Exploring IKEA Mirror Options: A Closer Look at Hovet

The IKEA Hovet mirror, an elegant and sleek piece, is more than just a functional reflective surface; it’s an aesthetic addition to a home that represents a minimalistic yet sophisticated decor. The mirror’s precise dimensions, rich color variables, and intrinsic features tell a story of thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. From its aluminium frame to its convenient hanging or leaning options, every detail of the Hovet mirror seeks to address not just your décor aspirations, but also your day-to-day practical needs. We delve deep into the world of this customer-favorite mirror, navigating through its detailed physical properties, usage versatility, and utmost functionality.

Hovet Mirror’s Overview

IKEA’s Hovet Mirror: The Ideal Full-Length Mirror for Your Home

IKEA is known for its modern furniture designs and home decor products, which includes a wide range of mirror selections. The Hovet Mirror, however, stands out among the rest. Read on to learn what makes it an ideal choice for your home.

Features and Specifications of Hovet Mirror
  • The Hovet Mirror measures 30 3/4 ” in width and 77 1/8 ” in height, making it practical for bedrooms, hallways, or living spaces.
  • Its size makes it perfect for a last-minute appearance check before leaving the house, and can also help to enhance the sense of space in any room by reflecting both natural and artificial light.
  • Its aluminum frame adds to its modern appeal, and the silver color ensures that it looks sleek and blends in with numerous color schemes.
Versatility of Hovet Mirror

One of the best features of the Hovet Mirror is its versatility. You can use it horizontally or vertically depending on the space and decor needs. It can be mounted on the wall or can simply lean against it, allowing for easy mobility and position changes as needed. For added safety, the back is outfitted with anti-tip hardware to keep it secure no matter where or how it’s placed.

The Hovet Mirror comes with pre-attached hooks on the back for easy installation if you choose to mount it. While it only comes in one size and color, it’s both a practical and chic option for those seeking to enhance a room with an oversized mirror.

Durability and Safety Features

Constructed with durable material, the Hovet Mirror promises longevity. The glass used for the mirror is of high quality, providing clear and precise reflections, while the aluminum frame ensures substantial strength and stability.

IKEA values customer safety, which is why the Hovet mirror comes with a special film to reduce damage if the glass breaks.


The IKEA Hovet Mirror is a seamless blend of style and utility, a functional yet chic option that can enhance the perception of space in your interiors or serve as a full-length mirror. This durable and sizeable mirror with its adaptable, safety-oriented design offers impressive value. If you desire a piece that fuses modern aesthetics with practical elements for your home décor, the Hovet Mirror presents an excellent solution.

A modern-looking silver frame full-length mirror from IKEA that can be used vertically or horizontally to create a greater sense of spaciousness in your interiors or serve as a full-body mirror

In-Depth Look at Hovet’s Functionality

Review of the Hovet Mirror from IKEA

IKEA has earned a global reputation for offering affordable, clean-cut, and stylish home furnishings. Among its extensive product range, the mirror selections particularly the Hovet Mirror, are noteworthy. The Hovet Mirror embodies IKEA’s dedication to converging visual appeal, practicality, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we will provide thorough insights into the Hovet Mirror’s features such as its reflective quality, installation procedures, and unique design elements like its aluminum frame. Furthermore, the article will discuss the adaptability of Hovet, giving advice on optimal placement in your home for maximizing utility and enhancing style.

Reflective Quality of the Hovet Mirror

The Hovet mirror is especially reputed for its sublime reflective quality. It’s larger and taller than most standard home mirrors, measuring at 78 3/4″ x 30 3/4″ (200 cm x 78 cm). This large surface paired with the mirror’s clean, high-quality glass produces clear, undistorted reflections, making it ideal for practical usage such as trying on outfits, putting on makeup, or simply for seeing your full-bodied reflection.

Hanging & Installation

In a true IKEA fashion, the Hovet mirror leverages a simple yet reliable method of installation. It can be hanged either vertically or horizontally depending on your preference and space. Detailed instructions are provided within the package, and IKEA’s website also provides digital manuals, ensuring a smooth installation process. Although it’s a large mirror, the aluminium frame minimizes the overall weight, making the mounting process easier on your walls.

