Creating Your Garden Ambiance with IKEA Outdoor Plants

Nestled amidst the mazes of well-designed furniture, IKEA brings a breath of fresh air with its impressive range of lively outdoor plants. From modest herbs perfect for the urban balcony garden to sprawling succulents adding a touch of tropical greenery, IKEA offers all of this and more. As one delves deeper into IKEA’s outdoor plants collection, more than the visual appeal and price range, the brand’s commitment to sustainable sourcing stands out distinctively. But, owning plants involves more than just picking one at the store; it’s a study of light, water, soil, and the harmony between these elements. Complimenting the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces, IKEA outdoor plants can create the perfect oasis, if they are well-understood and properly taken care of.

Overview of IKEA Outdoor Plants

Overview of IKEA Outdoor Plants

IKEA offers a wide array of outdoor plants that can cater to various gardening needs and visual preferences. The offerings include different types of flowering plants, green plants, potted plants, and several options for artificial plants and flowers.

Species Available

The variety of outdoor plants at IKEA is vast and diverse. Some popular options include the FEJKA artifical outdoor plant, SÄRDAL LED string light with 12 lights, outdoor multicolor, tropical plant etc. FEJKA’s artificial potted plants are perfect for those who want to enjoy the scenery without the maintenance. The SYRENÄR outdoor plant stand is ideal for showcasing a collection of mini cacti or your favorite succulents. For larger outdoor spaces, IKEA offers larger plants like the SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered pendant lamp for a touch of greenery.

Sizes of the Plants

IKEA’s outdoor plants come in various sizes to suit different needs. There are smaller potted plants suitable for a balcony or porch area and larger ones that can add to the aesthetic of a yard or garden. For instance, the dimensions of FEJKA artificial potted plant are 3 ½ ” and it can be ideal for a windowsill or desk. On the other hand, a plant like DRACAENA MARGINATA can be 8 ¼ ” which is more suitable for a larger space.


The pricing of IKEA Outdoor Plants varies depending on the type and size of the plant. Generally, the prices are quite affordable compared to other retail or nursery options. Small plants like SUCCULENT can start from less than $5, while larger ones like DRACAENA MARGINATA can go up to $70. Various price options are available in between, giving customers a wide range to choose from according to their budget.

Sourcing and Sustainability Practices

IKEA is well-known for its commitment to sustainable practices. The same applies when it comes to their outdoor plants. Most of these plants are sourced from local suppliers, which not only ensures their freshness but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with their transportation. IKEA is also committed to providing plants that are grown in a responsible way. For instance, the company only sells peat-free plants in many regions, aiming to expand this practice globally. This step reflects IKEA’s stance on preserving biodiversity by not encouraging the extraction of peat moss, which can damage ecosystems.


IKEA Outdoor Plants offer a broad selection of species, sizes, and prices to suit different needs and preferences. Additionally, due to their consciousness towards sourcing and sustainable practices, customers can find not just the plant that meets their requirements, but also aligns with their environmental values.

Taking Care of IKEA Outdoor Plants

Caring for Your IKEA Outdoor Plants

These outdoor plants are not just known for their quality, affordability, and variety, they are also notably easy to care for. This characteristic makes them perfect for both novice and seasoned gardeners. However, there are essential care requirements to keep in mind, such as providing the right light conditions, maintaining a consistent watering routine, and using the appropriate soil type to ensure their health and longevity.

Lighting Needs for IKEA Outdoor Plants

Most IKEA outdoor plants require ample lighting to maintain their health and vigor. The exact amount of light required can vary depending on the species and variety of plant. Some plants may require full sunlight, while others can fare well under partial light. It is crucial to identify the optimum light requirements of specific plants, as inadequate lighting can lead to stunted growth, loss of leaves, and poor blooming.

Watering IKEA Outdoor Plants

Proper watering is vital for IKEA outdoor plants. Overwatering or underwatering can lead to various plant health issues like root rot and dehydration, respectively. Most IKEA outdoor plants prefer the soil to dry out a bit in-between watering. Moreover, these plants typically require more watering during the growing season or under hot weather.

