IKEA Restaurant Houston Information

As one of the world’s leading home furnishing retailers, IKEA is known for its wide range of affordable and stylish furniture. However, a visit to an IKEA store is more than just shopping for home goods – it’s an experience that includes dining at their in-house restaurants. One such location offering this complete experience is IKEA Houston. In this exploration, we delve into the various aspects of the IKEA Houston store and restaurant, such as its history, menu offerings, operational hours, unique discounts, sustainability practices, customer feedback, and more.

IKEA Houston Store Overview

The IKEA Houston store, located at 7810 Katy Freeway, first opened its doors in 2000, providing the residents of Southeast Texas with access to stylish and affordable home furnishings. This Swedish retail giant is well-known for its ready-to-assemble furniture and home goods, offering a one-stop solution for all your home improvement needs. At 356,000 square feet, the IKEA Houston store provides ample space to browse Scandinavian design-inspired furniture and products that are perfect for all living spaces.

As part of its comprehensive shopping experience, IKEA Houston offers more than just furniture but also has an in-store restaurant, offering a unique dining opportunity for customers to enjoy a break during their shopping trip. The IKEA restaurant in Houston serves a wide range of delicious and reasonably-priced Swedish dishes as well as American favorites, making it a popular dining destination not only for shoppers but also for Houstonians in general.

Some of the most iconic dishes served at IKEA’s Houston restaurant include the famous Swedish meatballs, served with lingonberries and gravy, smoked salmon plates, and the traditional Swedish Pannkakor (pancakes) with jam. In addition to these Swedish specialties, the restaurant also offers a variety of American classics such as sandwiches, salads, and assorted desserts. For families with children, the IKEA Houston restaurant also provides a children’s menu with options that cater to young palates. This makes dining at the IKEA Houston restaurant a practical and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Apart from the in-store sit-down restaurant, the IKEA Houston store also features a Swedish food market, where customers can purchase a variety of Swedish groceries and food items. This includes popular IKEA snacks such as cinnamon buns, pickled herring, and frozen Swedish meatballs that you can prepare and enjoy at home.

In addition to the dining options available within the IKEA Houston store, there are other amenities designed to create a complete shopping experience. These include a supervised children’s play area known as Småland, baby care rooms, and preferred parking for families. These thoughtful amenities align with IKEA’s mission to create a better everyday life for many people. The IKEA Houston store is more than just a home furnishing destination; it provides customers with an enjoyable, stress-free, and delightful shopping and dining experience.

IKEA Restaurant Menu

The IKEA restaurant Houston has a diverse menu that reflects both Swedish culinary traditions and American tastes, offering patrons a unique and satisfying dining experience. Choices range from traditional beef and pork meatballs to chicken meatballs, and even a plant-based version for those seeking a vegetarian option. Each variant is served with the classic Swedish cream sauce, a side of potatoes or grains, and a delicious lingonberry sauce to complement the savory flavors.

Recognizing diverse dietary preferences, the IKEA restaurant Houston also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes. For example, vegetable balls made from a blend of chickpeas, peas, kale, and bell peppers provide a delicious and healthy alternative. Additionally, salads and wraps cater to customers seeking more plant-based options.

To ensure that the whole family enjoys their visit, the IKEA restaurant Houston features a designated kids menu. Children can delight in smaller portions of familiar favorites such as macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, and, of course, the beloved Swedish meatballs.

At IKEA restaurant Houston, diners can enjoy a variety of Swedish-inspired dishes, including both traditional favorites and unique seasonal offerings. For example, during the holiday season, patrons can indulge in the traditional Swedish ‘julbord,’ a Christmas smorgasboard featuring an array of delicious food items like pickled herring, cured salmon, and ham. This showcases the versatility of the menu and its commitment to bringing Swedish cuisine to Houston.

Beyond the main menu, the in-store bistro and Swedish food market offer a myriad of unique Swedish snacks and delicacies for diners to enjoy either during their shopping trip or to take home. From hot dogs to salmon filets and an assortment of cookies and candies, there’s certainly something to satisfy all taste buds. The immersive experience of tasting Swedish-inspired dishes while shopping for home essentials sets the IKEA restaurant Houston apart from other dining options.

