4th Settlement Check Update 2023 – Americans Eligible for $7,500 Direct Payments

In a recent update, Americans who were former students of Marymount Manhattan College in New York now have the opportunity to receive substantial payouts through a $1.3 million settlement. The settlement comes after the college faced a lawsuit for its failure to adequately protect its student information system from a cyber attack in November 2021, leading to the exposure of sensitive data, including social security numbers. Americans are now eligible for $7500 settlement payments in 2023

Settlement Details and Compensation Amounts

Affected students can now claim compensation for documented costs and lost time resulting from the data breach. Eligible recipients can receive up to $750 to cover expenses incurred due to the breach. Furthermore, former students who experienced funds being stolen as a direct consequence of the cyber attack can claim up to $7,500 in compensation.

Americans Eligible for $7,500 Direct Payments: Act Now To Secure Yours

Qualification Requirements

To be eligible for the compensation, students must have received an email from Marymount Manhattan College confirming that their personal information was compromised in the data breach. This email serves as verification of their eligibility to file a claim.

Claim Filing Deadline

It is essential for those eligible for compensation to act promptly, as the deadline to file a claim is set for August 15. Students who believe they qualify for reimbursement or suffered financial losses due to the cyber attack should take advantage of this opportunity before the deadline expires.

How to File a Claim

Potential recipients can find more information about the settlement and begin the claim process by visiting the official claim filing platform, which will provide detailed instructions on the necessary steps to follow.

This settlement presents an opportunity for former Marymount Manhattan College students to recoup their financial losses and recover from the distress caused by the data breach. By offering compensation for documented expenses and stolen funds, the college aims to address the impact of the cyber attack and extend support to its affected community members.

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