IKEA Murphy Bed Hacks: DIY Space-Saving Solutions

Imagine combining the stylish designs of IKEA furniture with the space-saving benefits of a Murphy bed — you get a sleek, trendy, and extremely functional addition to your home. With the growing popularity of minimalistic living arrangements, many are seeking out innovative ways to maximize space. This article aims to guide you on how to create a custom-made IKEA Murphy bed without breaking the bank. We’ll explore the selection and modification of IKEA components, suitable for creating a functional Murphy bed system, and delve into the assembly and installation process to ensure a strong and secure final product.

Selecting and Modifying IKEA Components


A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed or fold-down bed, is a space-saving solution that allows you to transform a bedroom into a multifunctional space. With IKEA’s affordable and versatile furniture components, you can easily create a custom Murphy bed to fit your needs and budget. This guide will walk you through selecting and modifying IKEA components to assemble a functional and stylish Murphy bed.

Selecting IKEA Components

Before you start modifying any components, it’s essential to determine which IKEA parts will work best for your Murphy bed. Key factors include space, mattress size, and personal preferences. Here are some popular IKEA components you can use:

  • PAX Wardrobe Frame

    The PAX wardrobe frame is an excellent choice for creating a vertical Murphy bed. It comes in various widths and heights to accommodate different mattress sizes. You can also add doors, shelves, drawers, and other PAX accessories to create a complete storage solution.

  • KALLAX Shelving Unit

    The KALLAX shelving unit is another excellent option for a horizontal Murphy bed. The KALLAX comes in a variety of sizes, configurations, and colors. You can integrate storage cubes, doors, and drawers for added functionality.

  • BILLY Bookcase

    A BILLY bookcase is a common option for creating a horizontal Murphy bed with storage on the side. Choose the appropriate size for your mattress and consider adding doors, shelves, or additional bookcases for extra storage and display space.

Modifying IKEA Components

Once you have selected the IKEA components, it’s time to modify them to function as a Murphy bed. You will need a DIY Murphy bed hardware kit to assist with lifting and folding mechanisms, ensuring safe and smooth operation.

  • Step 1: Assemble the IKEA Component

    Follow the assembly instructions provided by IKEA but leave off the doors, shelves, or any accessories that would interfere with the bed installation. Ensure the furniture is well-built and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the mattress and the lifting mechanisms.

  • Step 2: Prepare the Wall

    Find a suitable wall for your Murphy bed, making sure there is enough clearance and accessibility. Locate the wall studs and mark them with a stud finder. It is essential to secure the IKEA component to wall studs for stability and safety.

  • Step 3: Install the Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

    Follow the Murphy bed hardware kit instructions to install the mounting brackets and lifting mechanism onto your IKEA component. This will typically involve attaching the brackets to the bed frame and connecting the hydraulic or spring-loaded lifting system.

  • Step 4: Modify and Reinforce the IKEA Component

    Depending on the specific IKEA parts you are using, you may need to modify or reinforce the structure to support the weight and movements of the Murphy bed. This could include adding extra support beams, drilling new holes, or trimming parts to fit the hardware kit’s specifications.

  • Step 5: Secure the Modified IKEA Component to the Wall

    With the lifting mechanisms in place, align your IKEA component with the marked stud locations and secure it to the wall using heavy-duty screws or brackets. Ensure the furniture is level and secured tightly against the wall to prevent movement while operating the bed.

  • Step 6: Attach the Mattress

    Using the hardware provided in the Murphy bed kit, attach the mattress to the lifting mechanisms. Make sure the mattress is securely fastened and can be folded up and down smoothly without interference.

  • Step 7: Add Finishing Touches

    Once the Murphy bed is fully functional, add any finishing touches by installing doors, shelves, or other accessories to the IKEA components. Customize your new Murphy bed and storage space according to your preferences and enjoy your new space-saving solution!


By selecting and modifying IKEA components, you can create a customized and affordable Murphy bed that suits your specific needs and preferences. The flexible IKEA components combined with a DIY hardware kit allow you to tackle this project, transforming a space into a multipurpose room that maximizes both form and function.

A photo of a finished IKEA Murphy bed that shows how the bed folds down from the wall with a mattress in place and how there is storage on either side of the bed.

Murphy Bed Assembly and Installation

Gather Materials and Tools

Before starting the assembly and installation process, ensure that you have all the necessary materials and tools. For an IKEA Murphy bed hack, you will need:

  • An IKEA bed frame of your choice (e.g., MALM, BRIMNES, or KALLAX)
  • A Murphy bed hardware kit that is compatible with your chosen IKEA bed frame
  • A wall-mounted shelving system (e.g., IKEA BESTA or EKET) for additional storage (optional)

You will also need the following tools:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Level
  3. Stud finder
  4. Drill
  5. Screwdrivers
  6. Hammer
  7. Wrench
  8. Saw (if any modifications to the IKEA bed frame are required)
Find a Suitable Location

Choose the location for your IKEA Murphy bed, taking into consideration factors like available space, wall structure, and room layout. Ensure that there is enough clearance on both sides of the bed for it to fold down easily.

Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs in your chosen location, as these will provide the best support for the heavy load of the bed.

Assemble the IKEA Bed Frame

Following the assembly instructions provided by IKEA, put together the bed frame. Leave off any parts associated with the headboard, footboard, or legs since the bed frame will be mounted to the wall. Note that you may need to modify the frame slightly to accommodate the Murphy bed hardware kit.

Install the Murphy Bed Hardware

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your Murphy bed hardware kit, as each kit will vary slightly in its installation process. Generally, you will need to:

  1. Attach mounting brackets or plates to the IKEA bed frame, aligning with the pre-drilled holes on the frame.
  2. Assemble the lifting mechanism, connecting it to the mounting brackets or plates on the bed frame.
  3. Fasten the lifting mechanism to the wall, either by attaching it directly to wall studs or using a ledger board (a horizontal board that is screwed into the wall studs) for additional support.

Ensure that the lifting mechanism is level and secure before proceeding with the installation.

Install the Bed Frame onto the Hardware

With the lifting mechanism securely in place, attach the prepared IKEA bed frame to the Murphy bed hardware. This may involve:

  1. Hooking the frame onto the mounting brackets or plates
  2. Connecting the frame using bolts, nuts, and washers
  3. Attaching additional support brackets, if necessary

Make sure the bed frame is securely fastened and properly aligned with the lifting mechanism before continuing.

Test the Folding Mechanism

Carefully test the folding mechanism to ensure that the bed can be easily raised and lowered. Check for any obstructions and adjust the tension in the lifting mechanism as needed.

Install Shelving or Storage (Optional)

If you’re adding a wall-mounted shelving system for extra storage, install it on the surrounding wall or attach it to the sides of the bed frame. Follow the assembly and installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Add the Mattress

Place the mattress onto the IKEA bed frame, ensuring that it fits snugly and securely within the frame. The bed is now ready to use!

Remember that a Murphy bed should always be properly secured and folded up when not in use to avoid accidents or damage. Enjoy the extra space and functionality your DIY IKEA Murphy bed brings to your home.

Undoubtedly, the integration of IKEA components in a Murphy bed offers an appealing solution to small living spaces and the desire for stylish, functional furniture. With the proper selection, modification, and installation of IKEA pieces, you can enjoy the benefits of a space-saving and visually-appealing sleeping area. Embarking on this DIY project may seem daunting, but with careful planning, attention to detail, and a step-by-step approach, you can transform your living space with a customized IKEA Murphy bed that meets your needs and enhances your home.

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