IKEA Hovet vs. Mongstad: A Detailed Mirror Comparison

Furnishing a home goes beyond just acquiring furniture, to perfecting those little intricate details that shape the environment into an ambiance of delight and comfort. A crucial player in this setup is the selection of mirrors. Offering more than just our reflections, mirrors, like the IKEA Hovet vs Mongstad, can define the look and feel of any given space. These two mirrors share the same manufacturer, IKEA, but present distinctive features that set them apart. This discourse deep-dives into an extensive exploration of both mirrors, outlining their specifications, features, and offering a detailed comparison between them.

Specifications and Features of IKEA Hovet

IKEA Hovet Mirror: An Introduction

Adding a sleek and modern touch to any décor, IKEA’s Hovet mirror stands out as a particularly attractive choice. This full-length mirror measures 30 3/4″ x 77 1/8″, making it an ideal option for those who wish to view their entire outfit. It weighs a substantial but manageable 42 lbs and is housed in a hard-wearing aluminum frame which contributes to both its durability and fashionable aesthetic.

Design and Functionality of IKEA Hovet Mirror

The Hovet mirror shines for its minimalist design. The uncomplicated lines of the aluminum frame result in a streamlined look that complements modern and industrial interior styles. Despite its size, the mirror is versatile and can either be wall-mounted or lent against a wall. Homeowners, therefore, have the option to use it as a wall fixture or a standalone piece. IKEA recommends simple maintenance for the Hovet mirror – it just needs to be gently wiped with a damp cloth and dried with a dry one.

The Pricing and Other Considerations for IKEA Hovet

The Hovet mirror is priced at $129 on the IKEA online store. This might appear steep in comparison to other mirrors, but the larger size and superior quality of the Hovet mirror make the price worthwhile. Still, potential customers should note that due to the mirror’s size and weight, they might need to make special arrangements for transportation and installation. To ensure a safe and secure setup, IKEA provides detailed instructions and emphasizes locating an adequate load-bearing wall when planning to hang.

Comparing IKEA’s Hovet and Mongstad Mirrors

The Mongstad and Hovet mirrors from IKEA offer different styles and applications. The Mongstad mirror is framed in dark brown wood, giving it a more traditional feel. It measures 37″ x 74 3/4″, making it wider yet shorter than the Hovet mirror. Due to its heftier weight of 52 lbs, it is more suited to wall-mounting than free-standing. The cleaning process for the Mongstad is straightforward, similar to the Hovet’s, needing only a damp cloth for cleaning followed by a dry cloth for drying.

Both the Mongstad and Hovet mirrors make a stylish addition to any décor. The ultimate choice between these two would depend on personal preferences related to design, size, weight, and price. Whether you lean towards the minimalist appeal of the Hovet or the traditional look and larger width of the Mongstad, each mirror guarantees to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

A full-length sleek mirror encased in a frame made of aluminum with clean lines that can be freestanding or hung, and is easy to maintain, with a retail price of $129 on IKEA's online store, and a good contrast of dark light for every preference.

Specifications and Features of IKEA Mongstad

Additional Overview of IKEA’s Mirrors

IKEA has established itself as a leading brand offering an extensive selection of furniture and home accessories that cater to modern homes. Among its vast collection, the mirror range, specifically the Hovet and Mongstad mirrors, is worth mentioning. The following information provides an in-depth look into the Mongstad mirror and how it compares to the previously discussed Hovet mirror.

Size and Weight of IKEA Mongstad

The size and weight of a mirror matter for transportation, installation and the eventual fit in the preferred space. The Mongstad mirror measures 37×74 ¾ inches, a size that comfortably allows a full-body view. However, this measurement also means that transportation, installation, and placement should carefully be planned. Compared to the Hovet mirror, which measures 30 ¾x77 ? inches, the Mongstad mirror is wider but slightly shorter. Regarding weight, the Mongstad mirror is slightly lighter than the Hovet, making it easier to install and move around.

Construction and Design of IKEA Mongstad

The construction of the Mongstad mirror espouses IKEA’s commitment to durability and elegance. It has a frame made of Fiberboard, ABS plastic, and a layer of acrylic paint. This type of construction ensures it is robust and resistant. Meanwhile, the mirror glass itself is comprised of glass and lead, giving it a high-quality reflection. Compared to the Hovet, which has an aluminum frame, the Mongstad has a more traditional aesthetic that can fit better into homes with classic design sensibilities.

The design of the Mongstad mirror is unique. It’s designed to either be hung on the wall or lean against it. Notwithstanding, if you have children, the latter option is best avoided for safety reasons.

Price of IKEA Mongstad

When it comes to cost, the Mongstad mirror offers great value. The price is competitive and budget-friendly, especially considering its size and the quality of materials used. The cost of the Mongstad mirror is lower than the price of the Hovet Mirror, thereby establishing Mongstad as a more affordable choice for those sensitive about budgets.