A family sitting at a table in IKEA restaurant Houston, looking at a menu with various food items displayed.

Restaurant Hours and Protocols

To fully enjoy your dining experience at IKEA restaurant Houston, it’s important to be aware of its hours of operation. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 9:00 am and 8:30 pm, offering a wide selection of primarily Swedish dishes for a unique culinary experience. However, during holidays and special events, it’s advisable to call ahead or check their website to confirm their hours, ensuring you can savor the delicious offerings without any inconvenience.

In order to accommodate a diverse clientele, IKEA restaurant Houston offers not only the usual Swedish meatballs but also chicken and veggie balls, along with a variety of sides and desserts. They also offer a separate children’s menu with smaller portions and more kid-friendly options. The dishes served are made with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, reflecting IKEA’s commitment to the environment.

IKEA restaurant Houston understands the importance of safety and hygiene measures, especially in today’s context. To mitigate the spread of infections, patrons are encouraged to maintain social distancing and follow the markings provided by the restaurant for seating arrangements. Additionally, hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout the restaurant for customers to use. Restaurant staff also undergo regular health checks and practice proper hygiene while preparing and serving food.

Apart from providing a safe and clean dining environment, IKEA restaurant Houston supports sustainable practices by reducing food waste and recycling materials. They utilize their food waste by converting it into biogas, which in turn powers their production facilities. Furthermore, the tableware used in the restaurant is made from more sustainable materials, such as recycled plastics and bamboo fibers.

Lastly, the IKEA restaurant in Houston prioritizes customer satisfaction by listening to feedback, improving their menu items regularly, and incorporating new food options. With a customer-oriented approach, they continue to offer an enjoyable dining experience that aligns with their values centered on sustainability, quality, and affordability. Whether you’re taking a break from shopping or just visiting for a taste of Swedish cuisine, IKEA restaurant Houston is a venue worth considering.

IKEA Family and Restaurant Discounts

Furthermore, the IKEA Family loyalty program serves as an excellent way for customers to enjoy exclusive offers and discounts not only on their wide range of furnishings and decor products but also at their restaurant facilities. As an IKEA Family member, your visits to the IKEA restaurant Houston become even more enjoyable thanks to the special perks and savings that come with the membership. Signing up for this free program is a breeze; simply provide your name, email address, and zip code on their website or at in-store kiosks, and you’re in!

One of the key benefits of being a member of the IKEA Family program is the exclusive discounts and special prices available at the IKEA restaurant Houston. As a member, you can expect to find savings on the already affordable food options such as the iconic Swedish meatballs, kid’s meals, and various menu specials. Members can also enjoy complimentary coffee or tea during every visit to the IKEA restaurant, providing a much-needed break while browsing through the store.

Seasonal events organized by IKEA are also a nice perk for IKEA Family members. For instance, during holiday celebrations or new product launches, the IKEA restaurant in Houston might offer special limited-time discounts or unique meal options exclusively for members. Members also receive exclusive invitations to in-store workshops and classes, where they can learn about home design and organization, as well as recipe ideas to try out with new kitchen products.

Another advantage of being an IKEA Family member is the privilege of being the first to know about new products, store events, and promotions. These alerts are sent via email, ensuring that members never miss out on any available discounts, specific to their local IKEA store or restaurant. Furthermore, IKEA Family members are entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card to be utilized at any IKEA store, including on meals and treats at the IKEA restaurant Houston.

Being part of the IKEA Family program not only provides restaurant-specific benefits, but also offers exclusive discounts on home furnishings, décor items, and select services such as kitchen planning and home delivery. Additionally, members can take advantage of an extended 90-day return policy, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and stress-free overall. Becoming an IKEA Family member is a smart decision for those in the Houston area who value the convenience and affordability of shopping and dining at IKEA.

