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Welcome to our overview of IKEA Restaurant in Calgary, Canada! Get ready to dive into a comprehensive guide featuring the eatery’s location and accessibility, diverse menu, prices, operating hours, family-friendly features, and customer reviews.

Location and Accessibility

IKEA Restaurant Calgary is situated within the IKEA Calgary store, which is located at 8000 11 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 3B2, Canada. This store is conveniently located near the Deerfoot Trail highway, which is one of the main routes running through the city. The store is easily accessible from various parts of the city, making it convenient for customers to visit and enjoy the restaurant on-site. Several parking spaces are available at the store, enabling customers to park their vehicles while visiting the IKEA Restaurant Calgary.In terms of public transportation, the store is well-connected with nearby bus stations. The bus station “SB 11 St SE @ Heritage Gate SE” and the bus station “NB 11 St SE @ Heritage Gate SE,” both on route 305, are the closest to the IKEA store. These bus stops make it easy for customers without personal modes of transportation to access the IKEA Restaurant Calgary. Moreover, the nearby Heritage C-Train station, which serves the Red Line, can also be used to reach the store after a short walk or a quick bus ride.

Another option for reaching the IKEA Restaurant Calgary is by using the company’s shuttle service, which is available at certain times of the week. This shuttle service picks up customers from the Heritage C-Train station and the Brentwood Village Shopping Centre, providing an additional means of transport for individuals looking to visit the store. By ensuring multiple options for access and transportation, the IKEA Restaurant Calgary caters to a wide range of customers, allowing them to enjoy their shopping and dining experiences with ease.

A picture of the IKEA Restaurant in Calgary, Canada with tables and chairs set up, ready for customers.

Restaurant Menu and Dietary Options

At the IKEA Restaurant in Calgary, Canada, guests find a diverse menu to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. From traditional Swedish dishes to international favorites, visitors can make a selection from the wide range of options designed to accommodate diverse tastes. Notably, the restaurant makes it a point to include choices for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free guests, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious meal during their shopping trip.

Some vegetarian and vegan options available at IKEA Restaurant Calgary include the famous Grönsakskaka, which is a flavorful vegetable cake made from broccoli, onion, and cheese. Additionally, the marketplace often features various salads, including a vegan garden salad consisting of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. Customers can also find meatless alternatives, such as veggie hotdogs and veggie balls, made from a mix of chickpeas, peas, and sweet corn. On the other hand, those following a gluten-free diet can indulge in the restaurant’s gluten-free sweet treats or dishes made with gluten-free pasta.

Not only catering to adult guests, the IKEA Restaurant in Calgary also provides kid-friendly and dietary-sensitive meal options for children. Parents can choose a children’s meal, including smaller portions of salmon or meatballs, which can be customized to be vegetarian or chicken-based. To ensure a balanced meal, these dishes are served with a side of vegetables and mashed potatoes. Ultimately, IKEA Restaurant Calgary strives to offer a memorable dining experience by continually broadening its appealing and inclusive menu selections.

A family enjoying a meal at the IKEA restaurant in Calgary with a diverse range of plates featuring various cuisines and options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free guests.

Prices and Special Offers

At IKEA Restaurant Calgary, Canada, customers can appreciate delicious and affordable meals that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences, seamlessly transitioning from the children’s menu to adult options.

The prices at the restaurant are budget-friendly, as IKEA aims to provide a wholesome dining experience without breaking the bank.

One of the most popular and cost-effective options on the menu is the classic Swedish meatballs meal, priced at USD 5.45 for 12 pieces, accompanied by mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and lingonberry jam.

In addition, IKEA Restaurant frequently offers meal deals and special promotions, making the dining experience even more budget-friendly.

For instance, IKEA Family members can benefit from exclusive discounts and offers on their favorite dishes.

Also, customers can take advantage of the ongoing promotions, such as kids’ meals for just CAD 2.99, which include meatballs, mashed potatoes, and a side of veggies, ensuring a nutritious and well-balanced meal.

On Tuesdays, one can enjoy the fish and chips dish for only CAD 9.99.

Besides the meal deals, IKEA Restaurant Calgary also caters to specific dietary needs by offering vegetarian and vegan dishes at competitive prices.

For example, the plant-based meatball meal is available for CAD 6.99, and vegan frozen yogurt is priced at CAD 1.50.