Optimal Soil Types for IKEA Outdoor Plants

Different plants have different soil requirements. Some may require well-draining soils, while others thrive in loamy or sandy soils. Certain IKEA outdoor plants, such as succulents and cacti, prefer gritty or sandy soils as these facilitate proper drainage, preventing their roots from getting waterlogged. Keeping the right soil type in mind for each specific plant type can significantly enhance their growth and overall health.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Plant Care

While taking care of IKEA outdoor plants, mistakes can occur, especially for individuals new to gardening. Common mistakes include overwatering, under-watering, giving too much or too little light, and using the wrong soil type. Additionally, one significant mistake is failing to recognize the unique care requirements of individual plant species. Avoid “one size fits all” plant care; instead, try to understand the specific needs of each plant type.

Importance of Specific Care Instructions for Each Plant Type

Remember that each IKEA outdoor plant type has its unique care instructions. Understanding these peculiarities will help make every plant thrive in its own way. IKEA provides plant care instructions for each plant type sold, which can be useful guidelines for determining the requirements for light, water, and soil. Following these instructions can lead to flourishing, vibrant outdoor plants.

When equipped with the right combination of suitable light, appropriate watering schedule, ideal soil types, and avoiding commonly made errors, IKEA outdoor plants not only flourish but make your outdoor space aesthetically pleasing and full of life.

Image of various IKEA outdoor plants, showcasing their beauty and variety.

Designing Your Outdoor Space with IKEA Plants

An Overview of IKEA Outdoor Plants for Enhancing Your Outdoor Area

As one of the most recognized names in the world for affordable and stylish furniture and home accessories, IKEA doesn’t limit its product range to the indoors. Among the multitude of offerings from this Swedish retail giant, outdoor plants play a pivotal role in transforming any exterior living area into a warm, welcoming space.

Understanding IKEA’s Selection of Outdoor Plants

The selection of IKEA’s outdoor plants is as diverse as their indoor counterparts, from annuals like begonias and geraniums, to evergreen shrubs, potted fruit trees, and even bamboo. For those who are especially space-conscious or looking for a low-maintenance option, IKEA also offers a selection of artificial plants.

The Right Plant for Your Climate

When choosing an IKEA outdoor plant, it’s important to consider what plants will thrive best in the climate of the space in which it will be placed. For gardens in warmer climates, tropical plants like IKEA’s selection of yucca or date palm may be ideal, while gardens in cooler climates might benefit from hardy shrubs such as the ubiquitous boxwood.

Designing with Spatial Constraints in Mind

The space available for your garden is a critical determinant of what kind of plants you should choose. For smaller outdoor areas like balconies or terraces, consider opting for vertical plants like bamboo or compact fruit trees like olive trees to maximize vertical space.

Grouping Plants for an Aesthetic Appeal

Grouping plants together can create a visually appealing aesthetic. IKEA’s outdoor plants can be grouped together in various arrangements depending on the desired aesthetic. For a modern, minimalistic aesthetic, consider grouping together several different types of succulents or cacti, which are all available in IKEA’s inventory.

Creative Potting Ideas

IKEA provides an assortment of plant pots with different shapes, sizes and colors. One could consider using these pots to enhance their outdoor decor. For example, planting trailing plants in hanging pots can add height to a smaller patio. Another idea might be to plant several similar plants in identical pots for a cohesive, modern look.

Care and Maintenance Tips

It’s also important to remember that plants need varying levels of care and maintenance. IKEA provides care instructions for each of their plants. Whether it be watering, sunlight exposure, or pruning, understanding what each plant needs is crucial to ensuring growth and longevity.

Incorporating IKEA Outdoor Decor with Plants

IKEA also offers various outdoor decor items that can be beautifully combined with outdoor plants to design an outdoor space that reflects individual aesthetic taste and comfort level. From outdoor LED lighting that can highlight specific plants or illuminate an entire garden, to comfortable, stylish outdoor furniture that can complement the chosen plant palette.