Aluminium Frame Design

Hovet mirror’s frame is made of durable and lightweight aluminium. It provides the mirror with a minimalist, industrial look that fits seamlessly in several interior design themes ranging from modern, rustic to industrial. The brushed aluminium treatment also adds texture to the frame, enhancing its visual interest. In terms of durability, an aluminium frame is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring the mirror retains its charm over a long period.

Location Versatility

Versatility in placement is one of Hovet Mirror’s main selling points. Thanks to its minimalist design and large size, this mirror can suitably be placed in an array of settings for maximum benefit and style optimisation. Some great locations for the Hovet mirror include entryways, bedrooms, or living areas. In tighter spaces, it can significantly enhance the perception of space and light. Besides, it can also be propped against a wall for a casual, modern look.


The IKEA Hovet Mirror is a remarkable piece that offers functionality, aesthetics, and versatility to every home. From its clear reflective quality to its aluminium frame design, this mirror is a great addition to any modern interior. Whether for utilitarian purposes or as an interior design enhancer, the Hovet Mirror is a sound investment for those in search of sleek and functional mirrors.

Hovet mirror by IKEA with a brushed aluminum frame

Photo by heftiba on Unsplash

Consumer Experiences with Hovet

Hovet Mirror Details

As a top choice among IKEA’s mirror selection, the Hovet Mirror is both loved and critiqued by its purchasers. Its large, full-length design makes it perfect for those desiring to create an illusion of space within their homes. However, its size may present installation and handling challenges for some users.

Quality and Appearance

Several customers appreciate the Hovet mirror for its quality and appearance. The aluminum frame offers a minimalistic and modern look that blends well with a variety of interior design styles. Consumers have reported being satisfied with the mirror’s build-quality, stating that it feels sturdy and durable. In terms of functionality, the reflective glass provides a clear and undistorted image, adding to its overall value.

Size and Versatility

One of the major selling points of the Hovet mirror, as mentioned by many buyers, is its size. It measures 30 ¾” x 77 ?”, making it considerably larger than most mirrors in the market. This size allows for a full body view, thereby making it an excellent choice for bedrooms or dressing rooms. Consumers have also creatively used the mirror horizontally as a decorative piece to add depth to their living spaces.

Installation Experience

On the downside, several users have noted the challenges they faced during the installation process. Given its size and weight (about 42 pounds), the mirror is quite heavy and can be difficult to mount on the wall, especially for a single person. There are also some complaints about the lack of hardware included for mounting the mirror, which means that consumers have to purchase it separately. However, IKEA does provide detailed instructions for mounting, which some users have found helpful.

Value for Money

Many consumers consider the Hovet mirror to be excellent value for money. Its large size, combined with its reasonable price of around $129, has earned it a reputation as a cost-effective option for those seeking a large, full-length mirror. However, some buyers have expressed that the added costs and effort required for installation somewhat offset the initial affordability of the product.

Safety Concerns

A few consumers raised safety concerns, highlighting instances where the Hovet mirror fell due to insufficient support. The incidents resulted in shattered glass, causing potential safety risks. These criticisms, however, were usually tied to improper installation rather than an inherent flaw in the product. As such, many users recommend securing the mirror properly and ensuring it is well-supported to avoid accidents.


The consumer experiences with the Hovet mirror by IKEA are diverse with many extolling its quality, size, and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, some consumers have raised concerns about the installation process and safety. It can be inferred that if one is prepared for the effort of setting up the mirror correctly, then the Hovet could be a great addition to their space.

A black and white image of the Hovet mirror, showing a person standing in front of it.

Given the consumer experiences, the Hovet mirror certainly has stood the test: reflected through positive feedback as well as meaningful criticisms. These reviews, a mix of praise for its aesthetics and criticism for marginal issues, not only speak of the product’s sturdiness and reliable functionality but also pave the way to IKEA’s impulse for pro-active improvement strategies. Ultimately, the factual essence of the Hovet mirror is equivalent to its resilient reflection, sturdy frame, and versatile placement. It’s a dignified reflection of IKEA’s commitment to design, durability, and customer satisfaction.

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