IKEA Food Menu: Lakeside, UK

IKEA Lakeside UK is an impressive store, located in Essex and offering a range of products for the home, from furniture and appliances to home accessories. It is one of the largest IKEA stores in the UK, and offers a great shopping experience with a wide variety of products and of course the IKEA Lakeside food is amazing.

The food experience at IKEA Lakeside UK is just as impressive. Visitors can choose from a range of places to eat, including the IKEA Restaurant, Bistro and Swedish Food Court. The IKEA Restaurant is the main dining area, located on the ground floor of the store. It offers a range of hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks. The Bistro serves a selection of hot and cold dishes, as well as a range of desserts and Swedish specialties. The Swedish Food Court offers traditional Swedish dishes, including Swedish meatballs and other Swedish favorites.

No matter what your appetite or budget, IKEA Lakeside UK has something to offer. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, the food options at IKEA Lakeside UK are sure to please.

Food Menu at IKEA Lakeside

IKEA Lakeside offers a variety of different food options for its customers. From the classic Swedish meatballs to a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, and desserts, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

The Swedish meatballs are a must-try. They are served with a creamy gravy, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam. The meatballs are tender and juicy and the mashed potatoes are creamy and flavorful. The gravy and lingonberry jam work together to make the dish a delicious and inviting meal.

The sandwich selection is also great. From the traditional Club sandwich to the Salmon baguette, there is something to meet everyone’s preferences. The sandwiches are served on fresh-baked bread and are packed with flavors. The Salmon baguette, in particular, is filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber slices. The combination of flavors is truly tantalizing.

The salads are fresh and healthy. The Mediterranean salad is a favorite, with its combination of feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers. There is also a wide selection of side salads to choose from, such as the potato salad and the cucumber tomato salad.

For dessert, there is a selection of cakes and pastries. The chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake are both delicious. The cakes are moist and sweet, and the cheesecake has the perfect balance of creaminess and tartness.

Overall, IKEA Lakeside offers a great variety of food options. From the classic Swedish meatballs to a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, and desserts, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Why Eat at IKEA Lakeside?

Eating at IKEA Lakeside is a great idea after a long day of shopping. With its convenient location, IKEA Lakeside offers shoppers a variety of tasty, affordable dishes to choose from. The restaurant features a variety of Swedish-inspired dishes and desserts, as well as classic favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and fish and chips. With a wide selection of meals, IKEA Lakeside ensures that everyone will find something to enjoy. The restaurant also provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day of shopping. Additionally, IKEA Lakeside offers an extensive kids’ menu, with options that are sure to please the pickiest of eaters. With its convenient location, tasty food, and relaxed atmosphere, IKEA Lakeside is the perfect place for shoppers to enjoy a bite to eat after a long day of shopping.


Are there any restaurants at IKEA Lakeside?

Yes, IKEA Lakeside has an IKEA Restaurant and a Bistro, both of which serve freshly prepared meals.

What types of food are served at IKEA Lakeside?

The IKEA Restaurant offers a range of Swedish and international dishes, including traditional favorites such as Swedish meatballs, as well as vegetarian options. The Bistro serves light snacks and beverages.

Do you offer vegan and gluten-free options?

Yes, both the IKEA Restaurant and Bistro offer a selection of vegan and gluten-free options.

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IKEA Lakeside
Heron Way, Lakeside
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