Gluten Free Options at Texas Roadhouse: A Guide

Identifying meal options that cater to specific dietary needs can often present a challenge, particularly for those seeking gluten-free choices at popular food franchises like Texas Roadhouse. That’s why it’s important to understand what gluten is and how it impacts an individual’s health, and having this knowledge can significantly improve one’s dining experience. As such, this article seeks to provide comprehensive information, covering not only the science of gluten and its health implications but also expanding to scrutinize the gluten-free options currently available on Texas Roadhouse’s menu.

Understanding Gluten and Its Impact on Health

Understanding Gluten and Its Impact on Health

Gluten is a type of protein found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. It’s what gives certain foods their structure, elasticity, and texture. However, for a significant number of people, consuming gluten can lead to serious health issues. Those with celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disorder, cannot digest gluten. When they ingest this protein, their body mounts a response that attacks the small intestine, leading to damage on the villi, small fingerlike projections that line the small intestine, that promote nutrient absorption. It results in discomfort, nutritional deficiencies, and potential long-term damage to their digestive system.

Meanwhile, some individuals might develop non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) or wheat allergy, which also result in uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain after ingesting gluten. It’s important to note that these are distinct conditions from celiac disease and warrant different approaches to diet and management.

Texas Roadhouse: Providing Gluten-Free Dining Options

A significant number of people require gluten-free meal options due to dietary constraints or health conditions such as celiac disease. Recognizing this, many restaurants, including the popular American chain, Texas Roadhouse, are steadily working on updating their menus to accommodate these needs.

Starting with appetizers, Texas Roadhouse offers salads that can be made gluten-free by omitting croutons, and supply a host of dressings that don’t contain gluten such as: bleu cheese, ranch, low-fat ranch, oil & vinegar, thousand island, Italian, and French dressings. For the main course, there is a diverse selection of gluten-free meats like steak, ribs, chicken, and a variety of fish, as long as these aren’t breaded or marinated in a sauce that includes gluten. In addition, they provide gluten-free side dishes such as jacket, sweet or mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, and house salads.

Despite their efforts to include gluten-free choices, it’s important to note that Texas Roadhouse states on their menus that all dishes are prepared in a shared kitchen space, which may carry the risk of cross-contamination.

If you have a high sensitivity to gluten or have been diagnosed with celiac disease, it is prudent to highlight this to the restaurant staff and be aware of the possible risks before placing an order. Furthermore, any allergy information and nutritional content can be requested either on their website or directly at the restaurant.

Following a balanced and nutritious diet is key, even for those eating gluten-free. Texas Roadhouse offers lean protein dishes like grilled chicken and steak, combined with a wide array of vegetables and salads to support balanced meal choices. Before visiting, consider studying the menu online to enable you to make well-informed decisions about your meal options.

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Texas Roadhouse Menu: The Current Gluten Free Options

Exploring the Gluten-Free Menu Options at Texas Roadhouse

In addition to their acclaimed steaks and vibrant atmosphere, Texas Roadhouse has also made it a priority to cater to guests with dietary restrictions, including those who need to avert gluten.

To aid such patrons, the restaurant provides an Allergen Guide that gives a detailed account of potential allergens found in each dish. As per this guide, various items on their menu have been designated as gluten-free.

Steaks and Ribs

The core of Texas Roadhouse’s menu is their steak and rib offerings. Steaks are naturally gluten free, so they come as a safe option for those with gluten intolerance. This includes the Sirloin Steak, New York Strip, Dallas Fillet, and the Ft. Worth Ribeye. However, they must be ordered without the seasoning to ensure they are completely gluten free. The Prime Rib should also be ordered without au jus to maintain its status as a gluten-free item.

Their Ribs can also be a gluten free option, assuming diners order them without a side of BBQ sauce, as the sauce may contain gluten.

Sides and Salads

Out of all the sides that Texas Roadhouse offers, only a few are gluten free. This includes the Fresh Vegetables, Baked Potato, and Sweet Potato. The House Salad and Grilled Chicken Salad are gluten free provided they are ordered without croutons. The Caesar Salad without croutons may also cater to gluten intolerance individuals.

For salad dressing, only a few options are listed as gluten free. These include Bleu Cheese, Italian, and Low Fat Ranch.

Appetizers and Special Meals

Unfortunately, most of the appetizers at Texas Roadhouse are not gluten free. The Grilled Shrimp can be an exception, provided it is ordered without garlic lemon pepper butter and seasoning.

