area to keep the little ones entertained. Additionally, the restaurant also features a peaceful and tranquil quiet zone complete with partitions and plush seating for those who prefer a more serene atmosphere during their meal. These various seating options ensure all guests can enjoy their dining experience at IKEA Restaurant Nottingham and leave refreshed, ready for more furniture shopping.

The image shows a brightly lit, spacious and modern restaurant space with light-colored furniture and large windows providing natural light. Several groups of people and families can be seen seated comfortably at tables and chairs, enjoying their meals. The restaurant features a designated family area with a play area for children, as well as a quiet zone for those seeking a peaceful dining atmosphere.

Prices & Payment Options

At the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, customers can enjoy a wide variety of delicious and affordable meal options suitable for every taste. The menu includes popular choices such as Swedish meatballs, salmon fillet, plant-based options, as well as a selection of delectable pastries and beverages – all at wallet-friendly prices. Furthermore, the restaurant offers children’s meals at lower costs, making it an ideal spot for family dining while visiting IKEA to furnish their homes with stylish and practical solutions.To provide customers with a more satisfying dining experience, IKEA Restaurant Nottingham regularly features promotions and limited-time offers. Shoppers can check the current promotions by visiting the IKEA website or inquiring at the restaurant. IKEA FAMILY members are also eligible for additional discounts on selected menu items, and can enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee during weekdays, making the dining experience even more delightful for loyal customers.At the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, payments are conveniently processed through a variety of accepted methods. Customers can choose to pay using all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. This ensures a seamless transaction process for patrons. Additionally, cash payments are available for those who prefer to use physical currency.

An image of a busy IKEA restaurant with people eating and relaxing with their families.

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Hours & Reservations

Since the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham operates within the same hours as the IKEA store, it’s easy to plan a meal during your shopping trip. The store, and consequently the restaurant, is open from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, and on Sundays from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. With this in mind, you can enjoy a tasty meal at the IKEA Restaurant anytime while shopping at the store.

While there are no specific timings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, the menu options cater to different meals throughout the day. From early morning bites and snacks to hearty lunches and filling dinners, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Food options include family-friendly favorites like Swedish meatballs, salmon dishes, and vegetarian options, as well as a range of dessert treats such as cinnamon buns and other pastries.

When it comes to dining at the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham, reservations are typically not necessary. The restaurant operates on a first-come, first-served basis, making it easy for you and your family to find a table. However, during peak times or special events, it might be a good idea to call the store ahead of time to check if any reservations or adjustments are needed before visiting. By doing this, you can ensure a pleasant dining experience while also enjoying your shopping at the IKEA Nottingham store.

A family enjoying a meal at the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham with a view of the store aisles in the background.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Customer reviews for the IKEA Restaurant in Nottingham have been mixed, with feedback primarily focusing on food quality, service, and the overall ambiance of the establishment. It is important to keep these various experiences in mind when planning your visit to the restaurant, as it can help set realistic expectations for your dining adventure.

Some patrons have praised the eatery for its wide selection of meals at affordable prices, particularly appreciating the Swedish-inspired offerings such as meatballs and salmon dishes. Patrons have also mentioned that the restaurant is ideal for families with children, as they offer a variety of kid-friendly meals and have a relaxed atmosphere.

However, some diners have expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of their dining experience at the IKEA Restaurant Nottingham. Long waiting times for food, especially during peak hours or weekends, seem to be a common complaint, which could be due to the high footfall at the retail store. Additionally, a few customers have mentioned subpar food quality or lack of flavor in certain dishes, although this seems to be a less frequent issue.

The service provided by the staff at IKEA Restaurant Nottingham has also been a topic of discussion among patrons. While some commend the team’s friendly demeanor and helpfulness, others have reported instances of slow or unattentive service that negatively impacted their experience. Furthermore, seating capacity and cleanliness have been brought up as concerns by a few customers, particularly during busy periods when the restaurant is overwhelmed with visitors.

Despite these challenges, the IKEA Restaurant continues to be a popular destination for shoppers looking for a convenient and budget-friendly meal option.

An image of the IKEA Restaurant in Nottingham with a variety of food items and families with children enjoying meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

With this information, you’re now prepared to plan a dining experience at IKEA Restaurant Nottingham. Whether you’re on a shopping trip to IKEA or exploring the nearby landmarks, the restaurant offers a welcoming environment, affordable prices, and a diverse menu to satisfy your appetite. Don’t forget to check out customer reviews for a peek into other patrons’ experiences, and remember to make reservations if needed. Happy dining!

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