The restaurant provides options like salads and sandwiches that cater to a range of preferences and budgets, making IKEA Restaurant an excellent dining destination for the general public seeking delicious and affordable meal choices.

A picture of the IKEA Restaurant Calgary menu, with pictures of food and prices listed.

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Operating Hours and Peak Times

The IKEA Restaurant in Calgary, Canada, has specific operating hours to accommodate customers visiting the store. Generally, the restaurant opens at 9:30 AM and closes at 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the operating hours are shorter, with the restaurant opening at 10:00 AM and closing at 6:00 PM. It is important to note that the restaurant hours differ from the main store hours. Customers wanting to dine at the IKEA Restaurant should plan accordingly to ensure they arrive during these times.

Peak times at the IKEA Restaurant in Calgary tend to correspond with typical meal times during the day, specifically during lunch hours and weekends when the store experiences a larger number of patrons. It can also get busier during special promotions and events hosted by the store. It is recommended to visit the restaurant during off-peak hours, such as weekdays in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid long wait times and to ensure a more comfortable dining experience.

Not only is the IKEA Restaurant in Calgary, Canada known for its affordable and delicious food, but it also caters to the needs of its customers by modifying their operating hours during special occasions, holidays, and seasonal events. Such adjustments may include extending hours for holiday shoppers or altering hours on specific holiday dates. To stay informed about any changes in operating hours, it’s recommended to visit the IKEA Restaurant’s webpage or directly contact the store to get the most accurate information.

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Child-Friendly Features

Furthermore, the IKEA Restaurant in Calgary offers a welcoming environment to families, especially those with young children. Parents can appreciate the carefully crafted kid’s menu that features wholesome, appetizing meals, keeping children’s taste buds in mind. The kid’s menu is complemented by a variety of child-size meals, ensuring parents can find a meal that suits their little ones without compromising taste or nutrition. It’s a convenient and enjoyable dining experience for the whole family right in the heart of IKEA.

One of the highlights of IKEA Restaurant Calgary geared towards families is the availability of high chairs that enhance dining experiences for parents with toddlers. These thoughtfully designed high chairs ensure that children are comfortably seated at the dining table, enabling families to enjoy their meals together without any worry. Further enhancing the family-oriented environment, the restaurant features conveniently located play areas for children. These safe and engaging play spaces are designed to keep the little ones entertained, allowing parents to unwind and enjoy their dining experiences without distractions.Throughout the IKEA Restaurant Calgary, the focus is on providing a welcoming and family-friendly environment. The combination of kid’s menus, high chairs, and play areas ensures that the needs of both parents and their children are met. This dedication to offering a memorable dining experience for the entire family has made IKEA Restaurant a favorite destination for parents seeking kid-friendly dining options in Calgary, Canada.

A picture of the IKEA Restaurant in the city of Calgary, Canada, and a family having a meal together inside the restaurant

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Located within the popular IKEA store in Calgary, Canada, IKEA Restaurant Calgary receives generally positive reviews from its patrons. Customers appreciate the affordable food options that also offer great taste. According to Yelp and TripAdvisor users, the establishment has earned an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This support from clientele shows that the restaurant is highly regarded by both local residents and visitors alike.

Many testimonials highlight the quality of the food, particularly the iconic Swedish meatballs often being singled out for praise. Additionally, the wide variety of dishes, including both traditional Swedish cuisine and more familiar North American fare, make the restaurant appealing to diverse tastes. Alongside that, patrons have commended the appealing ambiance, comfortable seating arrangements, and kid-friendly environment, which contributes to an enjoyable dining experience for families.

However, customers also shared some critiques regarding long wait times, the self-serve nature of the restaurant, and occasional inconsistencies in food quality. Despite these concerns, the overall consensus remains that the IKEA Restaurant Calgary delivers tasty and affordable meals, making it a welcomed addition to the city’s dining scene.

A picture of IKEA Restaurant situated inside IKEA store in Calgary

Now that you’re informed about IKEA Restaurant in Calgary, you can confidently plan your next visit. With an array of dietary options, affordable prices, family-friendly facilities, and a convenient location, it’s bound to be a delightful experience for people of all ages. Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions, and make sure to enjoy a meal at this popular spot during your next IKEA shopping trip.

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