When looking to design a personal green oasis, IKEA outdoor plants are a top consideration for individuals. No matter the size of the outdoor space, IKEA’s versatile selection of plants can transform any area into a welcoming and beautiful retreat. The key is to carefully consider factors such as the local climate, the space available, and personal aesthetic preferences. With thoughtful planning, IKEA outdoor plants can truly revolutionize your outdoor space.

Outdoor space decorated with IKEA plants and furniture

Photo by adamkolmacka on Unsplash

Review and Feedback of IKEA Outdoor Plants

Diving Deeper into IKEA’s Range of Outdoor Plants

Known primarily for its affordable and trendy furniture, IKEA has also emerged as a popular destination for garden enthusiasts. This is due to their extensive collection of outdoor plants. Offering everything from herbs and summer bulbs to shrubs and evergreen trees, IKEA caters to a wide array of horticultural tastes and preferences. This diverse offering means that everyone can find the right plants to suit their outdoor space.

Quality and Durability

IKEA prioritizes high quality in all its products, and its outdoor plants are no exception. Buyers have reported that their IKEA plants were in excellent condition upon arrival and survived for lengths of time exceeding their expectations. Various customers found that their plants bloomed beautifully with proper care and added charm to their garden with a distinct look. There have been infrequent instances where customers received unhealthy or damaged plants, although IKEA’s returns policy offers a form of compensation for such rare incidents.

Plant Variety

IKEA provides a variety of plants to cater to different customer needs. From low-maintenance succulents for those short on time, to vegetable plants for the home gardener, IKEA has something for everyone. Customers particularly adore the selection of IKEA outdoor plants, offering opportunities to add unexpected beauty to their garden throughout the year. Some have also expressed hope for a wider variety, including plants native to specific regions to cater to local environmental conditions.

Care Instructions

Many customers appreciate IKEA’s comprehensive care instructions that accompany each plant. These guidelines include watering, light, and temperature requirements, which is particularly useful for those new to gardening. These instructions have been praised for their explicitness, helping inexperienced gardeners get the most out of their plants. However, some customers argue the instructions can be too general, potentially causing harm to certain plant species if not properly cared for.

IKEA’s Sustainability Efforts

IKEA’s dedication to sustainability also extends to their garden products. Buyers have commended IKEA for its organic and eco-friendly line of outdoor plants, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This is of significant value to customers looking to maintain a natural garden or grow organic produce. IKEA’s move towards sustainability ties in with their broader commitment to a positive environmental impact.

Tips and Tricks from Experienced Customers

Experienced IKEA plant customers regularly share tips to maximize the plant’s potential. Regular repotting is often encouraged to ensure the plants have enough space to grow. Incorporating IKEA’s own line of soils and fertilizers, known for their quality, is also recommended by many customers. Outdoor plants should also be gradually introduced to sunlight, as suggested by some purchasers. Harsh, direct sunlight could potentially scorch the leaves, hindering growth. Finally, regular and careful trimming helps keep the plants healthy and productive.

In conclusion, IKEA outdoor plants are a popular choice for many gardeners.

The company’s commitment to affordability, high-quality products, and sustainability resonates with many customers, and with the right care and attention, these plants can enhance any garden’s aesthetic appeal.

IKEA outdoor plants showcasing lush greenery and vibrant flowers in a garden setting.

Every garden, no matter its size, reflects the personality of its keeper, and IKEA outdoor plants offer countless possibilities to shape it in your own design. IKEA customer reviews and feedback provide valuable insights into plant selection, their care, and inventive potting and design techniques. With the combined knowledge of pros and the decided simplicity of beginners, this treasure trove can illuminate the path to a green thumb for even the most novice of plant enthusiasts. As plants bend towards the light, let’s bend towards knowledge, expanding our understanding and appreciation of these living, breathing works of art — an embodiment of the simplicities and complexities of life and nature itself.

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