Installation Process and Care Instructions

Installing the Mongstad mirror is relatively simple. It comes with the necessary hardware and an installation manual. Despite its large size, the Mongstad Mirror can be installed by one person, although having a helping pair of hands would make the process faster and easier. Compare this to the Hovet mirror which, due to its heavier weight, necessarily requires two people to install.

Moreover, the Mongstad mirror is easy to maintain. Simple dusting using a dry cloth is sufficient to keep it clean. It does not need polishing since the frame is made of plastic and not stainless steel like the Hovet.

Potential Fit in Various Home Decoration Situations

The IKEA Mongstad mirror has a versatile design that fits into multiple home decoration themes. Whether you have a modern, classic or vintage decor, this mirror can fit right in. The Mongstad comes with a clean, elegant brown-black color making it easier to match with diverse color schemes and decorations. On the other hand, the Hovet mirror, with its aluminum frame and minimalist design, tends to fit better in more modern and industrial-style interiors.


When examining the wide range of home furnishings available, the IKEA Mongstad mirror distinguishes itself through attributes such as size, weight, construction, and affordability. It is notably lighter than the Hovet mirror and is also a more budget-friendly option, making it an excellent choice for individuals who prefer large mirrors but are mindful of their budget. The Mongstad’s traditional aesthetic and black-brown frame make it easily adaptable to a range of interior designs, thereby offering a timeless addition to one’s decor.

Room with a tall Mongstad mirror on the back wall making the room look bigger and brighter.

Comparison and Evaluation: IKEA Hovet vs. Mongstad

A Closer Look at IKEA Mirrors: Hovet vs. Mongstad

As a multinational company originating from Sweden, IKEA is recognized for providing reasonably priced, stylish, and practical furniture and home decor products. Among their comprehensive product catalog, the IKEA Hovet and Mongstad mirrors distinctly stand out due to their unique characteristics ideally tailored to meet diverse customer requirements and tastes.

Price Comparison of IKEA Hovet vs. Mongstad Mirrors

Price is a significant factor for most consumers. The Hovet mirror is an affordable choice, typically priced below $130 ($129 to be exact). It’s a great value for the size (30 ¾ x 77 ? “). For comparison, the Mongstad mirror, which is slightly smaller (37×74 ¾ “), is priced a bit less than the Hovet, at $99, making it slightly more budget-friendly.

Analyzing Designs of IKEA Hovet vs. Mongstad Mirrors

Emphasizing IKEA’s minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, the Hovet mirror offers a clean, sleek appearance, making it blend seamlessly in any modern space. Its aluminum frame lends a contemporary feel and is known to resist rust, increasing the mirror’s lifespan. The Mongstad mirror, on the other hand, exhibits a more traditional look with its chunky solid pine frame. It’s a perfect choice for those who fancy a more rustic or vintage aesthetic in their spaces.

Installation Process: IKEA Hovet vs. Mongstad Mirrors

Regarding ease of installation, both mirrors are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The Hovet mirror comes with fittings that ease the leaning or wall-based installation process, while Mongstad can either be hung on your wall or can lean against it. Despite their generous sizes, consumers have found both mirrors relatively straightforward to install.


Versatility is another area where these mirrors shine. The simple yet modern design of the Hovet mirror makes it versatile enough to fit into any decor. It can be used as a full-length stand-up mirror or mounted horizontally as a decorative piece on a wall. The Mongstad, due to its unique design, leans more towards traditional decor, but it could also fit into any room whether bedroom, hallway, or living room. Regardless of your design tastes and requirements, both mirrors ensure that you retain your style while adding functional value to your space.

Value for Money

Finally, both IKEA Hovet and Mongstad mirrors provide excellent value for money, considering their large size, design, functionality, and relative affordability. Customers who have purchased these mirrors nearly universally agree that they are great investments, bringing not only functionality but also a touch of style to their homes.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

According to customer reviews, both the Hovet and Mongstad mirrors have received commendation for their design, size, and value for money. Notably, the Hovet mirror, with its modern appeal, is praised for its ability to fit into varied interior decor schemes. Meanwhile, the Mongstad mirror garners positive feedback for its charming rustic look and sturdy construction.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when comparing the IKEA Hovet vs. Mongstad mirror, it becomes clear that both mirrors have distinct advantages. The Hovet is slightly more costly and modern, while the Mongstad leans towards the budget-friendly side and sports a classic design. Depending on your interior design style, both offerings from IKEA can be a great addition to your home. Despite their differences, both deliver the excellent quality and value that IKEA promises as part of their brand.

Two mirrors displayed side by side. One has a clean, modern design with an aluminum frame while the other has a chunky pine frame and leans towards traditional decor. Both mirrors have received positive reviews for their design, size, and value for money.

After an all-encompassing exploration of the IKEA Hovet and Mongstad mirrors – their specifications, features, installation process, and use in home decor, it’s clear that both mirrors offer remarkable value. Each holds its unique charm and appeal, catered to the different needs and tastes of customers. Nevertheless, the decision to choose between Hovet or Mongstad lies within your personal aesthetics, space, and budget. The key is to blend the mirror’s design and functionality seamlessly into your home, creating a space that not only reflects your image but also your personal taste and style.

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