In terms of special meals, the Grilled Chicken and Grilled Salmon are gluten free as long as they are ordered without their original seasoning.


For dessert lovers, Texas Roadhouse might be a let-down as none of their regular dessert items are currently listed as gluten free. It’s still advised to consult with your server about the potential cross-contamination issues or special requests.

Alcohol Options

For those who enjoy a drink with their meal, sadly most of the drinks on Texas Roadhouse’s menu are not gluten free except for Wine (House Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon) and Margarita mix which are listed as gluten free.

At a glance, Texas Roadhouse appears to be accommodating of customers with gluten intolerance, albeit with limitations. Their selection of gluten-free dishes is on the lighter side and necessitates meticulous ordering. It’s worth acknowledging that ingredients containing gluten can often be modified or entirely excluded to create a gluten-free dish. However, considering the potential risks associated with cross-contamination, it is critically important to discuss your dietary restrictions with your server or the restaurant manager to guarantee a safe dining experience.

Gluten Free Menu at Texas Roadhouse

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Review and Comparison to Other Restaurants’ Gluten Free Options

An Insight Into The Gluten-Free Options At Texas Roadhouse

The menu at Texas Roadhouse boasts an assortment of gluten-free dishes, especially within the steak and meat categories, allowing patrons an ample range to choose from. Customer favorites such as prime rib, grilled chicken salad, and the Dallas filet fall under these gluten-free selections. A noteworthy mention is the restaurant’s provision of gluten-free side options like vegetables and baked potatoes, enabling diners to savor a complete, well-rounded meal.

The restaurant takes inclusivity a notch higher by extending their gluten-free options to the kid’s menu. This includes dishes like grilled chicken and a sirloin steak, making Texas Roadhouse a considerate option for families dealing with gluten dietary restrictions. Apart from the main courses, many of their salad dressings, such as Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Low-Fat Ranch, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island and Italian dressing, are also gluten-free.

Despite these comforting inclusions, there’s a crucial consideration that can’t be overlooked: Texas Roadhouse has stated that they can’t entirely rule out the presence of gluten or cross-contamination due to common preparation areas. This disclosure is of significant importance for those grappling with severe gluten allergies or celiac disease.

Comparing to Other Restaurants’ Gluten Free Options

In comparison to other popular chain restaurants, Texas Roadhouse offers a considerable array of gluten-free options, although they might not be as extensive or specified as some competitors.

For example, Outback Steakhouse actively promotes its gluten-free menu, which includes starters, salads, steaks, seafood, and even some desserts that cater specifically to a gluten-free diet. Additionally, Outback assures measures are taken to prevent cross-contamination, giving peace of mind to diners with severe restrictions or allergies.

Similarly, Red Robin offers a comprehensive and detailed allergen menu, including gluten-free buns for their burgers, a variety that Texas Roadhouse lacks.

Unique Aspects and Room For Improvement

What makes Texas Roadhouse stand out in its gluten-free offerings is its focus on hearty, comfort foodprime meats, ribs, and salads. This makes it a good fit for those seeking gluten-free options that are not just salads or light bites.

However, there is room for improvement. The restaurant could benefit from a dedicated gluten-free menu, or specific designations on their menu to clarify which items are gluten-free, providing reassurance and convenience for diners with dietary needs. They could also expand their gluten-free options, particularly in the realm of appetizers and desserts, which are currently rather limited.

Additionally, Texas Roadhouse could improve their handling of gluten-free meals to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination. Other chain restaurants that specialize in gluten-free options often have specific protocols in place, including separate cooking and prep areas, tools, and even separate fryers for gluten-free orders. Introducing similar steps would provide extra assurance for customers with gluten allergies and celiac disease.

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Indeed, Texas Roadhouse deserves kudos for its commitment to providing a range of gluten-free options to accommodate its diverse customer base. However, the importance of continually expanding and improving these options cannot be overstated considering the ever-growing demand for diverse dietary needs. Moreover, the comparison to similar options available at other chain restaurants serves as a testament to Texas Roadhouse’s competencies and areas of improvement. Nevertheless, the final verdict rests in the hands of the patrons, who are seeking both flavor and health in the meals they choose to dine on. Remember, knowledge is power, and understanding which dishes are gluten-free or can be adapted to become so is the first step toward a satisfying dining experience.

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