Sustainability and Food Sourcing

IKEA’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices is apparent both in their home furnishing products and their restaurant operations. This dedication is clearly evident at the IKEA restaurant in Houston, Texas, where they aim to provide a dining experience that is not only scrumptious but also sustainable and responsible.

One key aspect of this commitment is their focus on sourcing ingredients from suppliers that share their values in terms of environmental responsibility and ethical practices.

In line with their global sourcing strategy, the majority of the ingredients used in IKEA’s Houston restaurant, including seafood, coffee, and chocolate, are certified by independent organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and the UTZ Certification Program. These certifications ensure that their products are sourced from responsible and environmentally friendly practices, such as sustainable fishing and farming methods. Furthermore, IKEA only serves cage-free eggs in their Houston restaurant, demonstrating their dedication to animal welfare standards.

Additionally, IKEA’s Houston restaurant menu includes a range of sustainable and healthy food options catering to various dietary preferences. They introduced Veggie Balls and Salmon Balls as alternative protein sources that have a smaller environmental footprint compared to traditional meat-based options. By broadening their menu, IKEA aims to provide Houston customers with more environmentally responsible choices and encourage a more sustainable food consumption pattern.

Not only does IKEA take great care in choosing the ingredients they serve at their Houston restaurant, but they also focus on reducing food waste in their operations. The company has implemented a surplus food management program to decrease food waste, ensuring that any leftover or unserved food is donated to local food banks or composted rather than discarded. This initiative not only prevents unnecessary waste from entering landfills but also supports the local community.

In an effort to increase sustainability, IKEA launched the “IKEA Food Better Program,” a global initiative that outlines their goals and commitments for food services, including responsible sourcing, food waste reduction, and healthier food options. With the Houston location playing a key role in this initiative, the IKEA restaurant in Houston seeks to offer a delicious dining experience that not only prioritizes the environment and customers’ well-being but also demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a better, more sustainable future for the planet and its people.

Picture of an IKEA restaurant showing the sustainable and environmentally friendly practices implemented at the restaurant, such as recycling, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable sourcing of ingredients.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Ensuring customer satisfaction is an essential part of any great dining experience. For those looking to gauge the quality of the IKEA restaurant in Houston, numerous reviews and feedback from fellow patrons are readily available. These sincere assessments offer potential visitors a glimpse into what they can expect when contemplating their own visit to this eco-conscious establishment.


Customers have generally had positive experiences with IKEA’s attentive, efficient, and friendly staff in Houston. The cleanliness of the restaurant is also commended, as well as the employees adherence to proper food safety practices. IKEA’s commitment to inclusivity is shown through positive feedback on restaurant accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Food Quality

Most patrons have found the food at the IKEA restaurant Houston to be fresh, tasty, and well presented, with the famous Swedish meatballs receiving rave reviews. Affordability of the meals is also highly praised.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The diverse kids’ menu, high chairs, and play area make for a family-friendly dining experience, with positive feedback from parents.

Overall Experience

IKEA Houston, a one-stop destination for furniture and home accessories, is well-known for its delicious and affordable food options. Providing a unique blend of Scandinavian-inspired dishes, efficient service, and a family-friendly environment, this location has been well received by both first-time visitors and loyal customers alike.

An image of the IKEA restaurant in Houston featuring Scandinavian-inspired decor, bright lighting, and seating arrangements for families.

Bistro and Swedish Food Market

Located within the store, IKEA Houston offers not only its popular furniture and home accessories, but also provides various dining options for its customers. This includes both a restaurant and a Bistro, further enhancing the overall shopping experience and leaving customers satisfied with their time spent at IKEA.

The Bistro, located near the store exit, is perfect for grabbing a quick and easy meal during or after a long day of shopping.

The Bistro at IKEA Houston is ideal for those looking for a fast, casual dining option. The menu consists of popular grab-and-go items such as hot dogs, pizza, cinnamon buns, and frozen yogurt. The Bistro also offers seasonal items and limited-time specials, providing a variety of options to satisfy every taste bud. Additionally, the Bistro offers affordable combo meals, making it easy for customers to grab a quick and delicious meal without breaking the bank.

In addition to the Bistro, IKEA Houston also features a Swedish Food Market, where customers can find a wide assortment of IKEA-branded food products. The market has become particularly popular for its unique Swedish delicacies and offerings that are not always available in typical American grocery stores. Customers can browse shelves filled with items such as Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, marinated herring, and various cheeses and cookies.

The Swedish Food Market at IKEA Houston allows customers to bring a taste of Swedish cuisine right into their homes. One of the most popular items available for purchase is the iconic IKEA frozen meatballs, allowing customers to enjoy the restaurant’s signature dish in their own kitchens. Moreover, the market also offers a variety of recipes and meal ideas on display, inspiring customers to explore new flavors and dishes inspired by Swedish cuisine.

It’s clear that the dining experience at IKEA Houston goes beyond the usual offerings found in a furniture store. The Bistro and Swedish Food Market provide customers with a convenient and enjoyable way to savor delicious meals that are easy on the wallet while discovering the delights of Swedish cuisine. So, the next time you plan a visit to IKEA, don’t forget to explore the unique and tasty food options waiting for you within this iconic store.

A photo of the IKEA Houston dining area, featuring tables and chairs, plants, and colorful decorations.

Nutritional and Allergen Information

Ikea is famous for affordable and well-designed furniture, but many people also appreciate the food served at their in-store restaurants, such as the one located in Houston, Texas. The Swedish-based company is committed to offering delicious and nutritious meal options for customers as they shop.

As there’s a growing awareness of dietary restrictions and preferences, it’s vital to supply detailed nutritional and allergen information to customers. By researching the nutritional values and allergen information for dishes served at the IKEA Houston restaurant, individuals with specific dietary needs can safely and confidently enjoy their meals without worry.

Swedish Meatballs: A Crowd Favorite

One of the main attractions of Ikea’s restaurant menu is their Swedish meatballs, served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry sauce, and a side of vegetables. The meatballs are available in regular, chicken, and plant-based options catering to different dietary preferences. Furthermore, detailed nutrition facts, including calories, fat content, and sodium levels, are provided on their website, ensuring customers are well-informed about their meal choices. This transparency in nutritional information is crucial for those who are attentive to their food intake for health reasons or personal choice.

Navigating Allergen Information

In addition to the nutrition facts, Ikea also provides allergen information for customers with food allergies or sensitivities. For instance, the Houston restaurant’s menu indicates which dishes contain common allergens, such as gluten, dairy, and nuts. The allergen list is not limited to the main dishes but also covers side dishes and dessert options. Such details are invaluable for those with allergies, allowing them to make safe and enjoyable meal choices while dining at Ikea Restaurant Houston.

Exercise Caution and Communication

As customers at the IKEA Restaurant in Houston, it’s important to exercise caution and communicate any dietary restrictions you may have when ordering. Although IKEA strives to provide a variety of options catering to diverse dietary needs, it’s essential to confirm the contents of the meals to avoid potentially serious health consequences. IKEA is known for being responsive and understanding when it comes to accommodating special requests and providing necessary information.

In conclusion, the IKEA Restaurant in Houston offers a selection of nutritious menu options and thorough allergen information to accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. Their commitment to providing quality food choices ensures a satisfying dining experience for customers with specific dietary needs as they shop for flat-pack furniture and home essentials. Through open communication and information sharing, IKEA creates a safe, enjoyable, and accessible dining experience for all.

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Competitors and Alternative Dining Options

Located in the heart of Texas, Houston is a sprawling metropolis well-known for its diverse culinary scene. As a result, visitors to the IKEA Restaurant in Houston have several other nearby dining options to choose from. These establishments provide a wide array of dining experiences and could potentially impact the revenue of IKEA’s restaurant. However, by focusing on their commitment to offering a variety of dishes and accommodating diverse dietary needs, IKEA can ensure a competitive and enjoyable dining experience for their patrons.

Casual Dining Alternatives

In close proximity to the IKEA in Houston, customers can find several casual dining establishments. For instance, Pappasito’s Cantina, located just a short drive away, offers an extensive menu of Mexican delights, such as enchiladas, tacos, and fajitas. Additionally, the nearby Olive Garden presents a family-friendly environment and a vast array of Italian dishes, from pasta and pizza to salads and soups. These casual competitors offer guests a relaxed ambience and a variety of flavors, potentially drawing attention away from the IKEA restaurant.

Fast Food Alternatives

Customers seeking fast food alternatives have several options as well. Popular international chains such as McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell offer quick and satisfying meal options for those on-the-go. These fast food establishments may appeal to consumers seeking convenience and a shorter wait time, potentially affecting the patronage of the IKEA restaurant.

Upscale Dining Alternatives

For those who prefer more upscale dining experiences, Houston’s thriving food scene offers several options. A few minutes’ drive north of IKEA Houston, guests can find Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille, a top-rated establishment known for its aged prime steak and decadent seafood dishes. In the neighboring Galleria area, diners can indulge in high-end culinary delights at restaurants such as Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, offering an elevated atmosphere and exquisite meals, while international options like Peli Peli South African Kitchen further add to the culinary diversity. These upscale alternatives pose a challenge by potentially attracting a different clientele, who would typically dine at IKEA for its budget-friendly Scandinavian-themed meals.


In the competitive dining scene around IKEA Houston, it is crucial for the IKEA restaurant to stand out and cater to a diverse clientele. By retaining its signature Swedish-inspired menu and reasonable pricing, IKEA restaurant can continue building a loyal customer base despite stiff competition. Consistently improving customer service and enhancing the dining experience will further ensure that the restaurant remains a top choice for the people in the area.

Photo by adamkolmacka on Unsplash

Visiting Local Attractions

Beyond dining, there are several local attractions near IKEA Houston that visitors can explore to make the most of their day. One notable destination is Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center. With engaging exhibits, space artifact displays, and live presentations on various aspects of space exploration, Space Center Houston is a must-see attraction for people of all ages, perfectly complementing a trip to the nearby IKEA store.

Another intriguing location to include in your day’s itinerary is the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which features exhibits on botany, paleontology, earth science, wildlife, and more. The museum also hosts the Burke Baker Planetarium, an exciting place to learn about the wonders of the universe and the latest discoveries in the field of astronomy. A visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science allows guests to explore various aspects of our planet’s history and the mysteries of outer space – something that pairs perfectly with a shopping trip to IKEA Houston.

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), would be a delightful addition. The MFAH holds one of the most celebrated collections of American, European, and Asian art in the country and regularly features special exhibitions from around the world. In addition to the stunning artworks, the museum also offers visitors a chance to unwind at the Cullen Sculpture Garden and the Glassell School of Art, both located on the premises.

If you’re looking to incorporate some outdoor activities while visiting IKEA Houston, the Buffalo Bayou Park is an excellent choice. Located just a short drive from the IKEA store, this expansive urban green space allows you to escape the busy city for a while. The park offers walking and biking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, public art displays, and a lovely nature play area for children. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy scenic views of the Houston skyline and take advantage of the kayaking and canoeing opportunities offered at the park.

Lastly, to add a touch of history to your visit, the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site is a must-see location. This park marks the site of the Battle of San Jacinto, where Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836. The San Jacinto Monument and Museum located on the grounds provide a rich historical background on Texas history and commemorate the heroes who fought in the battle. Combining the historical significance of this site with the contemporary shopping experience at IKEA restaurant Houston offers a well-rounded and enjoyable day for the entire family.

An image of the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site with a large monument and green fields in the foreground.

Overall, the IKEA Houston store and restaurant provide a unique combination of shopping and dining experiences, making it an ideal destination for a fun day out. With their environmentally-friendly practices and spaces designed to accommodate various dietary needs, IKEA Houston continually strives to cater to a diverse range of customers. Additionally, the store’s proximity to other local attractions further enriches one’s visit and offers a memorable experience. So, whether you’re in the mood for Swedish meatballs, exploring competitively-priced furniture, or just looking for an enjoyable day trip, IKEA Houston has something to offer for everyone.

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